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1: 2018-11-11: Thank God for the Darién Gap! Otherwise all of South America would flow North, along with the penguins from Antarctica. Must send troops down there to #stopthepenguins
2: 2018-06-01: The child-free life: Why so many American women are deciding not to have kids | Wash Post
3: 2018-05-28: RT @TheEconomist: The root of tribalism is human nature, and the current state of American democracy is distinctly primeval…
4: 2018-03-09: Maybe it’s time to consider a tariff on porn stars. We need to protect our American workers from cheap Eastern European knockoffs. They’re sucking us dry.
5: 2018-02-14: Europe is wasted on most American college students. They are just here to drink.
6: 2018-01-22: ⏱☠️ Every time I visit a shopping mall in America, they get sadder and emptier. Retail Apocalypse is coming!
7: 2017-08-04: "Polls show that only a third of American voters approve of the president's performance." Related: Stupidest 1/3 of Americans identified.
8: 2017-07-27: Trump has always pandered to the bigots of America but his audience is shrinking. There just aren't that many pure Archie Bunkers out there.
9: 2017-07-27: RT @RexHuppke: What a staggeringly embarrassing time to be an American.
10: 2017-07-20: "Made in America Week Renews Focus on Trump Goods Manufactured Overseas" — Who knew public relations could be so complicated? #duh
11: 2017-07-18: Journalists visiting rural America to find out what Trump voters really think. The answer: not much.
12: 2017-07-01: Right now I think every young girl in America is saying, "I want to grow up to be Sarah Huckabee Sanders." #rolemodel
13: 2017-06-15: The "lone shooter" is America's version of the suicide bomber. Equally fanatical and expecting to die but with different tools available.
14: 2017-04-24: Latest polls: "Ninety-six percent of Americans who voted to elect President Trump would make the same decision again today." 😱
15: 2017-04-09: Donald Trump is the greatest president America has ever had... says nobody except the president himself.
16: 2017-04-01: April Fools' Day isn't much of a holiday when every day is April Fools in Trump's America.
17: 2017-03-13: White guy on a motorcycle 🏍 + American flag on back 🇺🇸 = Trump supporter. Still praises Trump for "telling it like it is".
18: 2017-03-06: Utopian dream: Give the stupid people in America their own country so they can self-destruct and the rest of us can move forward.
19: 2017-03-05: On My Bucket List: Lie to the American people.
20: 2017-02-23: I'm proud to be an American, one of the greatest countries in the world. Not the greatest anymore, but probably still in the top 20%. 🇺🇸
21: 2016-12-14: Trump could be the nasty cold that American needs to get to prime its immune system and purge the extreme right. #positivethinking
22: 2016-11-12: Election reveals there are two Americas that aren't talking to each other: Intelligent America and Moron America.
23: 2016-11-11: "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." – America
24: 2016-11-11: RT @JChengWSJ: South Korea's largest-circulation newspaper this morning: "Angry Whites Overturn America"
25: 2016-11-09: What would prove America great is still being able to function with an idiot in the White House.
26: 2016-11-09: America is not just one election. It is a multi-dimensional living creature. The key thing now is how all those other dimensions will react.
27: 2016-11-09: Traumatic Moments in American History — Where were you when you heard about Pearl Harbor, JFK assassination, Twin Towers, Trump election.
28: 2016-11-09: Dear World: You may have to get by without America's leadership for a while. America's got some issues to work out.
29: 2016-11-07: Donald Trump’s success reveals a frightening weakness in American democracy
30: 2016-10-31: RT @jonathan_katz: At the moment America is too scary for Halloween.
31: 2016-08-15: Why, when I was a kid boys took Shop and girls took Home Ec and if you didn't like it you could move out of America. #makeamericagreatagain
32: 2016-08-11: RT @cracked: Why Russia Is Like America's Jealous Ex Who Can't Move On -
33: 2016-07-22: RT @openculture: Carl Sagan Issues a Chilling Warning to America in His Final Interview (1996)…
34: 2016-05-31: Memorial Day is when we honor all the brave Americans who gave their lives in all the stupid wars our leaders got us into.
35: 2015-11-04: Buy a motorcycle or RV to experience the freedom of the open road, say motorcycle and RV manufacturers and the American Bullshit Society.
36: 2015-10-03: If you trip over your own shoe laces, who is responsible? In America, it's the shoelace manufacturers. Grossly negligent they are.
37: 2015-09-19: The Crystal Wall of Death moved east across America. Thousands killed. At times I would stop, admire the carnage and clean the windshield.
38: 2015-07-06: The Greek debt crisis is an unusual one for Americans in that you can't claim that America had any role in creating it.
39: 2015-05-30: The FBI, IRS and DOJ of USA using RICO to take down FIFA. Say what you want about America, but our lawyers are totally badass!
40: 2015-04-20: Americans think they live in a civilized place, but it's a lie. @cracked
41: 2015-04-14: @DaveBethke That's the British convention but not the American one.
42: 2015-04-12: My act of grammatical rebellion against American hegemony is placing my punctuation outside "quotation marks". Anything else is "insanity."
43: 2015-04-01: RT @Peripatetia: Lift off! @'Mall of America (now) 6x #Hyperlapse #video
44: 2015-03-10: There are two diverging classes in America, the college educated and the high school educated. See @nytdavidbrooks -
45: 2015-02-27: American celebrityhood explained: Bruce/Belinda is connected by the n'th degree of Kevin Bacon to OJ Simpson. It all makes sense to me now!
