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1: 2017-03-12: If I had kept up my Area 51 work and spun some better conspiracy theories, I could be an accredited journalist at the White House right now.
2: 2016-10-05: @MccoyTaran These areas a part of the Nevada Test Site. Not secret.
3: 2016-10-01: My appearance with Lester Holt in a 2010 SyFy documentary on Area 51, 4-minute clip:
4: 2016-02-06: RT @Peripatetia: My first viral video, a silly 3-minute piece filmed near Area 51 in August, has just passe… https:…
5: 2016-02-03: RT @Peripatetia: My appearance on a new Area 51 video from PBS, just released. Find it on YouTube at "Good Stuff…
6: 2015-12-01: RT @saftergood: An amusing probe of the odd "weather stations" around Nevada's Area 51 by the odd Glenn Campbell
7: 2015-11-11: My new update on the Area 51 Weather Stations a story (8 min video)
8: 2015-11-11: RT @Peripatetia: The proprietor of the Area 51 Research Center in 1994.
9: 2015-11-04: RT @Peripatetia: Intro from my new documentary released last night on YouTube. Search for "Area 51 Weather Stations" @…
10: 2015-11-03: My new video just released - Area 51 Weather Stations: What Are They Really For?
11: 2015-09-19: RT @Xbr0kenbabyd0ll: My love for Area 51 turned into a love for @BadDalaiLama
12: 2015-09-02: RT @Peripatetia: Starting the hike to Tikaboo Peak (Aug 25) @ Tikaboo Peak (Area 51 Public Overlook)
13: 2015-09-02: RT @Peripatetia: Area 51 truth revealed (now) @ Oliver State Recreation Area, Nebraska
14: 2015-09-01: RT @darkcityfm: Area 51 'camo dudes' 2015 @BadDalaiLama
15: 2015-08-27: RT @Peripatetia: BREAKING NEWS: Mermaid sighting on Tikaboo Peak weather camera (today) @ Tikaboo Peak (Area 51 Public……
16: 2015-08-26: RT @Peripatetia: Security encounter near Area 51 – only an hour ago! I was snooping around on public land near the…
17: 2015-07-20: My appearance on Friday on a German TV show about Area 51 (not viewable in USA, sorry)
18: 2015-07-13: RT @BeechhouseArt: @BadDalaiLama watched the #Area51 film Glenn, your bit was the only good bit!
19: 2015-05-21: RT @baron_craze: @Oren_Peli released #Area51 w/@sandrastaggs @BenRovner @Nikkafar @jelnik @jenneferlud @BadDalaiLama
20: 2015-05-19: Glenn Campbell's 3-minute appearance in the new Area 51 Movie.
21: 2015-05-13: "Area 51", a movie I may appear in, will be released this Friday on video-on-demand. Trailer:
22: 2015-05-10: RT @Peripatetia: Extraterrestrial Highway in Hyperlapse - 1-minute video: - NV highway just N of Area 51, driving a…
23: 2015-04-24: I'm probably in this movie, playing Area 51 researcher Glenn Campbell.
24: 2015-03-17: RT @Peripatetia: Area 51 Alien Center and Brothel, Armagosa Junction, Nevada (now) 4x #Hyperlapse #video
25: 2015-02-10: If you raise awareness in one area, aren't you lowering it in all the others? There's only so much awareness to go around.
26: 2014-10-28: Old guy, now dead, claims to have worked with alien craft at Area 51. Video, article and comments.
27: 2014-07-20: Glenn Campbell on Larry King - live special from the border of Area 51 in 1994:
28: 2014-07-20: A huge new archive of Area 51 videos from the 1990s (my era) has just been digitalized and uploaded:
29: 2014-07-07: 20 years ago (June 26) a big article in the New York Times about Area 51, featuring moi.
30: 2014-06-02: @wiselqvist @BrianDunning Wow! I wasn't aware of this. This is quite significant in understanding the whole Area 51 story.
31: 2014-05-18: My 1995 article on Area 51 in Covert Action. My most difficult write assignment to date.
32: 2014-05-18: My 1996 cover story on Area 51 in Hungarian UFO Magazine. Full text in comments:
33: 2014-05-12: "Euro-chic" roadside rest area toilet in Switzerland
34: 2014-05-01: Approaching an underground rest area in the Lærdal Tunnel, Norway (Apr 12)
35: 2014-04-27: Underground rest area in a tunnel in Norway - 360° iPhone panorama. - Very "blue"
36: 2014-04-20: No hostel nearby so I slept comfortably in my rental car at a highway rest area. @ Autostrada A2
37: 2014-04-16: Bill Clinton saying very convincingly that there are no aliens at Area 51. On Jimmy Kimmel a week ago.
