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1: 2018-03-08: Easiest job in Washington: Public relations officer for Special Counsel Robert Mueller. #nocomment
2: 2017-07-20: "Made in America Week Renews Focus on Trump Goods Manufactured Overseas" — Who knew public relations could be so complicated? #duh
3: 2017-07-09: Stop being so amatonormative. A monogamous relationship doesn't necessarily improve your life, only changes it.
4: 2017-04-21: Sexual attraction may initiate a relationship, but only shared purpose will sustain it.
5: 2017-04-14: It's easier to change someone from outside a relationship than inside. Once you are committed, you have lost your negotiating position.
6: 2017-03-12: Parental love. Some of my best relationship photos from my Facebook album at
7: 2016-12-07: The nutritional value of a gummy bear bears no relation to its bear shape. Gummis are wholesome and good for you regardless of their form.
8: 2015-12-08: If someone has a troubled background, you cannot help them from within a romantic relationship. They will reproduce the past with you.
9: 2015-09-18: The risk of any intimate relationship is that you become the scapegoat for the other person's insecurities.
10: 2015-02-25: résumé romance – a relationship chosen based on how it looks to others, not for its internal functionality
11: 2014-11-09: In a relationship, the least motivated partner sets the discipline standards for both. Via
12: 2014-10-31: A "secure" relationship gives the weaker party permission to be dysfunctional.
13: 2014-09-30: RT @thescienceofus: People who feel insecure about their relationships tend to post about them more on Facebook
14: 2014-09-08: Loss of libido is only a problem if you're trapped in a relationship or lifestyle that requires it.
15: 2014-08-29: Within a romantic relationship, someone is usually jealous. On the outside, of course, we'll pretend otherwise.
16: 2014-08-29: “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” ~ George Orwell
17: 2014-08-14: Stop blaming the other party for the failure of your relationship. You were the fool who believed in magic.
18: 2014-07-17: Is this relationship parasitic or symbiotic? That depends on who you ask. According to the parasite, it's symbiotic.
19: 2014-07-03: If you're unhappy in your relationship but think you can change your partner, you're deluded. Things will only get worse.
20: 2014-05-17: Relationship advice: Focus on the child, the pet or the house, and you don't have to acknowledge how empty your relationship is.
21: 2014-04-10: A relationship never rises above the lies told at the time of its creation.
22: 2014-03-21: Phelps had a symbiotic relationship with the media. They gave him what he wanted—attention—and he gave them what they wanted—lurid news.
23: 2014-02-15: Sexual preference doesn't change the essential problem: How do you find good relationships and make them work?
24: 2014-01-15: RT @nypost: Want a happy relationship? Don't have kids
25: 2014-01-12: Lingering bitterness over the XYZ Affair has caused me to rethink my diplomatic relations with France.
26: 2013-12-30: Gay or straight, all sexual bonding has the same major risk: getting trapped in an unproductive relationship.
27: 2013-11-28: My best relationship photos
28: 2013-10-17: Parents explaining to their children how they met and fell in love: a mythical Genesis story bearing little relation to reality.
29: 2013-10-09: Human relations is the study and management of individual personalities—like a zookeeper knowing his animals. Pet the koala, not the tiger.
30: 2013-09-27: What kind of deal with the Devil will you make to save your relationship? The Devil is now taking bids.
31: 2013-09-25: All social relations depend on sizing people up, so you know how much to trust them and how to communicate with them.
32: 2013-08-27: Relationship advice: Don’t believe the dictum that “Opposites attract.” Opposites may attract, but they also tend to annihilate each other!
33: 2013-08-26: @LadyFriday Restrictive of future relationship change. "Mother" is a lot safer.
34: 2013-08-25: Relationship advice: home renovation. Focus on that and you won't even have to think about your relationship.
35: 2013-08-25: The main aim of human relations is not to change people's attitudes or beliefs but merely to get the behavior you want from them.
36: 2013-08-21: An addict can hide the facts of his drug abuse, but he cannot hide the systemic damage to his body and relationships.