46: 2015-02-12: RT @Peripatetia: Cuisine in Italy consists of pizza dough or pasta dressed up with fat-based flavorings. It's just as vapid as American bur…
47: 2014-12-19: Any attack on our critical entertainment infrastructure is an attack on America itself.
48: 2014-12-03: I am not an American. I am a citizen of the world who happens to have been born in America.
49: 2014-11-04: The saving grace of America is a deeply ingrained distrust of government power, which makes it harder for totalitarianism to take hold.
50: 2014-09-08: RT @Peripatetia: You are a geography geek (American) if you can tell Slovenia from Slovakia and can list their bordering countries without …
51: 2014-09-08: America was built on the eternal optimism of the people being fleeced.
52: 2014-09-05: My new blog entry: "My Encounter with Eric Harroun, American Jihadist"
53: 2014-09-01: Thankfully, America has a social safety net for dysfunctional and mentally ill people—called prison.
54: 2014-08-31: RT @WSJ: "America makes Chinese-Americans. China doesn't make American-Chinese." On the American advantage:
55: 2014-08-28: No one remembers the Spanish-American war and the brave men who fought it. Thank you for protecting us from... the Spaniards I guess.
56: 2014-08-15: Boris Yeltsin visits an American supermarket 1989. Excerpt from @TIME
57: 2014-07-13: “Americans drink on average nearly 500 alcoholic beverages a year” @WSJ — I drink10/year, so who’s drinking my share?
58: 2014-07-03: RT @washingtonpost: The United States imported $4 million in American flags last year. 97% of them came from China.
59: 2014-06-27: Major Brooks needs to improve his American English. It sounds like he grew up in Nigeria, not Illinois.
60: 2014-05-24: In America, most used car tent sales are inflatable gorilla events. This is a rare non-gorilla event in Ogden, Utah.
61: 2014-05-21: Found some of my old UFO contacts in the Encyclopedia of American Loons. t takes a loon to keep track of them all!
62: 2014-05-19: Watching the Gas Station Television Network – because America is a wonderful country!
63: 2014-05-08: European gas prices are high because they tax the gas to pay for roads. Americans, paying trivial tax, expect roads to pay for themselves.
64: 2014-05-07: Good Morning America does a "Princess Bride" reunion. Actors recount their clever lines. No one mentions the man who wrote those lines.
65: 2014-04-28: After Switzerland, all mountains in America look pathetic. Sorry, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, you just can't compete.
66: 2014-04-27: I am driving a car with seven cupholders within reach of the driver's seat, because this is America.
67: 2014-04-24: New York City is not America any more than Singapore is Malaysia. Entirely different countries.
68: 2014-04-22: RT @washingtonpost: Americans think owning a home is better for them than it is
69: 2014-04-16: Etiquette tip for Americans in France: Never drink wine directly from the bottle. Always use a straw.
70: 2014-04-08: RT @TIME: Only 1 in 6 Americans can find Ukraine on a map
71: 2014-03-27: In America’s litigious society, even execution drugs have to be proven “safe”. See: @nytimes
72: 2014-03-17: Is science a religion? How Science Mimics Faith, Scientific American via @PsychologyTip
73: 2014-03-09: "EU leaders agreed to be jolly annoyed about Putin’s annexation of Crimea," but America has a gas weapon.
74: 2014-02-27: The center of power in America may be the cities, but you can't win national elections if you don't capture the Waffle House demographic.
75: 2014-02-24: RT @paleofuture: Whole Foods: America’s Temple of Pseudoscience
76: 2014-02-14: Visa requirements for Americans (cool map). Also see:
77: 2014-02-09: The most violent place in America? Tiny Cabot Cove, Maine in the 1980s. Back then there was a murder almost every week.
78: 2014-02-06: America's de facto drug treatment program is prison. There is no evidence that actual drug treatment does any better.
79: 2014-01-11: George Bush loves America cuz it's full of people. 15-second FB video: - From the best George of all: John Morgan
80: 2014-01-06: "Okay, America, you can stop naming things after me. Give it a rest!" ~ Ghost of George Washington
81: 2014-01-06: @BadDalaiLama Hispanic America: The Untold Stories
82: 2014-01-05: Health care in America, with or without Obamacare, is an exercise in perverse incentives.
83: 2013-12-19: shitology — a branch of applied psychology, funded by American industry, studying the stupid shit people buy and how to make more of it
84: 2013-12-05: You get a far better selection of English-language music on European radio stations then you will ever find on any American station. #iTuner
85: 2013-11-19: @nitemareniccole Silly! We Americans don't use TARDISes. We use phone booths!
86: 2013-11-02: The focus of the American college student abroad: go to amazing, exotic places and get drunk there.
87: 2013-10-19: Advice for Americans driving in the UK:
88: 2013-10-17: God Bless America – because a supreme, omnipotent being doesn't know who to bless unless we tell him.
89: 2013-10-07: Cartoon logic: Speedy Gonzalez, the fastest mouse in all of Mexico, can't be shown on American TV but does appear on Latin American TV.
90: 2013-10-07: Obamacare is such a major change in American society—for better or worse—that it deserves an epic and cleansing battle at the beginning.
91: 2013-10-01: You gotta admire how those British people think they have their own independent culture separate from America's. So quaint and charming!
92: 2013-09-24: An authentic piece of Old Europe in America. @ Columbus, Ohio
93: 2013-09-08: RT @washingtonpost: America's most obese state is also one of its poorest and hungriest.
