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1: 2011-12-08: Where do you file for cyber divorce? And under what jurisdiction—Twitter or Facebook? Who gets the Twitpics?
2: 2011-08-23: On a bus in Mestre, Italy, an African woman carries her infant in a traditional sling. (Yesterday) #twitpic
3: 2011-08-01: "Babied" indeed! Summer cottage with private beach.> More photos from today at the MA shore: FB:
4: 2011-07-29: Face to face in the barnyard.> (Great Brook Farm, Carlisle, Mass.)
5: 2011-07-20: Paging Dr. Who.> (Kinlochewe, Scotland)
6: 2011-07-20: Reenacting the famous attack scene from "Loch Ness—The Movie". I *AM* the monster!>
7: 2011-07-19: A wee lass and a man with no trousers.>
8: 2011-07-19: Who're ya callin' a pinhead?>
9: 2011-07-19: Edinburgh Castle.>
10: 2011-07-18: My hostel in Edinburgh. Right now! Must sleep now.>
11: 2011-07-18: Cheery Edinburgh.>
12: 2011-07-18: A uniquely Scottish atrocity: haggis flavored potato chips.> (Glasgow Tesco)
13: 2011-07-17: His Holiness the Good Dalai Lama meets with Obama today.> <== Man, I want to be photoshopped into this scene!
14: 2011-07-17: Nearly all of my twitpic photos are taken with my iPhone, often using the proHDR app.
15: 2011-07-17: Kansas twilight. Purdiest picture this week!>
16: 2011-07-16: "On the rocks."> (Rocky Mountain National Park)
17: 2011-07-12: Automotive existentialism. Indeed, death or serious injury WILL OCCUR. It will happen to us all sooner or later.>
18: 2011-06-30: Enjoyed my stay at the Austin hostel. Got 12 hrs sleep and some work done in a nice environment. Beats the Hilton!>
19: 2011-06-29: My residence for the night: HI Austin Hostel. Under $30. Photo:>
20: 2011-06-29: Photographic rebel, laughing in the face of government authority.> (Area 51 border, 6/14)
21: 2011-06-29: I got aliens on the brain at Area 51.> (6/14)
22: 2011-06-25: An American Pyramid. Right now! Toto, I don't think we're in Egypt anymore!>
23: 2011-06-23: At the Great Pyramids yesterday. Any erotic implications are unintended.> More photos on FB:
24: 2011-06-21: The scariest part of a camel ride is the getting down!>
25: 2011-06-21: My money shot from the Pyramids of Egypt.> (You can do amazing things with green screen!)
26: 2011-06-20: Swimming with the fishes. Eilat, Israel.>
27: 2011-06-14: Bond and Blofeld join forces.>
28: 2011-06-10: Flushing Meadows, 1965. I saw the amazing world of tomorrow! Anything was possible in the 21st Century.>
29: 2011-05-17: Houston, do you read?> (Yes, it says, "One Way".)
30: 2011-05-12: Wow! Get a load of those knockers!> <== Come on, you gotta love this! Straight out of Young Frankenstein.
