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1: 2012-01-22: How do you say "death" in Russian? (Tel Aviv, April 2011)
2: 2011-06-19: 3am smoking break on the night bus from Tel Aviv to Eilat.
3: 2011-06-18: Boarding my bus from Tel Aviv to Eilat.
4: 2011-06-18: From where I sit. Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, waiting for a midnight bus to Eilat.
5: 2011-06-18: Map of my bus route from Tel Aviv to Cairo, as first dreamt in December. FB photo:
6: 2011-06-18: Got plenty of time to plot and plan at the Tel Aviv airport (due to Shabbat). Petra is out! Heading straight to Cairo over next 24 hours.
7: 2011-06-18: Trapped at the Tel Aviv airport for a few hours, due to Shabbat. (whole country shuts down!) w/ 2 others
8: 2011-06-18: I'm on the Tel Aviv flight. Biggest adventure yet! Probably no tweets til Eilat in 20 hours.
9: 2011-06-17: BUT FIRST... I have to get to Tel Aviv! The flight, 3 hours from now, is 100% full, but I'm counting on no-shows to leave me a seat.
10: 2011-06-17: Correction: Tel Aviv to Eilat: 75 Israeli Shekels. Taba to Cairo: 70 Egyptian Pounds. Grand total, including transfers: less than $50!
11: 2011-06-17: The total cost of the land journey, Tel Aviv to Cairo: under $100! A lot less than the airfare from Athens to Cairo.
12: 2011-06-17: I've already researched the route: Tel Aviv south to Eilat by bus (5+ hours). Cross the Egypt border at Taba, then bus to Cairo (6 hours).
13: 2011-06-17: But wait! There's a flight later tonight to Tel Aviv. No cheap flights to Cairo, but I can get there by LAND across the Sinai Desert!
14: 2011-05-05: Video Postcard: Tel Aviv Waterfront (April 22) Scanning the resort area of Tel Aviv. 1:36
15: 2011-05-05: Video Postcard: On a bus in Israel Encounter with a fellow passenger on a bus from Eilat to Tel Aviv. April 21.
16: 2011-04-25: Tel Aviv to British Columbia: 3 planes, 3 buses, 2 trains, 2 miles walking, 2 customs crossings, 1 Jewish Sabbath, 1 Easter. 40 hours total.
17: 2011-04-23: Spent HOURS working out my bus connections from Tel Aviv to the airport, between the end of Sabbath and my flight time. Considered walking!
18: 2011-04-21: Hanging with the Chef in Tel Aviv. (@ Chef Hostel Montefiore)
19: 2010-12-28: A future dream itinerary: Tel Aviv to Cairo by bus for less than $100. Map:
20: 2010-12-26: TEL AVIV — Leaving Israel in a few hours. Conclusion: This has to be the weirdest patchwork country on Earth—like a rhinogiraffalope!
21: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-25: My new photo albums from ISRAEL: - Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Jaffa
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