94: 2013-08-27: Best time to be alive in America: 1928. A flowering of arts, architecture and big dreams! But you wouldn't want to hang around for 1929.
95: 2013-08-17: The American Dream achieved. Upscale suburbia near Atlanta (8/14).
96: 2013-08-08: Some say America is losing its edge, that the Mexicans and Samoans are even fatter. Well, those naysayers haven't been to the Deep South.
97: 2013-07-30: Canadians. A proud people. A noble culture. Not at all ashamed of getting the runt end of North America.
98: 2013-07-23: America's most ironic prison name: Lovelock. (@ Lovelock Correctional Center)
99: 2013-07-23: My favorite highways in America: I-10 in TX & I-80 in NV. Straight. Fast. Uncomplicated. Nowhere else do the miles fly by so painlessly.
100: 2013-07-17: Atlanta from the air (July 1) + more American from the air:
101: 2013-07-01: The longest nonstop flight in North America.
102: 2013-06-26: Over half of Americans do not have a passport, but frankly we wouldn't want those people traveling anyway.
103: 2013-06-26: At least 35% of Americans have passports (not 10% as often reported)
104: 2013-06-22: I had difficulty explaining to my Turkish friends just how fat Americans are. Then I showed them
105: 2013-06-11: My work for the day: inventory my socks. Got 15 pair, imported from America. We're in the clear!
106: 2013-05-24: The Burger Wars are over! Everywhere I go in America, where McDonalds sits next to Burger King, McD's is packed and BK empty.
107: 2013-05-23: For atmospheric misery, nowhere in America beats coastal Georgia in the summer. Heat, humidity, bugs!
108: 2013-05-03: New York City is the Jerusalem of North America—many cultures packed together in the same place yet maintaining their own identities.
109: 2013-04-21: If we have a chance to do World War II all over again, let's imprison all the Americans of German heritage too, just be fair.
110: 2013-04-16: RT @TheEconomist: Named after an American singer and actress, what is the Streisand effect?
111: 2013-04-16: Bombs? No one does bombs in America! That's sneaky and not protected by the Constitution. We do guns here!
112: 2013-03-31: RT @TheBosha: All holidays in America are ultimately about getting and being fat. Fat fat fat fuckin fat fat fat. Fat.
113: 2013-03-22: There's America and then there's New York City. Not the same country.
114: 2013-02-16: Body Parts of America
115: 2013-02-16: RT @TheEconomist: New anti-Americanism in Russia is less a response to American actions than to Russia's domestic situation ...
116: 2013-02-15: "Airports I Have Known" - my photos from airports around North America over past 5 years:
117: 2013-02-15: "American Airlines and US Airways agree to merge and create world's worst airline." @theharryshearer
118: 2013-02-15: One of your lesser known American holidays: Post-Valentines Candy Discount Day.
119: 2013-02-14: Every American holiday mainly involves shopping.
120: 2013-02-13: Terror tourists: Americans in Syria to "help" the insurgency. How do you tell a friend this just isn't prudent?
121: 2013-02-04: Can't wait for the Team America version! ==> RT @MailOnline Thunderbirds Are Go! (Again): Cult TV show to return
122: 2013-02-04: My Best Overseas Travel Photos (outside North America) 2007 to present.
123: 2013-02-03: My best North America travel photos:
124: 2013-02-03: Our new master index of North America albums:
125: 2013-01-31: RT @TheEconomist: America's mandatory minimum jail sentences, in effect, have transferred discretion from judges to prosecutors http://t ...
126: 2013-01-29: United States Navel Reserve — American military organization stockpiling belly buttons for those who don't have them.
127: 2013-01-26: Puerto Rico: American slick meets Latin American grunge.
128: 2013-01-14: Short answer: Fructose. ==> Americans, prosperous as they may be, do not live as long as many other nations
129: 2013-01-10: The pre-Walmart mom-and-pop stores of small town America weren't all that great when Mom and Pop had a monopoly. Never Low Prices.
130: 2013-01-07: Foreigners can't grasp the American obesity crisis because all the Americans on TV are thin. I try to explain: "Americans are HUGE!"
131: 2012-12-24: Most of the Christmas you see in Bethlehem, Palestine, is icons and rituals imported from America.
132: 2012-12-24: The real Bethlehem at Christmas: no snow, no chill in the air. Thin people in Santa suits. American-style Christmas decorations.
133: 2012-12-24: The upside of the American obesity epidemic is a plethora of Santa Claus candidates. No more dressing up a thin guy in a padded suit!
134: 2012-12-24: RT @TheEconomist: The media narrative is shaping up to pin the full blame for sending America over the fiscal cliff on the Republicans h ...
135: 2012-12-22: @siskonen Not my grandmom! In Middle America, nearly all older women are "pregnant".
136: 2012-12-20: "The Panhandler"—my new original story for a short film, written today. An American success story!
137: 2012-12-17: Ambrosia, the perfectly designed food of the gods, is known in America as the Nacho Cheese Dorito. (*based on sales)
138: 2012-12-16: From the Bizarre American Cuisine file: "Injectables" (apparently they're taking food intravenously now)
139: 2012-12-10: "Mega Size" is what America is all about! We are Mega Sized beyond belief!
140: 2012-12-09: RT @KilroyCafe: The American West is exactly as you see it in Roadrunner cartoons, except those Acme products that never work are now su ...