31: 2011-05-12: Nigerian compensation emails are a SCAM... says this Nigerian scam email.>
32: 2011-05-10: On My Bucket List: Travel the world accepting honorary degrees from any university that will give me one.>
33: 2011-04-29: You can't have this island. It's mine!> (North Shore of Lake Superior)
34: 2011-04-29: On Lake Superior, boating season isn't quite upon us yet.> (Red Cliff, Ontario, yesterday)
35: 2011-04-29: RT @MrsStephenFry: For those without a TV, here's Princess Beatrice at the #RoyalWedding #rw11>
36: 2011-04-28: Falcon Lake, Manitoba.>
37: 2011-04-27: Calgary to Winnipeg: a meditation road. Not much to stand between a man and his thoughts.> (Elkhorn, Manitoba)
38: 2011-04-27: Who says fashion and style have to cost more? This accessory was only $1.25 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.>
39: 2011-04-27: Canadian rainbow, Alberta. (yesterday)>
40: 2011-04-25: In Vancouver, they let me drive the subway! (yesterday)>
41: 2011-04-24: By wagon train across Canada, starting now!>
42: 2011-04-24: The trouble with beautiful landscape and scenic photography is that it looks generic, hence meaningless.>
43: 2011-04-21: On the Red Sea... a sea of bodies! Mountains in the background are Jordan.>
44: 2011-04-20: Aerial tramway to Masada (earlier today).>
45: 2011-04-20: Boys with big guns sleeping beside me.>
46: 2011-04-19: The alleged site of Jesus' crucifixion: This bus station.>
47: 2011-04-19: Inside Jesus' tomb... not much to see really. Just this sign indicating he has stepped out.>
48: 2011-04-19: Queuing up to enter Jesus' tomb. (One of several competing sites.)>
49: 2011-04-16: Falafel pita—Official Food of the Bad Dalai Lama in the Middle East.>
50: 2011-04-16: My favorite falafel stand in Jerusalem, near the Damascus Gate.>
51: 2011-04-15: Local politics.> Just outside the walls of Old Jerusalem: "Free Palestine"
52: 2011-04-15: Damascus Gate, 2 hours ago. The Ministry of Silly Hats is out in force!>
53: 2011-04-07: Get your Branson coupons here!>
54: 2011-04-07: Here in the Ozarks, they got their own way fer ta spell thangs. (Thrift store in Springfield, Missouri)>
55: 2011-04-06: One of HHBDL's many charitable ministries: a donation of $200 in groceries to a needy family in Oklahoma.>
56: 2011-04-06: "It's a clear example of evolution!" @Erekosse re our pedigree>
57: 2011-04-06: In Kansas, the roads are spaced exactly a mile apart, so maps could be drawn on graph paper.>
58: 2011-04-05: Self-portrait with train tracks, Kansas.>
59: 2011-04-05: It doesn't get more Kansas than this!>
60: 2011-04-05: A logical combination, given scoundrels they have to deal with. Dodge City, Kansas.>
61: 2011-04-05: Dodge City, Kansas.>
62: 2011-04-05: Warning regarding equine activities in Colorado.>
63: 2011-04-05: Las Animas, Colorado.>
64: 2011-04-05: Dawn near La Junta, Colorado. Right now!>
65: 2011-04-04: Giant tower of mashed potatoes, Pagosa Springs, Colorado.>
66: 2011-04-04: Investor wanted. Pagosa Springs, Colorado.>
67: 2011-04-04: The scenic natural beauty of Durango, Colorado.>
68: 2011-04-04: The Bad Dalai Lama's pedigree explained.> (new graphic on our home page)
69: 2011-04-03: On the set of my latest movie, "Man Investigates a Plumbing Problem".>
70: 2011-04-03: @trevlutz "Great shot!" <== Yeah! That's an iPhone photo, where it's hard to control focus, but this was perfect.>
71: 2011-04-03: Graveyard in Wytheville, Virginia, 6 hours ago. Wonderfully weird.>
72: 2011-04-02: "Well, you'll have plenty of time to think THAT over... in Statesville Prison!" —Lt. Frank Drebin>
73: 2011-04-02: Chinese Hawaiian dancing girls at the dollar store.>
74: 2011-04-01: I love the names they give to RVs, like this one. It is supposed to sound adventurous when it's anything but.>
75: 2011-04-01: All-American hog.>
76: 2011-04-01: A remarkable sight! Witnessing the northward migration of the majestic snowbird to its summer nesting grounds.>
77: 2011-03-31: By all accounts, Casablanca sucks, but the name is magical.>
78: 2011-03-31: Still relishing our new hairless look. It's so... sinister! This will be our new avi soon!>
79: 2011-03-30: There will always be a buffer zone between rules and enforcement.>
80: 2011-03-29: Hartford.>
81: 2011-03-29: Kane is able!>
82: 2011-03-29: Compare Walmart's price for bread in Portland, Maine, to Big Save in Lihue, Kauai.>
83: 2011-03-29: You're supposed to give your kids this video game to counteract the effects of other video games. Good luck!>
84: 2011-03-29: His Holiness travels from Walmart to Walmart, bringing a message of peace. This one: Portland, Maine (right now!)>
85: 2011-03-27: For the hairless, turtlenecks are now "in".>
86: 2011-03-26: For $1000, you can invest in this impressive swing set, which your kids will use approximately five times.>
87: 2011-03-25: Albuquerque at dawn.>
88: 2011-03-25: Breaking front-page news in New Mexico!>
89: 2011-03-24: Practicing Evil.>
90: 2011-03-24: Motel with Pool. Yucca, Arizona.>
91: 2011-03-24: If I can't live in a golf ball, I don't want to live anywhere.>
92: 2011-03-23: For some reason, Pringles' new Hoppin' Horseradish flavor never took off. Now remaindered at 99 Cents Only.>
93: 2011-03-21: We've been on Twitpic for 100 days now. 292 photos. Amazing range of places!> (View full size pix!)
