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1: 2018-11-03: A new YouTube playlist of my favorite "music videos" I have recorded around the world.
2: 2018-04-05: Same old story: She wasn’t getting enough hits on YouTube, so she went postal at YouTube HQ. #violentwomen
3: 2017-04-11: 🇦🇲 "Visiting Mother Armenia in Yerevan" - my new travel video on YouTube (4 min) - shot in June 2016 but edited now
4: 2017-03-09: Addiction defined – clip from my latest YouTube video: " Addiction: Disease or Choice?" at
5: 2016-10-26: "Four Days in Almaty, Kazakhstan" - my new half-hour YouTube travel show. Shot in June but released today.
6: 2016-09-30: I declare my independence from caffeine in this new 8-minute YouTube video shot today.
7: 2016-05-21: RT @nguyenivy: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama Kingston, Jamaica - Hope Road Spy Video
8: 2016-05-02: RT @Peripatetia: Cover page for my new video, "Why I don't need to go to Nordkapp". Now available on YouTub… https:…
9: 2016-02-03: RT @Peripatetia: My appearance on a new Area 51 video from PBS, just released. Find it on YouTube at "Good Stuff…
10: 2015-11-04: RT @Peripatetia: Intro from my new documentary released last night on YouTube. Search for "Area 51 Weather Stations" @…
11: 2015-08-26: RT @Peripatetia: Attacked by prairie dogs in Wyoming (June 2010) - part of a 2.5 minute video on YouTube:…
12: 2015-08-20: RT @nguyenivy: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama "Understanding Las Vegas" (Glenn Campbell philosophy vide…
13: 2015-08-08: RT @mrchicken1119: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama Kingston, Jamaica - Hope Road Spy Video
14: 2015-08-07: Cover art for my new YouTube channel.
15: 2015-07-24: RT @Peripatetia: Dawn in Las Vegas. 15 minutes compressed into 25 seconds in this HD YouTube video shot this morning.…
16: 2015-07-18: His Badliness the Bad Dalai Lama now has his own YouTube channel, starting with this 5-minute video recorded today:
17: 2015-06-16: RT @Peripatetia: Camel wash at the oasis, United Arab Emirates (yesterday) - Part of a 30-second video on YouTube.
18: 2015-05-14: RT @myjourneyto000: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama Elementary Phase Shifting: How to Move Instantly Bet…
19: 2014-12-01: RT @morgancap: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama Bethlehem on Christmas Eve: The Bagpipes of Christmas
20: 2014-08-29: YouTube, Facebook and other online services offering unlimited free storage forever will eventually cross a line where this is impossible.
21: 2014-08-18: RT @lymerance: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama Prairie Dogs ATTACK in Wyoming
22: 2014-08-09: RT @joshmarte83: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama "The Case Against Marriage" - Glenn Campbell summarizes…
23: 2014-08-02: Being mauled by a bear is bad, but even worse is being mauled by a bear and not having a video of it to upload to YouTube.
24: 2014-05-31: RT @ravendon: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama Prairie Dogs ATTACK in Wyoming
25: 2014-05-07: My most popular videos on YouTube, including one with 100+k views and eight with over 10k.
26: 2014-03-07: RT @nytimes: Turkish Prime Minister Threatens to Ban Facebook and YouTube
27: 2014-02-27: RT @nguyenivy: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama Queens, New York from an Amtrak train
28: 2014-02-09: The @AV_byte brothers on their way to stardom ==> Fox Sports Picks YouTube Duo in Content Deal Worth $1 Million
29: 2014-01-23: If I die a fiery death, I hope it is recorded on video so I can become a YouTube sensation.
30: 2014-01-06: @TheBosha Looking forward to seeing that on YouTube.
31: 2014-01-02: RT @martinlighthous: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama Old Jerusalem: Walking From Damascus Gate to the We…
32: 2013-11-30: How the Googleplex streams YouTube videos to you.
33: 2013-08-26: RT @nguyenivy: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama "The Case Against Marriage" - Glenn Campbell summarizes h…
34: 2013-08-26: RT @nguyenivy: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama "Who Will Take Care of Me?" -- Glenn Campbell on a fallac…
35: 2013-07-03: RT @bobdeloyd: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama Glenn Campbell Defines Existentialism
36: 2013-06-05: All my videos from Istanbul, including my first visit to Taksim Square YouTube @BadDalaiLama
37: 2013-03-01: My first Vimeo upload! Quality is much better than YouTube. "Working Girl on the Las Vegas Strip"
38: 2013-02-11: Vimeo vs. YouTube - which is better?