141: 2012-11-28: The most embarrassing thing about travel is the clueless, narcissistic Americans you run into. Some people should never leave the country.
142: 2012-11-12: Old men gathered in the American Heartland discussing the nation's problems. They have all the answers!
143: 2012-11-12: Stupidity of youth: Young man hitchhikes across the Sahara with little preparation (This American Life, 1999, audio)
144: 2012-11-12: On My Bucket List: Come clean to the American people about my extramarital affair. (Related: Get married so I can have one.)
145: 2012-11-10: You shouldn't condemn all Israelis for the actions of their government any more than you would blame all Americans for electing George Bush.
146: 2012-11-10: Macedonia is Greek and Kosovo is Serbian in the same sense that America is still British. #getoverit
147: 2012-11-10: @paulmccranie Most of Asia, Africa, South America. Pretty pathetic showing so far.
148: 2012-11-08: This election map sums up American politics: hicks vs city slickers! Hicks have more land, but slicks got more votes.
149: 2012-10-27: The main function of America corporations—profit or nonprofit—is supporting huge executive salaries (not serving the shareholder).
150: 2012-10-23: Geographic Center of America, Lebanon, Kansas - 360 panorama
151: 2012-10-22: Smack dab in the center of America—and there ain't nobody here! (@ Geographic Center Of The United States) [pic]:
152: 2012-10-22: Greeley Model Railroad - new photo album shot yesterday. American life in miniature.
153: 2012-10-19: Nothing thrills me more than turning on Public Radio to hear wonks discuss changing gender roles in American society. (Click! Off again!)
154: 2012-10-02: Mississippi has America's highest obesity rate—and this town celebrates that honor! (@ Chunky, Mississippi) [pic]:
155: 2012-09-28: Every 4 years America hosts its national sport between the Red & Blue teams and whichever wins the other says the country is going to hell.
156: 2012-09-23: Americans get all excited about going "camping," not realizing most of the world population lives like this 365 days a year. #withoutREI!
157: 2012-09-19: You can't call them "fatties" anymore. That's insensitive. They're Morbidly Obese Americans.
158: 2012-09-17: Why you should never listen to "experts" ==> American Academy of Pediatrics reverses recommendations on circumcision
159: 2012-09-11: During the economic crisis of 2008, Americans became prudent, responsible spenders. Thank God the economy recovered!
160: 2012-08-17: What it means to be an American: the freedom to worship the porn of your choice.
161: 2012-08-05: Prisons in America: the stunning statistics in a video via @brainpicker
162: 2012-07-26: Man riding a Big Wheel across America. (Kevin McNatt at a rest area in Idaho. Just now!)
163: 2012-07-24: This is how they deliver the fizz -- 600 pounds of it! ... More photos from Commercial America:
164: 2012-07-19: RT @TIME: Suddenly the average American home is beginning to feel like an episode of Hoarders | (via @TIMEMoneyland)
165: 2012-07-16: "The average American watches almost five hours of video daily." <== I can't imagine this. When is there time for living?
166: 2012-07-07: It was tough growing up as a mixed race child in a multi-ethnic household. I never knew if I was Scotch American or English American.
167: 2012-07-06: RT @SirRocket: @BadDalaiLama Sounds like America, a place where everyone is addicted to money.
168: 2012-07-03: Sadly, the only revolution that worked as advertised was the American Revolution of 1775. Nearly every one since then has been messy.
169: 2012-07-03: RT @LIFECOACHERS: Be safe celebrating American Independence tomorrow! Southern clients: no, we will not hold your beer and "watch this." ...
170: 2012-06-27: In automated America, some people may not grasp this concept.
171: 2012-06-27: Jet-lagged and delirious, wandering the chips aisle of an American supermarket, giggling about the Cheese Balls. A terrible male affliction?
172: 2012-06-25: Europe has a lot of nasty history where people died for their political beliefs. The worst America had was McCarthyism and the Bush era.
173: 2012-06-09: "Fuck that shit!" is an American colloquial expression of disdain or disgust not to be taken literally (in most cases).
174: 2012-06-06: I would love to patronize the mom-and-pop enterprises of America rather than the big chains, but Mom and Pop have ripped me off too often.
175: 2012-06-02: Asking for God's blessing is like pleading with the judges of American Idol to choose you regardless of your performance.
176: 2012-06-02: "God Bless America" — Isn't it arrogant to tell God what to do? If He is omnipotent, shouldn't He already know who deserves His blessings?
177: 2012-06-02: The cornerstone of the American economy is selling people shit they don't need. To fuel the recovery, the idiots need to start buying again.
178: 2012-05-27: RT @TheEconomist: It will be a surprise if another large country is richer and more stable than America two decades from now ...
179: 2012-05-14: America's best train station. It's almost European! (Your tax dollars at work.) (@ Union Station w/ 30 others) [pic]:
180: 2012-05-11: American Eagle, Pittsburgh Airport (yesterday). More airport photos:
181: 2012-05-07: Love is all about buying your loved one the most expensive jewelry you can afford (say the jewelers of America).
182: 2012-05-07: When an American says, "How are you?" the only proper response is, "Good, thanks!" No one really wants to hear your problems.
183: 2012-05-07: I judge all Canadians by their geese: big, poopy birds that live on golf courses and occasionally bring down American aircraft. #evilcanada
184: 2012-05-06: RT @latimes: How a wild ride ended for American Airlines lifetime pass holders <== Like my ride for 3 years!