94: 2011-03-21: Bethlehem, Palestine, Christmas Eve.>
95: 2011-03-21: Woman selling bird food in Istanbul (last month).>
96: 2011-03-21: Touched by an angel at the Vatican (last month).>
97: 2011-03-21: A man in the street in Naples, Italy (last month).>
98: 2011-03-21: The crater of Mt. Vesuvius (last month).>
99: 2011-03-21: Istanbul from the Bosphorus Bridge (last month).>
100: 2011-03-21: Girl, in case there was any ambiguity. (Celebrity Impersonators Convention, last month)>
101: 2011-03-21: Remarkable breakthrough in Free Energy: 3 errors in 12 words! (Facebook ad)>
102: 2011-03-18: NEW! from the Placebo Department: an energy drink to counteract the effects of all those other energy drinks!>
103: 2011-03-18: Have you seen this man? His parole officer would like to speak with him.>
104: 2011-03-16: Something about moving America.> (U.S. Capitol, Washington. Jan. 20)
105: 2011-03-16: The REAL seat of power in America—where the Freemasons direct the New World Order.> (Alexandria, VA. Jan. 20)
106: 2011-03-09: RT @AndrewBober: @BadDalaiLama you know if the cosmos is out of kilter when your feet send a twitpic photo looking back.
107: 2011-03-08: Answer to yesterday's twitpic puzzle: This is an admission receipt to the summit of Mt. Vesuvius.> €8 is not bad!
108: 2011-03-02: Top Secret campsite at the Ft. Myers airport.>
109: 2011-03-01: Not a common sight these days, but this is Tennessee, where they still have values.>
110: 2011-03-01: Homeless Tip: Disposable socks! 3 for $1 at Dollar Tree. Use once then discard.>
111: 2011-03-01: At motels throughout the country, you still see these mysterious devices. What do you suppose they're used for?>
112: 2011-02-28: Foxy ladies—with wings!>
113: 2011-02-28: Awesome movie: Megamind!>
114: 2011-02-28: If you're buying these Weight Watchers products, you're not losing weight. It's about self-control not calories.>
115: 2011-02-28: Shocking celebrity news! Learned it right now! John Travolta!>
116: 2011-02-27: Chicago sux!>
117: 2011-02-27: Raising the bar for germophobes: the automated toilet seat cover. O'Hare airport.>
118: 2011-02-27: Girl. (In case there was any ambiguity)>
119: 2011-02-26: @lolahayes Your own private heliport.> Please, no landings after midnight!
120: 2011-02-25: Farm Equipment Auction. Lubbock, Texas. Don't miss it!>
121: 2011-02-25: A De Niro sandwich (De Niro-Cher-De Niro)>
122: 2011-02-25: Bond. James Bond. Shaken, not stirred. (Frankly, tho, my eye is drawn to the Bond Girl.)> More:
123: 2011-02-24: Making a point with Captain Jack Sparrow.>
124: 2011-02-24: 99-cent shrimp cocktail. Fremont Street, 4:30am.>
125: 2011-02-24: True, it's only 4am, but since when is Vegas this quiet? Could this be the fall of Rome?>
126: 2011-02-24: Richard Nixon meets Rod Stewart. Celebrity Impersonators Convention, Las Vegas.>
127: 2011-02-24: A super man.>
128: 2011-02-24: Lady Gaga.>
129: 2011-02-24: Me and Forrest Gump ponder the universe.>
130: 2011-02-24: Britney Spears and her Bitch Kitties. (3 hours ago)>
131: 2011-02-24: Sarah Palin and I have always been close. (one hour ago)>
132: 2011-02-23: Sarah Palin. From where I sit.>
133: 2011-02-23: Rod Stewart. Right now!>
134: 2011-02-23: Breakfast with Bond. Right now! Four Queens Casino, Las Vegas.>
135: 2011-02-22: Zen and the Art of Grilled Cheese. Right now!>
136: 2011-02-22: Compliments of the Philadelphia International Airport. Right now! They are so naïve!>
137: 2011-02-19: Istanbul from the Bosphorus Bridge (4 days ago).>
138: 2011-02-19: 100 years from now... will they still be wearing those funny outfits?>
139: 2011-02-19: Roman legions.>
140: 2011-02-19: Imperial Storm Trooper, The Vatican.>
141: 2011-02-18: Touched by an angel in St. Peter's Square, The Vatican. (one hour ago)>