39: 2012-12-19: YouTube is millions of people saying, "Look at me, Mommy, look at me!"
40: 2012-12-19: Today, the nephews forced me to watch something called "YouTube". It made my head hurt.
41: 2012-12-13: "Area 51 Exposed!" My most popular YouTube video is also the most hated. Get a load of those comments! 226 thumbs down!
42: 2012-11-06: "The Case Against Marriage" - New YouTube version of my 2-hour 2009 lecture at Daytona State College (audio only)
43: 2012-10-28: If you watched all of my most popular videos on YouTube, you'd be sitting there for OVER 12 HOURS! So... get started!
44: 2012-08-09: My most popular YouTube video right now: Notting Hill Carnival 2011 - Probably cuz it's going on now!
45: 2012-08-06: My most popular videos on YouTube, often for reasons I cannot fathom.
46: 2012-06-03: My most popular videos on YouTube (often for reasons I don't understand)
47: 2012-01-25: "Repent Now! - The Facebook/YouTube Crash Is Coming!" My new blog entry: cc: @laurenahayes @princeboucher
48: 2012-01-25: Facebook/YouTube time bomb: collecting huge photo/video files that never go away, eating storage faster than technology advances.
49: 2011-12-08: A showcase of my best "character" videos on YouTube. (i.e. videos where I play someone else)
50: 2011-12-01: Rhian has her man by the balls. (How did this get by the YouTube censors?)
51: 2011-10-03: It is hard to grasp how many videos I've produced in my 16-month YouTube career until I try to index them.
52: 2011-09-22: Surprisingly, my most popular video on YouTube is this 30-second bit from Sarajevo last year: - Not sure why.
53: 2011-08-12: Rome's gladiators arrested by police <== I met those guys last summer!>
54: 2011-07-31: Video Postcard: Sarajevo, Bosnia - walking through the marketplace:> (10:48, July 2010 but newly published)
55: 2011-07-29: Must FF @the_anastasia - Chick is hilarious! See her Favstar Blog & YouTube
56: 2011-07-29: Video stabilization in the YouTube editor is pretty damn amazing. Check out our "Landing in Washington">
57: 2011-07-27: New philosophy video: "Autodidactism"> (10 minutes)
58: 2011-07-23: My first voiceover/character sample: "Machiavelli"> (37 sec) Dabbling in acting.
59: 2011-07-23: @xtinewu ICU2 Wu! ==>>
60: 2011-07-22: Our new philosophy video: "Existentialism Defined"> (6 minutes) From the woods of New England
61: 2011-07-22: Video postcard: In the airport in Glasgow, an absurd escalator safety warning. British nannyism run amok?> (0:30)
62: 2011-07-09: I've just invented a new sport: "river walking" — Just pick a river and walk up the middle of it. Video from MO:>
63: 2011-06-22: Video Postcard: Interviewing a camel named Moses at the Great Pyramids. Not a lot to say, this one.> (40 seconds)
64: 2011-06-21: A 2-minute tour of my tiny hostel in downtown Cairo> On the 11th floor of a grungy office building near the Nile.
65: 2011-06-07: 13-second test of chromakey. I'm actually in a motel room in Texas. Now you'll never know what's real!>
66: 2011-06-02: Video Postcard: Little drummer at Athens demonstration.> 4-minute performance in Syntagma Square last night.
67: 2011-05-30: A political rally I encountered in Athens a few hours ago... if only I knew what for!> 1:42 Syntagma Square.
68: 2011-05-30: Video Postcard: View of the Acropolis from the balcony of my hostel room in Athens.> 45 seconds
69: 2011-05-30: Arriving in Athens, this somewhat sinister 17-second video describes my first order of business:>
70: 2011-05-26: Video Postcard: Cattle Call, Amarillo, Texas.> 2-minute visit with hamburger-on-the-hoof at a massive feed lot.
71: 2011-05-24: Video Experiment: Grand Central Station at Hyperspeed> 18 seconds. 2 days ago.
72: 2011-05-22: Video Postcard: End of the World in Times Square.> 1:30 - Filmed just before the Apocalypse last night.