38: 2014-04-06: Glenn Campbell featured in a 1995 Der Spiegel article on Area 51 "Dreamland of Death"
39: 2014-04-06: A transcript of one of my many TV news adventures at Area 51... almost 20 years ago!
40: 2014-04-01: Kevin McNatt, riding his high wheeler from Delaware to Oregon, seeing at a rest area on I-84 in July…
41: 2014-03-29: "X-Files creator producing new series about Area 51" - article link and my FB comments:
42: 2014-02-15: 20 years ago today: Groom Lake Desert Rat #3 - ~ Area 51 in Popular Science cover story; how to find road sensors
43: 2014-01-18: Today is the 20th Anniversary of the first Groom Lake Desert Rat, my main communication medium at Area 51. Issue #1:
44: 2014-01-08: Area Man Hoping To Be Selected For One-Way Trip To Mars
45: 2013-12-09: Long-anticipated moments in history are always "yawn" moments when they finally happen. re #area51 @TIME - Comments:
46: 2013-12-09: RT @TIME: Obama becomes the first president to publicly acknowledge Area 51
47: 2013-11-27: Area 51 Research Center, Las Vegas Office - new photos of my old digs in the 1990s
48: 2013-11-26: The Permission Effect — restraint in one area of self-control may grant overindulgence in another. See (end)
49: 2013-11-16: Area 51 remains a mystery (not the base but the movie) - Industry sources claim I appear in it—if it exists.
50: 2013-09-26: The #1 mission of Area 51 revealed at last: Safety! The #2 mission: Customer Service. The #3 mission: Innovative products and services.
51: 2013-09-26: Area 51: What is this border device, and why does it need a fire extinguisher?
52: 2013-09-18: My view upon waking. @ Vedauwoo Recreation Area
53: 2013-09-13: Alabama Law: No weapons in highway restrooms. Conduct you shootings outside, please! @ ALDOT Rest Area
54: 2013-09-06: Wyoming rest area at dusk (1 hour ago). 360° interactive panorama:
55: 2013-08-29: "Area 51 and Element 115 Officially Confirmed!" - My new blog entry analyzing recent news
56: 2013-08-23: New York Times visits Rachel Nevada ==> C.I.A. Acknowledges Area 51 Exists, but What About Those Little Green Men?
57: 2013-08-21: The Area 51 movie, in which I putatively star, may not be dead after all.
58: 2013-08-20: Each new opportunity, successfully harnessed, becomes the staging area for the next opportunity.
59: 2013-08-16: Area 51 declassified? The base is has now been "revealed" in an officially releases gov't document. My blog entry:
60: 2013-08-10: SyFy Channel at Area 51 - my photos from a 2010 TV shoot:
61: 2013-07-31: My most popular (and hated) video is about to pass 100,000 views. "Area 51 Exposed!"
62: 2013-07-14: I understand Edward Snowden. His position is similar to my own in my Area 51 era. He just pushed it farther than I would.
63: 2013-07-03: Danger: Keep Back. Unstable Bluff Area. @ Earthquake Park
64: 2013-05-21: The thing you can't legally do at this I-84 rest area, which I just did anyway. — More Signs:
65: 2013-05-10: Spring has sprung not here. (@ Vail Summit Rest Area, I-70, Elevation 10,630 ft w/ 2 others) [pic]:
66: 2013-04-26: Bob Lazar takes questions on UFOs at Area 51 in 1993. My new report on a fascinating event:
67: 2013-04-19: @stormfront1178 No new Area 51 stuff planned, but see my photos from the shoot here:
68: 2013-04-16: My 1990s Area 51 Viewer's Guide has topped $500 on the resale market...or get it free here:
69: 2013-04-05: $500 reward for summoning a flying saucer to Oklahoma—and you don't have to be present to win! (Area 51 group on FB)
70: 2013-03-02: My Area 51 Viewer's Guide is available FREE from me or pay $50-500 from one of these sellers:
71: 2013-02-22: Instead of attempting some grand Utopian scheme, it is usually better to work with existing systems in a core area you understand well.
72: 2013-01-13: Bus for sale. Free delivery. Could be a bargain depending on your delivery area. (Oklahoma, July)
73: 2013-01-10: That's @bobbyislewis on about 50 screens at WalMart. We know that nerd from our Area 51 days. Nerd's the word!
74: 2013-01-08: Sean Morton: New update on my old Area 51 nemesis, UFO Watchdog: - Poor guy. His own worst enemy.