142: 2011-02-17: Subway rider.>
143: 2011-02-17: A man in the street.>
144: 2011-02-17: Naples: Laughing pigs and broken torso.>
145: 2011-02-17: Naples seen from Mt. Vesuvius (on the trail to the crater rim).>
146: 2011-02-17: The crater of Vesuvius. One big hole! No lava, just a little steam coming from crevices in the crater walls.>
147: 2011-02-16: Today was a tragic one for the umbrella community in Naples. Many lives were lost.>
148: 2011-02-16: Naples in the rain #3.>
149: 2011-02-16: Naples in the rain #2.>
150: 2011-02-16: Naples in the rain.>
151: 2011-02-16: From the balcony of my hostel in Naples. Right now! It's a bleak sort of Londony day.>
152: 2011-02-15: Mystery city, photo #3. All the windows of this store were shot at. (Going to bed now. Answer in 8 hours.)>
153: 2011-02-15: Mystery city, photo #2. (Hint: Not Rome.)>
154: 2011-02-15: Mystery city. Where am I? (Taken one hour ago.)>
155: 2011-02-15: Going to Asia for the last time (on the bus to the airport). Foreground is Europe. Background is Asia.>
156: 2011-02-14: Today's Best Photo: Woman selling pigeon food outside the New Mosque in Istanbul.>
157: 2011-02-14: Click your heels together three times and say, "There's noplace like home! There's noplace like home!">
158: 2011-02-14: Ağa Çırağı Street doesn't live up to its billing. Google says street, but I see stairs.>
159: 2011-02-11: Another handsome young Turk.> — Added 30+ Istanbul photos today:
160: 2011-02-11: From where I sit. Right now!>
161: 2011-02-11: Morning at the Arch-Ist Hostel.>
162: 2011-02-11: Dragon on the Bosporus.> More Istanbul photos from today:
163: 2011-02-11: Trying to make sense of it all in Istanbul.>
164: 2011-02-10: From where I sit.>
165: 2011-02-10: Istanbul: Hagia Sophia Mosque. Right now! (I love a mosque with free wifi!)>
166: 2011-02-10: Heading out from the hostel to walk to the Hagia Sophia. Could take the Metro, but I'll learn more by walking.>
167: 2011-02-10: I learned my first word in Turkish! "süt" (milk). I learned the lesson quickly when I bought ayran by mistake.>
168: 2011-02-10: Good morning, Istanbul!>
169: 2011-02-09: ISTANBUL — Right now! Turkish cat.>
170: 2011-02-09: Mystery Photo #4 (last one from this city): Some serpent-slaying action!>
171: 2011-02-09: Mystery Photo #3: My camera was drawn to them even before I knew they were in the movie.>
172: 2011-02-09: Mystery Photo #2: Shooting a movie in the main square (one hour ago).>
173: 2011-02-09: Right now. Where am I?>
174: 2011-02-08: Striations in the strata allow chronologization of climactic data on a narrowly regional micro-temporal level.>
175: 2011-02-07: I bet YOU don't have an Egyptian Tourist Visa! Here's mine, just arrived. Note the issue date.>
176: 2011-02-07: Typical Massachusetts residence and its front snow pile, almost as tall as the house!>
177: 2011-02-07: Thanks to smartphones, we can now kill time more efficiently than ever before. Time doesn't stand a chance!>
178: 2011-02-07: Siamese Connection.>
179: 2011-02-07: Chicago.>
180: 2011-02-07: Some sort of religious ceremony is taking place at the hostel.>
181: 2011-02-07: Chicago reality.>
182: 2011-02-07: Tropical dreaming in Chicago.>
183: 2011-02-06: All the most credible products in one store! (Underground Atlanta yesterday)>
184: 2011-02-06: Bargain of the day at the Pilot truck stop: a necklace of AUTHENTIC pearls for only $9.99. Why pay $1000s!?>
185: 2011-02-06: A pirate at the Key West Pirate Festival in Dec. 2008. Both the parrot and the peg leg are real!>
186: 2011-02-05: On the set of my upcoming music video, "Weekend Pirate". Argggh!>
187: 2011-02-05: Underground Atlanta.>
188: 2011-02-05: Dollar store ambassadors, Macon, Georgia.>
