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1: 2018-07-22: On July 4, 2018, I suffered blackout on the highway in Colorado, leading to a cancer diagnosis. Since then, I've engaged in the nearly painless process of fighting it, mainly in a comfortable hospital bed in Boston. For latest, see
2: 2017-03-20: RT @Peripatetia: Nervous traveler at the Boston airport (today).
3: 2014-06-07: Backing into South Station, Boston (15 sec video, yesterday)
4: 2014-06-04: Creepy lady at the airport. (15 sec video) @ Boston Logan International Airport
5: 2014-02-28: Driving Boston to Seattle? My recommended scenic route North of the Great Lakes: - Nearly as rugged as the AK Hwy.
6: 2014-01-23: It's C-c-cold in Boston! (today)
7: 2014-01-04: Cleanup crew in Boston this morning after a night of hard partying.
8: 2014-01-04: Arriving at JFK UMass, Boston (15 sec video) @ MBTA JFK/UMass Station
9: 2013-07-18: Bizarre: "Give us $100k, and we'll pay you less than 1% ." Does money have no time value anymore? (Boston 7/13)
10: 2013-04-21: "No Assing Rough!" — a traditional Boston slogan is reconstructed on a modern subway car.
11: 2013-01-12: Boston - photo album
12: 2012-11-04: Beacon Hill - 360° panorama On Boston Common between the Mass. State House and Park St. Station.
13: 2012-11-04: He was a proper Bostonian. He knew every Dunkin' Donut shop within a five mile radius of Beacon Hill and had the waist to prove it.
14: 2012-09-24: Northeast traffic science: This is my fancy-pants route from Boston to Washington, avoiding most tolls and traffic.
15: 2012-09-18: Watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on a bus from Boston to Portland.
16: 2012-07-31: Walking Through Boston's North End - Someone took my video from 2011 and turned it into a music video.
17: 2012-06-02: Tweeter spotted in the suburbs of Boston (May 18).
18: 2012-05-20: Boston - new photos added to album (2 days ago) Sample:
19: 2012-04-30: Boston: 17 new photos added to album (shot yesterday): (end of album)
20: 2012-04-01: Fire engines called to the Madonna Shrine in East Boston. (And all I can do is hum, "Like A Virgin.")
21: 2012-01-13: Checking my Twitter on the train in suburban Boston (yesterday).
22: 2012-01-12: Florida, Southern California and now Boston. Suddenly it hits me: Winter sucks!
23: 2011-10-13: 360° Panoramas from Boston: Government Center North End Old North Church
24: 2011-10-13: New photos from Boston added to album:
25: 2011-10-13: Inflating the Protest Elephant (A video postcard from Boston)
26: 2011-10-12: Boston's North End.
27: 2011-10-10: @Kinniska The City of New Orleans is Chicago to New Orleans. The Lake Shore Limited is Chicago to Boston and New York.
28: 2011-10-10: Riding Amtrak for nine hours from Syracuse to Boston for the Eastern European price of $38.
29: 2011-10-03: ...Add $8 for the Megabus to and from Boston. ($3 one way, $5 the other) (geotag is the Hartford bus stop)
30: 2011-09-29: South Station, Boston. 360° panorama.
31: 2011-07-27: Bostonians are readers.
32: 2011-07-22: Left Inverness this morning. 5 buses, two planes, one subway and 21 hours later, arriving in the Boston suburbs. Another typical day.
33: 2011-07-21: Do you have ESP? Few close friends? Are you right handed? Harvard is looking for you! (subway ad in Boston)
34: 2011-07-13: Dark clouds over Boston.
35: 2011-07-13: Little yellow people in the Boston subway. "Wish you were here!"
36: 2011-07-12: In the Boston suburbs, they call this a "small" ice cream cone. You can't handle the medium or large.
37: 2011-04-13: "NO ASSING ROUGH" used to be the motto of the Boston subway, until new engraved signs made it more difficult.
38: 2011-04-13: Misery, thy name is Boston.
39: 2011-01-02: Now here's a creepy offer from Boston: Would you share your car with a stranger for $5/hr? Photo: #RelayRide
40: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-31: Spooky Boston fact: From Park Street, every train is "Outbound".
41: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-14: Photo: A vegetarian protest outside a McDonalds in downtown Boston. (a week ago)
42: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-17: "NO ASSING ROUGH" is the traditional motto of the Boston subway system. Can you figure out where it came from?
43: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-02: If traveling in or out of New York City, check out the incredible bus deals at - $18 to Boston, etc. THIS IS NOT SPAM™!
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