75: 2013-01-08: My position on UFOs and Area 51. New blog entry. - In short: Agnostic.
76: 2012-12-17: @bobbyislewis Welcome to the 21st Century! Glenn Campbell, ex-Area 51 now following you! (although you killed me off in the screenplay)
77: 2012-12-13: "Area 51 Exposed!" My most popular YouTube video is also the most hated. Get a load of those comments! 226 thumbs down!
78: 2012-11-21: You may rest at this highway rest area, picnic tables provided, but loitering is strictly prohibited.
79: 2012-11-04: "A 20-Y.O. has limited data... At 70 it’s a much richer storage area, the matrix is more textured, has more contours to it." George Carlin
80: 2012-11-03: Attention Conspiracy Theorists: The fact that a bank has tight security does not imply a cover-up, conspiracy or alien presence. #area51
81: 2012-10-28: I pulled over to sleep at a rest area for 6 hours, and the storm was kind enough to hold back. It prefers the coast!
82: 2012-10-12: BBC crew held at Area 51 (This is what happens when a TV crew fails to consult me.)
83: 2012-09-22: Dubious "Area 51" lecture today in Las Vegas. My skepticism:
84: 2012-08-16: Area 51, Las Vegas & Nevada - new photo index album (my 1000s of NV photos in one place)
85: 2012-08-16: My fave Area 51 TV shoots: SyFy UFO Hunters MysteryQuest
86: 2012-08-07: Western Nebraska rest area - 360° panorama
87: 2012-07-26: Man riding a Big Wheel across America. (Kevin McNatt at a rest area in Idaho. Just now!)
88: 2012-07-19: Rest area prairie dogs of Texas. (15 minutes ago)
89: 2012-07-05: RT @stormfront1178: @BadDalaiLama Keep up the good work Glenn. Keep us informed! #ETIsReal #Area51 #Roswell
90: 2012-05-28: Passing through Green River, Utah, a debunked "Area 51". My past photos:
91: 2012-05-27: "Secrets of Area 51 Revealed" - My most popular video, with over 47000 views.
92: 2012-05-02: My famous Area 51 Viewer's Guide from the 1990s is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD by any Earthling.
93: 2012-05-02: The I-80 rest area prairie dogs were the best thing about Wyoming, but they vanished in 2011, probably exterminated by the state. #genocide
94: 2011-12-24: Any quest for perfection in one area usually comes at the cost of everything else.
95: 2011-12-01: Rest areas on the NJ Turnpike are named after famous New Jerseyans: Clara Barton, Walt Whitman, etc. So where are Springsteen and @Sn00ki?
96: 2011-12-01: Whew! The most intense Interstate driving experience in America: passing through New York City! Now recovering in a New Jersey rest area.
97: 2011-11-30: Don't believe any Area 51 show you see on television - especially if I'm in it! There's no evidence of aliens there, just bad reality TV.
98: 2011-11-10: Rare footage of Glenn Campbell in action at Area 51, circa 1994. (first 3 minutes)
99: 2011-11-05: Three new elements named on the Periodic Table, but so far no Lazarium (Element 115) #area51
100: 2011-11-01: The public has a limited attention span, so if you "raise awareness" in one area (cancer, famine), aren't you lowering it in all the others?
101: 2011-10-22: Walmarts I Have Known #1: Fairbanks, Alaska. The world's northernmost (and 2nd largest in floor area).
102: 2011-10-20: It had to happen: "Occupy Area 51"
103: 2011-10-17: Just updated the SummitPost guide to Tikaboo Peak (Area 51 viewpoint)
104: 2011-10-01: Bob's Lazar's Area 51 UFO claims: I just came across a 1997 article of mine offering skeptical theory.
105: 2011-09-18: The most Star Treky landscape this side of Vasquez Rocks. (@ Vedauwoo Recreation Area)
106: 2011-08-16: Outside the Little A'Le'Inn, Rachel, Nevada (near Area 51). 360° panorama:
107: 2011-08-15: Area 51 worker bus at its parking spot in Alamo, NV: My first 360 panorama with Photosynth.
108: 2011-08-13: At Area 51, we don't get hung up on "facts" or "truth". What's out there at the secret base? Anything you want!
109: 2011-08-06: Echo Rest Area, I-80, Utah. A 360° panorama.
110: 2011-06-29: Photographic rebel, laughing in the face of government authority. (Area 51 border, 6/14)
111: 2011-06-29: I got aliens on the brain at Area 51. (6/14)
112: 2011-06-14: Tikaboo Peak (Area 51 viewpoint). Right now!