185: 2012-05-04: I know the jury system is basically sound, but nothing would terrify me so much as having my fate in the hands of twelve average Americans.
186: 2012-05-02: RT @Kyoks1: "It is not enough to be busy; so are ants. The question is: what are we busy about?" Henry David Thoreau American Author (18 ...
187: 2012-04-27: RT @RowdyPrimate: In America, we've made a religion out of diet and exercise. We talk about it incessantly and generally ignore the most ...
188: 2012-04-24: @Kyoks1 The most confusing is the Caribbean, where they often have American cars (steering on left) while driving on the left.
189: 2012-04-22: TokyoFact 1: Tokyo is affordable! Airfare aside, about the same costs as any American or European city.
190: 2012-04-19: Japanese TV and pop culture is fascinating to watch not so much because it is different from American but because it is virtually identical.
191: 2012-04-16: Japanese culture is a lot different than American culture. For example, you see a lot more white iPhones on the street than black ones.
192: 2012-04-15: English is a prestige language in Japan, sort of like French to Americans. Used in advertising to give Veblen products more cachet.
193: 2012-04-10: Luckily, America isn't some draconian 1984 surveillance society where you have no rights, like Britain.
194: 2012-04-09: NSA = National Silly Agency, the American counterpart of Britain's Ministry of Silly Walks. NSA does silly walks, talks and silly security.
195: 2012-04-09: RT @SirRocket: @BadDalaiLama Sounds like a great idea for a new American museum. Or amusement park. #methland
196: 2012-04-07: The American Revolution was the world's first and last "clean" revolution, that wasn't hijacked by despots along the way.
197: 2012-04-05: American society would rather spend billions on prisons than a fraction of that on youth diversionary programs.
198: 2012-03-31: At this very moment, all across America, the morbidly obese are lining up for the weekend breakfast buffet.
199: 2012-03-27: Conductor tells me no photos allowed on the train, even out the windows. Huh? You can enjoy scenic America but you can't photograph it.
200: 2012-03-23: RT @TelegraphNews: Lavish spending of America's first family of televangelism revealed in bitter legal feud
201: 2012-03-22: Trucking for America. (US Capitol, yesterday)
202: 2012-03-20: Pit bulls — the preferred dog breed of jackasses across America.
203: 2012-03-11: American Girls. (Millennium Park, Chicago, yesterday)
204: 2012-03-09: Traveling the byways of America, you are in awe of the mountains, forests, canyons and seashores our fast-food restaurants are nestled into.
205: 2012-03-07: There are only two highways in America with 80 mph speed limits: I-10 in West Texas and here.
206: 2012-03-07: American hedonism is based on the theory that more money and fame will buy more happiness.
207: 2012-03-06: My new America Travel USA suitcase. Made where?
208: 2012-02-29: The American Dream: a lifetime of acquisition followed by a big yard sale at the end.
209: 2012-02-28: Who at Walmart comes up with these "facts"? Most Americans are overhydrated due to caffeine addiction. (Austin TX)
210: 2012-02-23: In America, every vehicle must have a cupholder, the better to serve your caffeine needs.
211: 2012-02-20: There will be no "American Graffiti" in Long Beach.
212: 2012-02-20: America is a wonderful country! Everything is available "instantly".
213: 2012-02-18: The world has entered a sad phase when the Americans and Europeans say, "Maybe the Chinese and Brazilians will save us."
214: 2012-02-17: My random cross-sectional study of North America finds a remarkable shortage of snow this year, all the way from Alaska to Montana.
215: 2012-02-14: North America's northernmost authentic dollar store. A beacon of light in the wilderness. (@ Dollarama) [pic]:
216: 2012-02-14: I just experienced the biggest Walmart gap in North America—AND SURVIVED!
217: 2012-02-10: Canadians have an amazingly rich and diverse culture. #hockey #timhortons #americantv
218: 2012-01-26: RT @MailOnline: 'Native Americans' actually came from a tiny mountain region in Russia, DNA research reveals
219: 2012-01-24: @lovejohntyree "Woah! Is there anywhere @BadDalaiLama has NOT been? *giggles*" <== Most of Africa, Asia and South America.
220: 2012-01-18: Proof that Don McLean ("America Pie") is not dead. What went wrong?
221: 2012-01-07: In America, we don't imprison people in bad neighborhoods. They stay there of their own accord.
222: 2012-01-05: Poverty in America is the result not so much of a lack of resources but of a broken spirit.
223: 2012-01-05: Hunger in America isn't a simple picture. It is often confounded by drugs and misuse of resources that no feeding program can address.
224: 2011-12-29: The American Revolution was probably the only one in history that worked like it was supposed to.
225: 2011-12-28: America's on the mend! ==> Shoppers return to credit to pay for holidays
226: 2011-12-26: Just updated my G+ travel notes on Key West and the Florida Keys: "Best cheap winter vacation in America!" - Go now!
227: 2011-12-13: Most of the world population may not understand this, but in America they give out toilet paper for FREE. What a country!
228: 2011-12-10: Here's a crazy idea: Let's give guns to all the dysfunctional people and see what happens. Oh wait, that's America!
229: 2011-12-08: Early America was funded by Big Tobacco. Europe couldn't get enough of the demon weed.
230: 2011-12-08: Learned today at Henricus: By 1600, Britain was virtually denuded of trees. Shipping wood from America was a viable business.