189: 2011-02-05: If you love somebody, make them fat.>
190: 2011-02-04: The car I'm in has a Guardian Angel on the visor. One little problem: In a crash it will stab you in the eye!>
191: 2011-02-04: Bouteilles à Philadelphie.>
192: 2011-02-04: Choose your beverage — Bloody Mary Mix: 70 calories, 95% juice, or Cranberry Apple Cocktail: 220 cals, 15% juice.>
193: 2011-02-03: Essential medicine for travelers! These two orange pills reduce news by 80%! Works on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC.>
194: 2011-02-03: Feeling a little queasy.>
195: 2011-02-03: A little place on the beach.>
196: 2011-02-03: Swimming anyone? Portuguese Man O'War on Miami Beach. (So there's a reason for you folks to stay home!)>
197: 2011-02-03: Sunrise on Miami Beach. Awesome!>
198: 2011-02-03: We have just passed 1000 followers, some of whom may actually read our tweets. That other guy: 1306956>
199: 2011-02-03: Experimenting with Photomatix HDR on a human subject.>
200: 2011-02-03: Cook's smoking break. Miami Beach.>
201: 2011-02-03: Representing America.>
202: 2011-02-03: Miami Bitch!>
203: 2011-02-02: Message to my snowbound northern friends: I feel your pain.>
204: 2011-02-02: Miami, Bitch! The Deco Walk Hostel in South Beach. Across the street from the beach. $18/night.>
205: 2011-02-02: This is the job for you!>
206: 2011-02-02: Fine art at the Fort Lauderdale airport.>
207: 2011-02-02: My makeshift campsite at FLL. Slept soundly 11p-6a on a bed of newspapers with a light blanket. Safe and hidden!>
208: 2011-02-02: Haifa, Isreal. Dec. 26.>
209: 2011-01-31: Unique regional signage on the edge of the Walmart parking lot. Translation: Do not walk your little dog here!>
210: 2011-01-31: Now is the time to lock in your airfare savings! (Thanks, Google!)>
211: 2011-01-30: Florida gold! It's lying around everywhere, free for the taking!>
212: 2011-01-30: The devastating cost of my Key West vacation! Not shown: gas $42. food $14. Lodging... priceless!>
213: 2011-01-30: There's no climbing this tree! Weird!>
214: 2011-01-30: Sunrise. Long Key. Right now!>
215: 2011-01-30: Key hopping back to the Mainland.>
216: 2011-01-30: Hand-rolled Cubans.>
217: 2011-01-30: Mayor of the Key West Lime Shoppe.>
218: 2011-01-30: Dancing. Key West. Right now.>
219: 2011-01-30: Not Sponge Bob, but another one. Key West. Right now.>
220: 2011-01-29: Overseas Highway.>
221: 2011-01-29: Dusk.>
222: 2011-01-29: Live-tweeting my swim on the Florida Keys. Brutal! Water temp can't be more than 75 degrees. Video coming.>
223: 2011-01-29: Florida Keys. Right now!>
224: 2011-01-29: There's no traveling light on the Baby Train!>
225: 2011-01-29: Look at who I ran into at the Philadephia airport!>
226: 2011-01-29: Palestinian toughs. Don't mess with these guys! (Bethlehem, Dec. 24)>
227: 2011-01-28: My hostel.>
228: 2011-01-28: Local resident of the Tenderloin.>
229: 2011-01-28: 891 Post Street, home of detective Sam Spade. His apartment us in the upper left corner.>
230: 2011-01-28: Thanks to advances in steam technology, central heating comes standard in most San Francisco rooming houses.>
231: 2011-01-28: Local ladies. San Francisco.>
232: 2011-01-28: San Francisco. Right now!>
233: 2011-01-27: This is Pepper, living beside the Los Angeles River. He let me take his photo for a $5 "donation" (2006).>
234: 2011-01-26: What is this country "FB"?>
235: 2011-01-26: From where I sit.>
236: 2011-01-26: Cosmopolitan. Las Vegas' last megaresort. There won't be any more!>
237: 2011-01-26: I yam what I yam.>
238: 2011-01-26: Dam!>
239: 2011-01-26: If you're not roadkill, you don't belong here!>
240: 2011-01-26: Down at the Roadkill Cafe, it's all fresh, never frozen!>