113: 2011-05-24: Just because someone has a "Q" clearance doesn't mean they're not a bullshitter. #area51
114: 2011-05-23: Just listened to the Fresh Air interview on Area 51 {ibid}. Annie Jacobson: total bullshitter!
115: 2011-05-23: I have been told I should be listening to this NPR interview: "Area 51 Uncensored: Was It UFOs Or The USSR?" Eventually.
116: 2011-05-05: Video Postcard: Tel Aviv Waterfront (April 22) Scanning the resort area of Tel Aviv. 1:36
117: 2011-04-27: "Oren Peli's Area 51 is getting some rewrites" - I'm a supporting actor in this one, playing myself.
118: 2011-04-14: "Manic-depression" is a recurring cycle in all areas of human endeavor: expansive exuberance leading to a painful crash.
119: 2011-03-26: When people learn on their own, they do it efficiently, but they also tend to get stuck in repetitive, unproductive areas.
120: 2011-03-21: Our channeler's earlier career as an Area 51 activist is recorded in the book "The Dreamland Chronicles" by David Darlington.
121: 2011-03-18: When sleeping in a car, it's best to park in residential or business neighborhoods, not in remote areas where a parked car stands out.
122: 2011-03-17: RT @carlsjrofvegas: @BadDalaiLama Wecome to Kauai, if you get up to the Kilauea Lighthouse area, stop by the ice cream shop in the cente ...
123: 2011-03-15: Reduced-height toilet stalls at a Texas rest area are apparently intended to reduce illegal activities.
124: 2011-03-14: You effectively improve the world only in areas where you have reasonable control and can monitor the results.
125: 2011-03-12: Video diary: 1am at a rest area in Kentucky. Desperate man calls upon me to save his family... and I refuse!
126: 2011-03-11: .@Queen_Bee257Area 51 Loose Ends” <== Not our finest blog. Try For more:
127: 2011-02-21: "Secrets of Area 51 Revealed"—A Pointline™ Special Edition! (Promo for nonexistent TV show, June '10)
128: 2011-01-29: I'm not worried so much about Cairo itself but about crossing the Sinai, which is a semi-lawless area even in the best of times.
129: 2011-01-28: New video of our old haunts. 15 years later, nothing has changed. RT @1080visual Student Podcast about Area 51
130: 2011-01-28: To make the most of your limited resources, focus on the areas you know best. The key to avoiding pitfalls is your knowledge of the terrain.
131: 2011-01-16: Most freedom is sacrificed in the delusional pursuit of safety in areas where no safety is really possible.
132: 2011-01-16: Do not assume a person who is successful in one area has any skills in another. Often that success came at the cost of everything else.
133: 2011-01-11: Pitching a TV series "Models Change the World"—They offer make-up and fashion tips while touring unstable war-torn areas promoting peace.
134: 2011-01-10: Paul, the Area 51 alien, movie trailer. (I can confidently say I had nothing to do with this.)
135: 2011-01-01: 2010 Highlights: Film crew shooting SyFy special at Area 51 (March)
136: 2010-12-25: Shabbat in the Jewish areas of Jerusalem means being able to walk down the middle of a city street that's normally packed with traffic.
137: 2010-12-25: Christmas morning in Jerusalem! Weird dreams last night. Men in funny hats are chasing me for not keeping Shabbat. Also Area 51 security.
138: 2010-12-20: Rest area near Coalville, Utah.
139: 2010-09-28: The gray area between rules and enforcement is where most of life is lived.
140: KilroyCafe: 2011-01-05: At the peak of my fame (in the 1990s), I couldn't wear an Area 51 t-shirt or people would spot me in Walmart and tell me their UFO story.
141: KilroyCafe: 2010-12-09: RT @xDagninox: Watched a "secret free screening" of"Area 51" tonight at Paramount Studios... #Don'tSueMeParamount #CantTalkAboutIt
142: KilroyCafe: 2010-12-09: RT @jleico: UFOs & Extraterrestrials Aliens Working Alongside Humans at Area 51
143: KilroyCafe: 2010-12-09: RT @TheFilmStage: Oren Peli's Area 51 is having a test screening this week in LA. Looks like Paramount is finally doing something with it.
144: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-19: Video: Area 51 Exposed... in 45 seconds! Can you handle the truth?
145: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-08: In Las Vegas for Renaissance Faire and Groomstock 2010 at Area 51”
146: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-05: THIS WEEKEND! Join us in the Nevada desert for "Groomstock 2010", a free Area 51 hike and camp-out, Oct. 9-10.