73: 2011-05-21: Video Experiment: Grand Central Station in Fast Forward.> - 14-second video shot yesterday in Manhattan.
74: 2011-05-18: My new how-to video: "Elementary Phase Shifting: How to Move Instantly Between Parallel Universes"> Easy as pie!
75: 2011-05-13: Spooky abandoned cathedral, shot today. This 10-second clip took me hours to produce.>
76: 2011-05-10: I am beside myself! Awesome green-screen proof of concept test in North Carolina.> (0:53)
77: 2011-05-09: New video: Canada Explained in Two Minutes!> Shot 10 days ago in the boreal forest north of Lake Superior.
78: 2011-05-09: Exploring Harry's Hideaway, an abandoned roadhouse on the north shore of Lake Superior.> (5:40) 9 days ago.
79: 2011-05-08: Chroma Key Experiment (20 seconds)> Now I can fly around the world without leaving my motel room!
80: 2011-05-05: Raw Video: Masada Standups> My on-site narration from Masada, Israel. (Part of a theoretical future video)
81: 2011-05-05: Video Postcard: Tel Aviv Waterfront (April 22)> Scanning the resort area of Tel Aviv. 1:36
82: 2011-05-05: Video Postcard: On a bus in Israel> Encounter with a fellow passenger on a bus from Eilat to Tel Aviv. April 21.
83: 2011-04-27: New philosophy video: "The Flawed Movie Hero and What He Teaches Us"> Shot this morning in Alberta.
84: 2011-04-23: Video Postcard: Jerusalem Central Bus Station.> (30 sec. 3 days ago) Typical chaos waiting for a bus to Masada.
85: 2011-04-21: Video Postcard: Eilat, Israel. The most densely packed beach I have ever visited! 1-minute iPhone video.>
86: 2011-04-20: It's done! The best TV series proposal ever created!> Filmed in Jerusalem and Palestine over the past few days.
87: 2011-04-18: Video Postcard: Looking out over Jerusalem from the roof of my hostel.> (30 seconds)
88: 2011-04-17: Early results of yesterday's video shoot in Old Jerusalem. (2-minute draft portion of a promo video)>
89: 2011-04-16: Video Postcard: Old Jerusalem "Subway"> - Many cities have subways, but this one is FREE and carries only 3 boys.
90: 2011-04-09: New travel video: Pagosa Springs, Colorado> - A two-minute introduction to the "Hot Spring Capital". 4 days ago.
91: 2011-04-09: Video Postcard: Oil Well in Oklahoma> - 1 minute of pumpin' crude, shot two days ago. Edited for excitement!
92: 2011-04-07: I explain the fall of Rome in this video from outside the Roman Forum (May 2010)>
93: 2011-04-06: New travel video from an abandoned grain elevator in Kansas.> — Silly 4-minute video shot yesterday.
94: 2011-04-05: Our video report from the Palestinian side of the West Bank barrier (like the Berlin Wall).> {12/25 Christmas!}
95: 2011-04-03: Video Postcard: "Death Stalks Us All"> - A 30-second graveyard experiment, Wytheville, VA, 6 hours ago.
96: 2011-04-02: Renamed my new 1-minute movie to "Investigating a Plumbing Problem"> - Nephews wanted more blood.
97: 2011-04-01: "Damn! Actually damn good!. Bravo! More more more!" @sheephogan on our new 1-minute movie>
98: 2011-04-01: Our new video: "Investigating the House"> - A one-minute suspense movie filmed and edited tonight in Orlando.
99: 2011-03-27: Video Postcard: Rice fields near Sacramento, seen from the air.> 30-second iPhone video. Landing at SMF.
100: 2011-03-26: See our new Kauai video> - Our own exercise in autodidactism!
101: 2011-03-26: Jungle Journey to the Blue Hole, Kauai—Part 1> (5 days ago) - Our best video ever! Gnarly! (Part 2 coming soon!)
102: 2011-03-18: Video Postcard: supermarket produce dept. in Houston (3 days ago)> 40-second iPhone video. Pretty colors!
103: 2011-03-16: Here's a new HD version of the video posted 3 days ago: "How to Twitter (and How Not To)"> (without distortion).
104: 2011-03-14: Our new philosophy video: "How to Twitter (and How Not To)"> - The key is overcoming your own narcissism.