231: 2011-12-07: "Euro", in America, means "adding fake cache so you can charge more". (Washington Reagan Airport)
232: 2011-12-01: Whew! The most intense Interstate driving experience in America: passing through New York City! Now recovering in a New Jersey rest area.
233: 2011-11-29: The American economy hasn't been the same since the bottom fell out of the shit-you-don't-need market.
234: 2011-11-18: An icon of America! Philo Farnesworth holding the world's first iPhone.
235: 2011-11-11: Biosphere 2: One of the strangest places in America. My photo album from 2009:
236: 2011-11-02: Best CHEAP winter vacation in America: Drive from Miami to Key West. My new note:
237: 2011-10-29: Just learned in a dream that Bank of America will start charging $75/mo for checking accounts. Outraged! Total waste of precious dream time!
238: 2011-10-29: All the best songs are enigmas that the listener is drawn to decode. Hotel California. Miss American Pie.
239: 2011-10-26: Obesity rate in America: 33.8%. Obesity rate at a typical Walmart: 44.2%. Obesity rate at a typical Walmart in the South: 72.4%.
240: 2011-10-24: American higher education is built on the solid foundation of a winning football team.
241: 2011-10-22: The easternmost Walmart in North America is in St. John's, Newfoundland. (I've been there, but before the store.) Map:
242: 2011-10-08: No matter how fat you are now, you can still get fatter. America is a big country and will make room for you.
243: 2011-10-07: American cuisine is based on the principle that no portion can ever be too large.
244: 2011-10-01: Funny how the "American Dream" of home ownership has turned into an American Nightmare of not being able to afford it.
245: 2011-09-23: Handicapped privileges seem much less noble when we see that the chief "handicap" in America is obesity.
246: 2011-09-20: Best supermarket chain in America — only in CA, NV & AZ. (@ fresh&easy)
247: 2011-09-20: The real enemy: In the 1930s, America planned to wage war on Britain. Daily Mail:
248: 2011-09-17: RT @brainpicker: Why Americans love chain stores – a psychological perspective
249: 2011-09-16: In America, a university is a system of higher education designed to support a football team. (*he notes while passing Notre Dame)
250: 2011-09-15: Russia may be biggest. And nicer isles in Greece. But America's still the fattest. No one matches our obese!
251: 2011-09-01: Not just a prison, but an exquisitely crafted Martha Stewart-inspired prison in the leafy suburbs of a major American city.
252: 2011-08-23: I plan to join the US Navel Reserve. If anyone in America needs a belly button, I'll donate mine.
253: 2011-07-22: After 24 hours driving on the left, driving on the right seems so wrong. It only proves the depravity of the Americans.
254: 2011-07-12: Thanks to Oxycontin™, I have now heard of Coheed & Cambria. American pharmaceuticals have many uses, including band publicity.
255: 2011-07-06: PHL Gate B9 — My relaxation resort for the next 12 hours. Finest sleeping gate in America! (earplugs & blanket required)
256: 2011-07-05: The next time you open a sealed snack food product, ask yourself, "Was this extruded?" If so, thank the Food Extruders of America!
257: 2011-07-05: Extruded food is All American! Most extruded snacks costumed in the USA are made in the USA! (by Chinese machinery)
258: 2011-07-05: Enjoying your Slim Jim™ extruded meat product? You are not alone! Many Americans enjoy the convenience and consistency of extruded snacks.
259: 2011-07-05: It is hard to overestimate the role of triple-screw extrusion of polymer-like foodstuffs in the lives of ordinary Americans.
260: 2011-07-03: RT @SethMacFarlane: We Americans are proud and will not debase ourselves for anything, except to get on TV, or for a free t-shirt, or fo ...
261: 2011-07-02: Staples of the American diet: carbonated high-fructose corn syrup and chips.
262: 2011-07-01: American companies could give their drugs nifty trademarked brand names. "Heroin" is too negative. How about Seabreeze™ or Arabian Gold™?
263: 2011-06-25: An American Pyramid. Right now! Toto, I don't think we're in Egypt anymore!
264: 2011-06-02: The primary mission of the American college student visiting Europe is the consumption of alcohol.
265: 2011-05-12: Advice to Nigerian scammers: Real Americans rarely use honorifics (Mr, Mrs, Dr). That, and they have spellcheck on their computers.
266: 2011-04-23: America may be bland, but when trying to get things done in other countries, you miss our 24-hour convenience.
267: 2011-04-22: Americans find it hard to understand: speaking many languages does not imply intelligence or wisdom. There plenty of idiot polyglots!
268: 2011-04-17: Most Americans would be freaked out by hostels. They couldn't handle the wide range of conditions or the relative lack of privacy.
269: 2011-04-12: .@rossmerriam Quality content: This American Life <== The exception that proves the rule, supported entirely by charitable contributions.
270: 2011-04-05: Israeli security checkpoints are usually cursory and lackadaisical—at least for Americans. Mostly concerned with flow of arms and bombs.
271: 2011-04-05: American Jews may dream of emigrating to Israel, but many more young Israelis dream of emigrating to America. Get me outta here!
272: 2011-04-05: Some American Jews still dream of emigrating to Israel. Bonehead move! you're getting yourself trapped on a very small island.
273: 2011-04-01: All-American hog.
274: 2011-03-31: RT @TheBosha: Perhaps a TED Talk on proper meth cooking technique would cut down on the explosions in rural America.
275: 2011-03-26: Health care is America's biggest industry—and getting bigger!—but that doesn't mean that society as a whole is getting healthier.
