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1: 2014-11-08: RT @TelegraphWorld: Meet the losers from the fall of the Berlin Wall
2: 2014-05-24: @laurenahayes They're doing it all over Berlin!
3: 2014-04-03: Circus in Berlin (Nov 2013)
4: 2014-03-08: RT @Slate: The history of Tunnel 57: The secret tunnel under the Berlin wall:
5: 2014-02-06: East Berlin (June 2012)
6: 2014-02-05: Shoe Car, Berlin (June 2012)
7: 2013-11-18: The Berlin Wall finally opens, November 1989
8: 2013-11-16: Fun with Communism - my new photo album from Berlin, Prague, Riga & the Eastern Bloc
9: 2013-11-08: On the train between Berlin and Dresden (today)
10: 2013-08-16: Read my lips. I am not a crook. Tear down this wall. Ich bin ein Berliner. I did not have sex with that woman.
11: 2013-04-21: @webmonkees Or we could nuke Berlin too, just to be fair.
12: 2012-11-03: Travel Tip: Cheapest way to hop the Pond remains NYC-Berlin (<$700 r/t, either way!). Upon landing: EasyJet (Berlin) or Megabus (NYC).
13: 2012-06-28: "Better to be a lion for one day than a sheep your whole life." (Berlin, 2 days ago)
14: 2012-06-27: All my dreams are about the Berlin Wall. 24 years ago, it made a huge impression on me, awakened now by seeing preserved portions of it.
15: 2012-06-24: Bar crowd in Berlin responding to some sort of incomprehensible televised activity (just now)
16: 2012-06-24: Issuing directives as a high-level party functionary in East Berlin. ... More photos from Berlin:
17: 2012-06-24: Marx, Engles and me, Berlin (today)
18: 2012-06-14: New photos from Berlin, including some amazing gems! (shot yesterday)
19: 2012-06-13: Some new photos from Amsterdam and Berlin.
20: 2012-06-13: Berlin: Neptune Fountain and TV tower - 360° panorama Formerly Communist East Berlin.
21: 2012-06-13: Berlin Hauptbahnhof around midnight - 360° panorama
22: 2012-06-12: My dorm room at Main Street Hostel, Berlin (€11/night) - 360° panorama
23: 2011-11-13: RT @Kyoks1: He estado n Palestina, cruce L Sinai n bus d Israel☇Cairo,tambn L muro d Berlin, pero c/esta frontera(El Paso) no me meto vi ...
24: 2011-11-12: Been to Palestine. Crossed the Sinai by bus from Israel to Cairo. Even crossed the Berlin Wall. But this border here I'm not messing with.
25: 2011-04-05: Our video report from the Palestinian side of the West Bank barrier (like the Berlin Wall). {12/25 Christmas!}
26: 2010-12-25: BETHLEHEM — Report from the Palestinian side of the West Bank barrier (like the Berlin Wall). Almost journalism!
27: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-01: My photo of the new "Berlin Wall" in Jerusalem: - (Oct. 09) Also see my other Israel albums:
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