241: 2011-01-26: Family restroom at Walmart.>
242: 2011-01-26: Driving into the sunset. Arizona.>
243: 2011-01-26: Yellowhorse Trading Post.>
244: 2011-01-25: Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico.>
245: 2011-01-25: Four of the world's greatest scientists at your fingertips.>
246: 2011-01-25: Bombity, bombity, bomb! Little Boy and Fat Man. (Note: not the actual bombs, which could not be reconstructed.)>
247: 2011-01-25: Atomic energy is a blast!>
248: 2011-01-25: At Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo, Texas... IT'S FRICKING COLD!>
249: 2011-01-24: Cathedral of the Heartland.>
250: 2011-01-24: The Leaning Tower of Texas.>
251: 2011-01-24: Stopping for gas on Route 66.>
252: 2011-01-24: McLean, Texas.>
253: 2011-01-24: How to enjoy the social cache of the Mac at lowest cost: (a) take Apple decal, (b) place over Compaq logo. Voilà!>
254: 2011-01-23: Signs like this are totally ineffective, but why *commercial* tobacco? Don't tribes make a lot of money on it?>
255: 2011-01-23: Them fancy shoppin' malls sure are purdy!>
256: 2011-01-23: iPhone fixed. Compare this photo to the previous one. Cataracts removed! (a common iPhone disorder)>
257: 2011-01-23: His Holiness is visiting a SHOPPING MALL to get his iPhone fixed. Silly place filled with things you don't need.>
258: 2011-01-22: Louisville, Kentucky.>
259: 2011-01-21: Florida in the rear-view mirror (5 days ago).>
260: 2011-01-20: Aboard the Virginia prison train, transporting slaves from the North to the South.>
261: 2011-01-20: For once in my life, I'm legit! I have a photography permit at the US Capitol! (Scene of an upcoming video.)>
262: 2011-01-20: Plenty of free parking around the Capitol—as long as your car is black.>
263: 2011-01-20: Union Station, Washington.>
264: 2011-01-20: His Holiness consults with the Egyptian delegation.>
265: 2011-01-20: Admirable qualities in a woman.>
266: 2011-01-20: From the air: NSA Headquarters, Ft. Meade, Maryland. (20 minutes ago) I once had my film seized here!>
267: 2011-01-20: Good news! Great Value Pure Cane Sugar is now gluten-free! (No wheat was harmed in the making of this product.)>
268: 2011-01-19: Niagara Falls.>
269: 2011-01-19: Toronto sux! twitpic/3rhy9h>http://twitpic/3rhy9h
270: 2011-01-19: At last, a reason to visit McDonalds: oatmeal in the morning.>
271: 2011-01-18: What the Egyptians demand, the Egyptians get.>
272: 2011-01-17: His Holiness meets with the ambassador from Rigel-5, a non-humanoid species.>
273: 2011-01-16: Some oceanfront property in Sarasota, Florida, site of our next philosophy video. Should we buy?>
274: 2011-01-16: Pretty boy! Everglades City.>
275: 2011-01-15: Conference of vulture>
276: 2011-01-15: Airboat. Everglades City, Florida.>
277: 2011-01-15: Private dock. Everglades City, Florida.>
278: 2011-01-15: Blue crab and its new owner. Naples, Florida.>
279: 2011-01-15: The inevitable effect of too much testosterone.> More photos from Florida:
280: 2011-01-15: Local manifestation of Superbowl season.>
281: 2011-01-14: I love you, too!>
282: 2011-01-14: Covered parking.>
283: 2011-01-14: One of the world's oldest lifeforms... dead!>
284: 2011-01-14: Dali Museum, logical place for the Bad Dalai Lama to hang out.>
285: 2011-01-14: The most hideous form of junk food is the Pringle: reconstituted potato paste in a variety of chemical flavors.>
286: 2011-01-13: Business traveler, Milwaukee.>
287: 2011-01-13: Better than any hostel: $17/day for transportation AND lodging! Planned R&R on Florida's west coast.>
288: 2011-01-13: Madison, Wisconsin. Brrrrr!>
289: 2011-01-13: These mystery meat products are NOT READY. (I don't think they will ever be ready!) Madison, Wisconsin.>