147: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-25: Area 51 hike and camp-out, Oct. 9-10. Join us in the Nevada desert for "Groomstock 2010". See the secret base! Free!
148: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-20: Vail Pass Rest Area, I-70, Colorado: Cool place to stop (summer). Beaver dams, hiking in the woods. 10,000 foot elevation. No fences!
149: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-19: Stopping at the Green River Missile Complex (the "New Area 51"). Photos from previous visits:
150: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-16: Area 51 hike and camp-out, Oct. 9-10. Join us in the Nevada desert for "Groomstock 2010". See the secret base! Free!
151: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-03: New photo album: NBC/Peacock TV crew at Area 51. - March 2010, embargoed until now!
152: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-01: Join us for "Groomfest 2010" - a free camp-out and public hike near Area 51, Nevada. October 9-10 (Sat-Sun).
153: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-26: Possible public hike of Tikaboo Peak (Area 51 viewpoint in Nevada) on Oct. 10 - What do you think?
154: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-14: Married couples are conjoined in two major areas — real estate and child rearing — both of which are easily conducted without marriage.
155: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-08: Video: Secrets of Area 51 Revealed! (in 44 seconds) (Back again!)
156: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-19: To set the record straight, I haven't done any meaningful research into Area 51 in 10+ years. I shut down that wing of the museum with Y2K.
157: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-12: Shocking Revelations! See me in last night's SyFy special here: (I'm in the 2nd hour, re Area 51)
158: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-11: Tonight (7/11), I'm on SyFy Channel: "Secret Government Warehouses" at 9pm (8pm Central) - My usual Area 51 shtick.
159: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-30: New video: Area 51 Exposed at Last! (0:44) - What the networks don't want you to know!
160: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-13: The final answer to the mysteries of UFOs, Bigfoot, Atlantis, ghosts, the JFK assassination and Area 51 is "So what?"
161: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-07: On my bucket list: Custom-build an expensive vacation home in a prime scenic area then never go there.
162: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-05: My old arch-nemesis at Area 51, "America's Prophet" Sean David Morton, has been charged with securities fraud.
163: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-18: The gray area between rules and enforcement is where most of life is lived.
164: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-27: "The clear distinction between Black and White is only in books. We mostly live in gray areas for the whole of our lives." @gauravkantgoel
165: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-06: @jerodcbatte "Which shows were they?" - Almost identical Area 51 episodes on UFO Hunters and MysteryQuest. History Channel has gone to crap!
166: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-04: @zeekatai I like the quote cuz I've lived it: Fame but no money. (Area 51 in 1990s) Now: no fame, no money!
167: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-21: Photo: My "Top Secret Toilet Truck" from the Area 51 era. - The cammo is SO last century.
168: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-26: Photo Tip #4; COMPRESSION. Select a viewpoint that compresses the scene into a tight area. E.g. A whole mile-long train seen from the front.
169: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-05: Breaking news from The Onion: "Sanyo Praying Area Man Doesn't Send In Rebate Form"
170: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-15: Yesterday, I was ATTACKED BY PRAIRIE DOGS at a Wyoming rest area. Here is the photographic record:
171: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-07: Highway rest areas on I-84 in Connecticut are marked "NO LOITERING". What else can you do at a rest area?! My photo:
172: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-05: Never trust Mapquest or Google Maps to tell you where to go in rural areas. They often ignore local roads that get you there faster.
173: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-29: New photos from an "Area 51" TV shoot for an upcoming History Channel show - In Nevada and Utah.
174: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-26: There is nothing linking UFOs to Area 51 but a web of folklore.
175: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-26: People see in Area 51 what they want to see. The stories from here tell you more about the people doing the observing than about the base.
176: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-26: We can know what 99% of the buildings are for at Area 51, but as long as 1% remains unknown, the imagination can fill in whatever it wants.
177: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-26: Area 51 is a testing facility for secret aircraft and weapons systems that would be of little interest to the average person if he saw them.
178: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-07: At the airport in Milwaukee, I encountered my first-ever "Recombobulation Area" Photo: - I thought they were extinct!
179: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-01: Photographed a rattlesnake near Area 51 and set foot in the Little A'Le'Inn for the first time in 16 years. My report:
180: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-11: If you have followed Area 51, this month marks the 20-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Bob Lazar's flying saucer claims. KLAS-TV:
181: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-04: Here is a 30-minute audio interview I did over the weekend regarding Area 51. - Lazar, Uhouse, UFO philosophy.
182: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-30: Here's an article on UFO's at Area 51 written by a much younger Glenn Campbell - 15 years ago!
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