276: 2011-03-22: "America is the greatest country in the world!" — Believe that and you don't need to travel. Don't even need a passport, just FOX News.
277: 2011-03-18: Our 2008 essay: "KAPU - Death for Everything!" - Proposing sensible reforms to American criminal law.
278: 2011-03-16: @lolahayes Europe, with its dense population, is very frugal with resources. They don't assume endless supply like American do.
279: 2011-03-16: Something about moving America. (U.S. Capitol, Washington. Jan. 20)
280: 2011-03-16: The REAL seat of power in America—where the Freemasons direct the New World Order. (Alexandria, VA. Jan. 20)
281: 2011-03-12: Which is proper? (A) Walmart is a retailer. (American) or (B) Walmart are a retailer. (British) — If retailer is singular, why not Walmart?
282: 2011-03-10: Who says America has lost its edge? Our people are the biggest in the world! No one can compete with our morbid obesity!
283: 2011-03-10: Language Police: You don't call them "fatties" anymore. That's derogatory. They're Obese Americans. {1/29}
284: 2011-03-08: "Fuck that shit!"—American colloquialism indicating speaker's intention to defy demands being made upon him. Not to be taken literally.
285: 2011-03-07: Rode a train in Italy near an American priest-in-training lambasting his sister & parents with his religious views. What a freaking a-hole!
286: 2011-03-06: Ah, the lovely Monarch! Fluttering to South America and back only to decorate my windshield with a burst of yellow.
287: 2011-03-02: Mel may be a pariah, but Charlie is golden! America loves that bad-boy shit. He'll find work as soon as he wants it (but not in TV).
288: 2011-02-27: How can you be so sure America is the greatest country in the world if you don't own a passport?
289: 2011-02-12: @TheBosha cc @tammyphinney Canadians don't kill each other, but they're big into property crime, thanks to DRUGS FROM AMERICA.
290: 2011-02-07: Moving on to the next American commercial holiday: Valentine's Day.
291: 2011-02-06: RT @Kurt_Vonnegut: Like so many Americans, she was trying to construct a life that made sense from things she found in gift shops.
292: 2011-02-05: If this were the Bush Administration, we'd be sending American troops to Egypt to guarantee democracy. What kind of wusses have we become?
293: 2011-02-03: Representing America.
294: 2011-01-29: You don't call them "fatties" anymore. That's denigrating. They're Obese Americans.
295: 2011-01-27: @lolahayes What is called "homelessness" in America isn't a lodging problem; it's a spectrum of mental health issues.
296: 2011-01-21: (America's Strategic Douchebag Reserve [SDR] has been falling since the departure of @johncmayer from Twitter.)
297: 2011-01-21: The solution to America's Douchebag Crisis is giving more young men ungodly amounts of money and obscene success they don't deserve.
298: 2011-01-15: Florida is America's capital of non-productivity. Nowhere else do so many people go to DO NOTHING.
299: 2011-01-15: Seasons in America: Superbowl, Valentines, Easter, Mothersday, Fathersday, Fourthofjuly, Backtoschool, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.
300: 2011-01-12: Wild horses in America are an invasive species, brought here by the Spaniards. Why do they need special protection?
301: 2011-01-10: American society is composed of two groups: those who love Sarah Palin and those who hate her (That's one group!) and those who ignore her.
302: 2010-12-29: RT @lolahayes: Americans Admire Glenn Beck More Than the Dalai Lama
303: 2010-12-14: "Intelligent people live longer—the correlation is as strong as that between smoking and premature death." Sci American
304: 2010-11-08: The American Dream: marriage, children, house, pets and a secure job to pay for it all—i.e. total imprisonment.
305: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-07: One of America's greatest Presidents: Bill Clinton. (Seriously!) it was a time of both prosperity and responsibility.
306: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-06: How many silly ways can you think of to spend money when you have too much of it? That's America!
307: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-25: The old American Dream of home ownership will be replaced by a new, more American dream: freedom of movement tethered only to the internet.
308: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-25: Germans tend to shop wisely and save more money than they spend. It's this kind of anti-American attitude that's hobbling the world economy!
309: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-23: American industry is run by retards, people who already have enough money but who have nothing better to do than acquire more of it.
310: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-17: I don't know which is worse, porn or Norman Rockwell. Seriously, people believed that perfect white America shit!
311: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-17: RT @HuffingtonPort SCARY look At How Unemployment Has Swept Across America - Good news: Nebraska still looks fine!
312: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-15: Americans believe the best way to solve a problem is buying a product rather than changing their lifestyle to address it at its root.
313: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-15: The American economy is dependent on selling people things they don't need, because there is little profit in selling things they do need.
314: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-13: Financial markets may be fairly rational, but the core engine of the American economy is exploitation of the stupid.
315: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-15: Pittsburgh, PA: Home of America's most confusing roads, twisting and turning through hills and ravines. Definitely need GPS!
316: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-03: On my bucket list: Become a Russian spy and infiltrate American society, becoming known as a femme fatale with my sexy Facebook photos.
317: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-03: American society today consists of two classes: people in prison and people on the outside laboring to support them.
318: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-12: "Fuck that shit!" — an American colloquialism indicating speaker's intention to defy demands being made upon him. Not to be taken literally.
319: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-15: "The difference between Americans & Europeans is that Europeans think 100 miles is a long way and Americans think 100 years is a long time."
320: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-14: Europe is full of old shit, which Americans think is special. Really, though, it's just ordinary shit that got old.
