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1: 2017-06-15: Los Angeles is a small provincial village that happens to control what the world thinks and feels through its entertainment products.
2: 2015-04-11: Los Angeles landmarks menaced by Star Wars Imperial forces. Two minute video:
3: 2013-02-23: Los Angeles, the city under the freeway (2 hours ago)
4: 2012-12-09: Los Angeles — center of the world?... or clueless, isolated bubble?
5: 2012-08-17: Chinatown, Los Angeles - newly uploaded album from 2007 - Sample:
6: 2012-07-01: All I wanna do is have some fun. Downtown L.A. (yesterday). More Los Angeles photos:
7: 2012-06-29: Join me tomorrow in Chinatown in Los Angeles as we RAGE AGAINST WAL-MART. Oooo, I love a rage!
8: 2012-04-23: Walmartania, my country! (@ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) w/ 129 others)
9: 2012-04-13: Just a short hop to Tokyo! (compared the 56 hours getting here) (@ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)) [pic]:
10: 2012-03-08: New photos added to Los Angeles album. Sample:
11: 2012-03-02: L.A. is easy! (@ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) w/ 150 others) [pic]:
12: 2012-01-22: Prehistoric database system on display at USC, Los Angeles - 360° panorama (Jan. 11)
13: 2012-01-12: New song fragment, composed today in Los Angeles: "Taken It Too Deep"
14: 2012-01-06: Los Angeles Union Station, Main Hall - 360° panorama
15: 2011-11-06: New York or Los Angeles? In LA I'm like, "Wow, center of the universe!" In NY I'm like, "Wow, I can't believe people live like this!"
16: 2011-06-17: Los Angeles is like the Galapagos Islands: filled with bizarre examples of extreme evolution that can't survive anywhere else.
17: 2011-02-17: Los Angeles is an incredibly sophisticated system for pandering to people's basest instincts.
18: 2011-01-27: This is Pepper, living beside the Los Angeles River. He let me take his photo for a $5 "donation" (2006).
19: 2011-01-23: Los Angeles is the sizzle in the steak, the bubbles in the soft drink. Pure sensation, calorie-free. You can't live on that crap!
20: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-04: Los Angeles can't fire incompetent teachers. LA Times 5/3: - That's government: Live by the rules, die by the rules.
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