105: 2011-03-12: Exhibit B: "Adam and Eve: The Gay Version." 1-minute YouTube video: Funny rejected ad.
106: 2011-03-12: New edited video: "My Ikea Adventure in Cincinnati"> An editing exercise. Shot last night with my iPhone.
107: 2011-03-09: Our first EDITED travel video, from the summit of Mt. Vesuvius in Naples, Italy:> (shot 3 weeks ago, edited now)
108: 2011-03-09: Home video: My nephews reveal that there isn't any Santa Claus>
109: 2011-03-04: Video postcard: Ectoplasmic ghostbusting vehicle in North Carolina (53 secs)> (1 hour ago) Who yah gonna call?
110: 2011-03-02: Video Postcard from Florida: "RV Madness"> (40 seconds) — Because you can never have too much shit!
111: 2011-03-01: Valedictorian speaks against standardized schooling. YouTube: (via @lolahayes) Too funny! Well, yeah!
112: 2011-02-28: Our new philosophy video: "What I Learned from Celebrity Impersonators"> - We are all impersonators!
113: 2011-02-27: Landing on Washington, D.C. (minutes ago!). Hi-def iPhone video.>
114: 2011-02-26: You want more? Here's what the strange rail car does when it is not levitating.>
115: 2011-02-26: Bizarre train levitation near Clovis, NM, earlier today:> - You saw it here, a rail car lifted off its tracks!
116: 2011-02-24: Conjuring Richard Nixon at the Celebrity Impersonators Convention in Las Vegas (yesterday).> Darrell Duffey
117: 2011-02-24: From Fremont Street early this morning, our linguistic investigation of "Double Entendre">
118: 2011-02-21: "Secrets of Area 51 Revealed"—A Pointline™ Special Edition!> (Promo for nonexistent TV show, June '10)
119: 2011-02-20: A visit to the frigid continent of Antarctica (today!). In these inhospitable conditions, how can life survive?>
120: 2011-02-19: Video Postcard: Four minutes inside St. Peter's Basilica, The Vatican. (Mother church of the Catholic religion.)>
121: 2011-02-19: Video Postcard: Three minutes in St. Peter's Square, the Vatican.>
122: 2011-02-18: Video Postcard: Showing off my $20 hotel room in Rome—a very SMALL hotel room.>
123: 2011-02-17: Funny airline safety video on my flight from Istanbul to Rome—given by kids!>
124: 2011-02-13: Istanbul Moving Postcard (on the ferry from Europe to Asia).> - Like a postcard, but moving. Cool 3D effect!
125: 2011-02-11: Istanbul for $13/night! Here's a look at my hostel.> (Istanbul Travelogue, Part 3)
126: 2011-02-11: Philosophy video from Istanbul: Too Much String Cheese!> (Video #38)
127: 2011-02-10: Istanbul Travelogue, Part 2: The Spice Market.> — Walking through the busy souk earlier today.
128: 2011-02-10: Istanbul Travelogue, Part 1: Arriving in Taksim Square.> (Video #36)
129: 2011-02-06: Song #7: "Weekend Pirate" — Our own original sea shanty on part-time piracy. Song by the songwriter.> (Video #35)
130: 2011-02-03: This is your brain on CNN — a tragic example of news overexposure.> (our video from May)
131: 2011-01-29: Song #6: "Flatland" - Our own original song, sung yesterday in the Central Valley of California> (Video #34)
132: 2011-01-24: Our original song #11: "Blood on the Windshield"> Injustice in the Deep South. Sung today in Oklahoma. Video #33
133: 2011-01-22: WASHINGTON—Our new video from the steps of the Capitol: "Political Hot Air"> (Video #32) Filmed yesterday!
134: 2011-01-17: Philosophy Video #31: "The Problem with Property"> From the beach in Sarasota, Florida, yesterday.
135: 2011-01-13: Song #1: "Galaxy Queen" A Space Tragedy. OUR FIRST SONG! Sung by the songwriter this morning.> (Video #30)
136: 2011-01-10: "Oh, THAT Jean-Luc Picard!" Hilarious 1-minute reedit of Star Trek TNG:> via @OhCrap
137: 2011-01-08: Just because you have a Twitter account, Facebook, YouTube, blog, podcast... doesn't mean you have anything to say.