290: 2011-01-12: I stand before this court full of shame. I know, Your Honor, that I should not be here.>
291: 2011-01-12: Ready to roll! Macedonia, Ohio.>
292: 2011-01-11: Traveling companion.>
293: 2011-01-11: Me and my friends, Harrisburg, PA.>
294: 2011-01-10: Lexington Ave, NYC.>
295: 2011-01-10: Cambridge to Manhattan for $15! Free wifi/power. No airport hassles. Empty bus. Enjoying it while it lasts!>
296: 2011-01-09: His Holiness meets President Obama and the First Lady at Reagan Airport, Washington.>
297: 2011-01-09: His Holiness at Washington Reagan Airport.>
298: 2011-01-08: It's amazing what chewing gum can do for you—or be implied to do for you.>
299: 2011-01-06: Airport glamor shot. Charlotte at sunset.>
300: 2011-01-04: My favorite girl, Sweetie. We spend the weekend together, twice a year. No strings.>
301: 2010-12-28: MACEDONIA, OHIO — Wandering Walmart at 4am in search of food. Alas, they only have "processed food product".>
302: 2010-12-25: BETHLEHEM — The PLO wishes you a Very Merry Christmas!> - More at
303: 2010-12-25: BETHLEHEM — Santas in Palestine tend to run on the scrawny side.> - More Bethlehem photos:
304: 2010-12-24: BETHLEHEM — OMG! Nailed another one!>
305: 2010-12-24: BETHLEHEM — There are multiple story lines in this photo.>
306: 2010-12-24: JERUSALEM — Sabbath enforcer appears at the door of my hostel to make sure we are not doing business (just now!)>
307: 2010-12-24: BETHLEHEM, PALESTINE — My favorite photo from today. More coming soon! (Christmas Eve in Bethlehem!)>
308: 2010-12-23: Awesome shot from the Muslim Quarter of Old Jerusalem! Now adding more to FB album:>
309: 2010-12-23: In front of my hostel in Davidka Square, Jerusalem. More at - Going exploring now!>
310: 2010-12-22: Checked into my hostel in this very Christmassy place. 4 nights' lodging is setting me back $80.>
311: 2010-12-21: It's kitsch, but bearable. Denver International Airport.>
312: 2010-12-20: Rest area near Coalville, Utah.>
313: 2010-12-20: On the edge of the Great Salt Lake — the setting of our upcoming inspirational video, "The Problem with Love">
314: 2010-12-19: Found a little elbow room in Northern Nevada.>
315: 2010-12-19: And this is why chains are required on Donner Pass. (BTW: Chains are awesome! Turns your car into a snowmobile.)>
316: 2010-12-19: Chains are required on Donner Pass.>
317: 2010-12-17: A holiday self-portrait. Walmart, Lumberton, NC.>
318: 2010-12-17: .@Knigel “How do you know how dogs think?” <== Some of my best friends are dogs. They tell me. (Samson in NC)>
319: 2010-12-17: Don't resort to Plan 9 from Outer Space until you've exhausted your eight plans on Earth.>
320: 2010-12-16: Just your ordinary crippled harpist on the Washington Metro.>
321: 2010-12-15: Millennium Park in Chicago, site of our next inspirational video.>
322: 2010-12-15: Chicago (right now) ==> That's all most people use their freedom for: to choose their own addictive substances.>
323: 2010-12-14: Mystery location. Identify.>
324: 2010-12-13: A clear evolutionary trend. Notice the increased cranial capacity.>
325: KilroyCafe: 2011-02-23: Sarah Palin. From where I sit.>
326: KilroyCafe: 2011-01-04: Crash of the airship Shenandoah near Ava, Ohio, Sept. 3, 1925. (historical marker)>
327: KilroyCafe: 2011-01-03: My favorite girl, Sweetie. We spend the weekend together, twice a year. No strings.>
328: KilroyCafe: 2010-12-12: My dilemma: Should I get Seriously Sharp, Extra Sharp or Racer's Edge Sharp? (The packages give no hint.)>
329: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-08: RT @TheBosha: Fun Tweetup with @kilroycafe. Not as crazy as he looks, but if I told you more I'd have to kill you. twitpic.c>http://twitpic.c ...
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