321: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-11: On my bucket list: Buy the box set of "America's Funniest Home Videos" and watch every single episode since the series began.
322: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-16: The American Dream: an utterly meaningless life populated by possessions, property and packaged experiences.
323: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-10: American marketing is based on the principle that if you add more adjectives to something, the suckers will pay more money for it.
324: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-13: The American West is exactly as you see it in Roadrunner cartoons, except those Acme products that never work are now supplied by Wal-Mart.
325: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-07: The American Dream, as defined by practice, is buying a property you can't afford and spending the rest of your life enslaved to it.
326: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-05: My old arch-nemesis at Area 51, "America's Prophet" Sean David Morton, has been charged with securities fraud.
327: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-26: On any open highway in America, there ain't nobody going below the speed limit. There's an unwritten buffer between rules and enforcement.
328: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-20: Republicans include America's biggest assholes. Democrats make up for it with naïve idealism that could get us into even deeper shit.
329: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-19: America's largest lodging chain! Low rates. Free meals. #1 in customer dissatisfaction. Enjoy your stay with the Department of Corrections!
330: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-14: Using cows to make milk can't be called worse than using cheap Chinese labor to make American consumer products.
331: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-13: It seems presumptuous to say "God Bless America" or "God Save the Queen". Shouldn't He already know what to do without your advice?
332: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-10: "Persistent vegetative state" - That describes quite a few of the living, doesn't it? They're watching American Idol.
333: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-01: American business is driven by a gamblers delusion: "I am special and will beat the odds." Most fail, but the winners keep others gambling.
334: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-27: All of my photo albums: - Europe, North America, Caribbean, Israel.
335: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-03: A less materialistic America is healthy for everyone. Unfortunately, our economy was built on absurd spending and adjustment will take time.
336: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-20: Indiana Toll Road: America's Rip-Off Highway. $27 for 155 miles!
337: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-12: Throughout America, seagulls are the new pigeons. You now find them miles from any coastline, in bizarre places like Denver.
338: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-08: "Consume or Be Consumed!" Photo taken yesterday, somewhere in America: - It's all there: America in a nutshell!
339: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-27: Americans like to thank God for the things they stole from others. It's much easier than thanking, say, the Native Americans.
340: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-26: Here's today's script: You're thankful for X, Y & Z. You pray for our troops overseas. You say "God Bless America!" Now eat.
341: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-25: Sure, it's easy to blame Bush for the mess in Iraq, but let's not neglect the role country music played. "I'm Proud to be an American" etc.
342: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-28: The "America Dream" is apparently to trap yourself in a single location with tons of possessions and little opportunity to change.
343: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-28: Why do we have to say, "God Bless America" -- or God Bless anything? Doesn't He know what to do without our advice?
344: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-23: There's a name for wild horses in America: vermin! They're an invasive species brought here by the Spaniards. Why do they need protection?
345: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-17: I see an alarming trend in British visitors, who feel they must embrace American "wastage" (wasting food, etc). We're not all like that!
346: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-10: Let's have a moment of silence for the thousands of Americans who gave their lives for our entertainment.
347: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-07: My new photos from "Freedom Tour 2009" - Inspiring America in a right wing Love Bus.
348: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-04: The American Dream is supposedly home ownership, but people don’t realize when they enter the dream how quickly it can turn to a nightmare.
349: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-29: Breaking News from The Onion: China Strong! - Americans Love Fish By-Product! - LMAO!
350: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-29: Travelers' essentials along any highway in America: gas stations, restaurants, motels, adult superstores, "Nude Girls - XXX".
351: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-28: Juvenile justice is America's only serious attempt at rehabilitative justice - i.e. intended to actually reduce future crime.
352: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-26: The American pattern of parenting is being hyperprotective in infancy but losing all control by the teen years.
353: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-25: Who says America has lost its edge? Our people are the fattest in the world! No one can compete with our morbid obesity!
354: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-12: I don't see how foreigners can say America lacks substance. Our Ponzi schemes are the finest in the world!
355: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-10: The space requirements of Americans are obscene. You don't need 2000 sq feet to live in. You can be comfortable in 100 sq feet with WiFi.
356: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-06: My new photos from LUMBEE HOMECOMING, a Native American festival held in North Carolina on July 4:
357: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-04: Everyone in America has their ethnic heritage, but for most it doesn't consist of more than dressing up in costumes once a year.
358: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: The poverty of American culture is that its social policy relies almost entirely on punishment, not prevention.
359: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-05: I can think of nothing less romantic than a motorcycle ride across America. That's 2500 miles of shit in your face.
360: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-04: I don't see what's so romantic about the wild horse in America. It was an invasive species brought here by the Spanish!
361: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-18: Interesting that the British rejected Dasani (tap water) but Americans lap it up. The whole beverage industry is a con, so why not?
362: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-11: Americans' obsession with Stuff may harm the planet, but the real damage is internal - how all this excess weight drags you down personally.
363: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-05: The American Dream: marriage, children, house, pets and a secure job to pay for it all -- i.e. total imprisonment.
364: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-03: The Americans invaded Canada during the War of 1812 but were beaten back by the British. Maybe it's time we finish the job! (Eh?)
365: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-03: Hosteling is a strange experience, esp. for space-hungry Americans. Would you share a room with 5 strangers? Now doing it in Toronto, $20/nt
366: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-03: I love watching TV in a language I don't understand. It's the same crap as in America, so I know what's being said almost telepathically!
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