138: 2011-01-05: Our best videos of 2010: Destruction Bay.> Our first attempt at drama. (Oct.)
139: 2011-01-04: Our best videos of 2010: Transylvania Promo for Operation Weekend.>
140: 2011-01-03: Our best videos of 2010: The Pigeons of St. Marks Square, Venice.> (July)
141: 2011-01-02: Our best videos from 2010: Please Gamble Responsibly (a message from a tribal elder in New Mexico)> (July)
142: 2011-01-01: Our best videos from 2010: Prairie Dogs Attack! in Wyoming.> (June)
143: 2010-12-31: Video #29: We propose a new world currency: hamburgers!> From McDonalds, Deltona, Florida.
144: 2010-12-30: REPOST: Our inspirational Christmas message from Bethlehem, Palestine: GET OFF THE DAMN INTERNET!> (Video #24)
145: 2010-12-29: Video #28: Who is buried in McKinley's Tomb? (And who really cares?)> Canton, Ohio - Yesterday.
146: 2010-12-29: Video #27: Settlement protests in Jerusalem. I infiltrate two opposing demonstrations in Zion Square.> (Dec. 23)
147: 2010-12-28: CANTON, OHIO — I have the power of God at my fingertips! (short but electrifying video shot today)> (Video #26)
148: 2010-12-28: Video #25: Exploring an abandoned building in Jerusalem (on Christmas).>
149: 2010-12-26: BETHLEHEM — Christmas message from the birthplace of Christ: TURN OFF THE DAMN INTERNET AND DO SOMETHING!> (#24)
150: 2010-12-25: BETHLEHEM — Report from the Palestinian side of the West Bank barrier (like the Berlin Wall). Almost journalism!>
151: 2010-12-25: Video: Panoramic view of Old Jerusalem from the top of the Damascus Gate on Christmas morning.> (Video #22)
152: 2010-12-25: BETHLEHEM — Wrapping up my Christmas Eve experience in Bethlehem. From outside a Santa shop on the edge of town.>
153: 2010-12-25: BETHLEHEM — Touring the Church of the Nativity, alleged site of Jesus' birth, on Christmas Eve!> (Video #20)
154: 2010-12-24: BETHLEHEM — Bagpipes on Christmas Eve! TODAY!! Not the procession you'd expect at Jesus' birthplace.> (Video #19)
155: 2010-12-23: Video #18: Jerusalem, Israel: Crossing the Old City.> - Intro tour from Damascus Gate to the Western Wall. Today!
156: 2010-12-21: Video #17: "The Problem with Love"> From Utah (today). The risk of love is losing control over your own destiny.
157: 2010-12-18: Video #16: "Universal Health Care: A Southern Perspective"> - Funny and meaningful.
158: 2010-12-17: Archive Video: "Message from a Tribal Elder in New Mexico"> Please gamble responsibly. (One of our first videos)
159: 2010-12-16: Video #15, from Chicago's Millennium Park: "Goals and How to Achieve Them"> (not our most coherent)
160: 2010-12-15: Video Essay #15: From the Harvard Museum of Natural History, "Quality and Deception"> - With free museum tour!
161: 2010-12-13: Video Essay #14: "In Defense of Secrecy"> — From under a bridge in Lowell, Mass., our response to #wikileaks
162: 2010-12-12: Stumbled upon this YouTube girl while searching for "existential"> A little spacey but appealing. #existentialcat
163: 2010-12-11: Video Essay #13: In the Footsteps of Thoreau at Walden Pond> - From Thoreau's cabin site in Concord, Mass. Today.
164: 2010-12-11: The Pigeons of St. Marks Square, Venice, Italy. Travel> (July 2010) - One of His Holiness' best!
165: 2010-12-11: Video Essay #12: People Can Change, But You Can't Change Them.> - From the woods of Massachusetts
166: 2010-12-08: Video Essay #11: What is Truth?> - From Ithaca, NY. Truth is pretty simple really.
167: 2010-11-25: Video Essay #10: Practice Makes Perfect... Idiocy!> - Why rote practice is usually not the best use of your time.
168: 2010-11-24: Video Essay #9: Human Feedback Systems:> - From an abandoned roadhouse in the Yukon Territory. Free tour at end!
169: 2010-11-22: Video Essay #8: "Drug Abuse: What Doesn't Work"> - From the main courthouse in Las Vegas (two days ago).
170: 2010-11-18: Video Essay #7: "The Trauma of Childhood"> Jackson, Mississippi. Moving out of the fantasyland of childhood.
171: 2010-11-14: Video Essay #6: "Stream of Consciousness"> - Dragoon, Arizona. You can control the content of your consciousness.
172: 2010-11-14: Video Essay #5: "Understanding Las Vegas"> - Direct from the Las Vegas Strip (this morning).
173: 2010-11-12: Philosophy Video #0: "Explaining the Fall of Rome"> - From outside the Roman Forum, May 2010.
174: 2010-11-12: VIdeo Essay #4: "The Meaning of Life Explained"> - From Miami Beach. The secrets of life revealed at last!
175: 2010-11-10: Video philosophy essay #3: "Triage"> - Triage is the management of limited resources to achieve the maximum good.
176: 2010-11-09: Video philosophy essay: "You Can't Change Personality"> - Our 2nd video from Miami Beach.
177: 2010-11-08: Our first VIDEO philosophy essay: "The Law of Diminishing Returns"> - Filmed yesterday on Miami Beach.
178: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-08: New photos: Miami Beach: + Bonus iPhone Video snapshot: Hi-Tech Beachcomber:
179: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-08: RT @BadDalaiLama: Our first VIDEO philosophy essay: "The Law of Diminishing Returns"> - Filmed yesterday on M ...
180: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-24: My first "movie"—a 2-minute short filmed in Canada: "Destruction Bay"> - At an abandoned roadhouse...
181: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-19: Video: Area 51 Exposed... in 45 seconds! Can you handle the truth?>
182: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-13: New video: Boreal Forest in Northern Minnesota:>
183: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-19: Video: Explaining the Fall of Rome (from outside the Roman Forum)> - It just got too damn big!
184: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-18: A 1992 news report on the siege of Sarajevo. Video:> - My 2010 photos:
185: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-08: Video: Secrets of Area 51 Revealed! (in 44 seconds)> (Back again!)
186: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-01: Video: Boarding a Train to Transylvania.> (Belgrade, 3 days ago)
187: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-30: Video: Finding Happiness in Timisoara, Romania.> - Changing trains on the way to Transylvania.
188: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-29: Sniper Alley, Sarajevo. Video:> 27 seconds
189: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-26: Video: Buying my train ticket to Sarajevo.> - 23 seconds
190: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-23: Video my first FOAM PARTY, Venice, Italy.>
191: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-23: New video from St. Marks Square. Not so many pigeons this time. Just mingling with the tourists.>
192: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-21: Video: The Pigeons of St. Marks Square, Venice:> - Wall-to-wall pigeons... feeding on humans! Yesterday.
193: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-11: My video: "Message from a Tribal Elder in New Mexico"> - Please gamble responsibly.
194: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-30: New video: Area 51 Exposed at Last!> (0:44) - What the networks don't want you to know!
195: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-26: New video: Lost in the Redwoods> - Whichever way I go, there's no way out!
196: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-24: New video: Visiting my Auntie in Eureka, California.> - "I can't wait for you to meet her!"
197: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-16: New Video: Feeding the Prairie Dogs in Wyoming.>
198: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-08: New videos from Athens: "Why the Greeks Built the Parthenon"> "Rules of Acropolis"
199: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-07: The classic "Duck and Cover" civil defense film from 1951, featuring Bert the Turtle:> via @nipsespin
200: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-05: New video: "Who Will Save the Majestic Wal-Mart?"> Another environmental tragedy from the Gulf Coast?
201: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-01: New video from our sponsor in Paducah, Kentucky: Finkel's Fair Stores. 0:21>
202: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-01: New video upload: Arriving at the Colosseum in Rome (May 16)>
203: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-27: New Video: "In Heaven, you get to listen to CNN... if you're very, very good!">
204: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-25: New Video: Message from a Tribal Elder in New Mexico. - 1:46 - "Remember who was here first." YouTube
205: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-11: When you eliminate television, radio, newspapers, YouTube & MP3s from your life, you regain your brain and can begin to live.
206: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-22: Thanks in part to YouTube, most public discourse on the internet is little more than a never-ending episode of "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!"
207: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-04: Just say no to YouTube! It's a huge time waster, and it has nothing you need. "How'd they do that?" I don't care anymore!
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