37: 2013-08-19: This holistic therapist still has a lot to learn about choosing relationships: @TelegraphNews
38: 2013-08-17: Relationships are hard. You don't make them easier by throwing away your freedom to change.
39: 2013-08-14: Catch-22: If you need a romantic relationship to give your life meaning, no relationship is sufficient to fill the void within you.
40: 2013-08-08: You don't improve a relationship by handcuffing yourself to the person you love.
41: 2013-07-25: My all-time best relationship photos.
42: 2013-07-13: You need to love yourself before you can have meaningful relationships, but it's more important to Like my book.
43: 2013-06-30: "The Case Against Marriage is hands down the best book on relationships I've ever read."
44: 2013-06-29: "The best book I've ever read on how romantic relationships work." ~ another happy reader of
45: 2013-06-06: My best relationship shot from today's protests. ... More from Taksim Square, Istanbul:
46: 2013-05-31: What could be worse than being lonely? Being trapped in a relationship that doesn't work.
47: 2013-04-26: Facebook has given us a new class of relationships: "Friends I don't really like."
48: 2013-04-20: Life of Pi — the poignant story of a young man's relationship with a digitally generated tiger on a green-screen soundstage.
49: 2013-04-15: "The most insightful book on relationships I have ever read."
50: 2013-04-14: Since our relationships are now in the cloud, how about outsourcing them? All of mine are now handled from India!
51: 2013-04-09: "Not just a critique of marriage but one of the best books ever on romantic relationships." —Me, on my own book.
52: 2013-03-28: Marriage is the end of personal growth outside the narrow range predefined by the relationship.
53: 2013-03-18: "I am ready for you to have my baby," he said in his alluring French accent, whereupon the relationship quickly ended. #truestory
54: 2013-02-25: Perhaps you can tell the nature of a romantic relationship by how well the social media accounts of the parties track each other.
55: 2013-02-12: "Followers" is a delusional figure bearing no relation to how many people actually read your stuff.
56: 2013-02-10: Healthy, employed, living within ones means, addictions under control, not in a dysfunctional relationship — superpowers few possess.
57: 2013-01-29: My best relationship photos -
58: 2013-01-16: The greatest tragedy of a relationship is having to suppress you own abilities to match those of your less talented partner.
59: 2013-01-15: Relationship advice from dogs: Any cat that doesn't run isn't a cat worth chasing.
60: 2013-01-13: Negotiation requires that you have one foot firmly planted outside the relationship in an independent life where you don’t need them at all.
61: 2013-01-13: Romantic relationships are successful only when power is relatively equal and each person remains responsible for their own problems.
62: 2013-01-10: It's a symbiotic relationship. They need each other. ==> Charlie Sheen cuts $12,000 Check for Paparazzo's Funeral. See @TMZ
63: 2013-01-01: My Best Relationship Photos (album)
64: 2012-12-29: Don't be a victim of your own cleverness—finding ingenious ways to sustain a relationship that really should end.
65: 2012-12-28: Human relations is a minefield of ego sensitivities. Whatever you say, it is bound to offend somebody who has invested in the opposite.
66: 2012-11-17: The dark side of love is it blinds you to any relationship that might be better for you.
67: 2012-11-11: Narcissism is cluelessness, not self love. Blind to needs beyond their own, narcissists easily fall for cons and kill good relationships.
68: 2012-11-05: @Darth_oz Maybe, but he has never had a chance to prove himself in a domestic relationship.
69: 2012-11-05: If you are in a relationship and are telling yourself, "I can change him (or her)," you are deeply deluded.
70: 2012-11-04: Every relationship has a break-even point where the costs begin to outweigh the benefits. Could happen early or late, but it will happen.
71: 2012-11-04: Every relationship starts with the promise of expanding your horizons, but most end up limiting them.
72: 2012-11-02: A "bridge" is a temporary relationship or pursuit, doomed to fail, that nonetheless helps you out of an even more dysfunctional path.
73: 2012-11-01: The positive thing about being abused is it breaks the bonds of a relationship that probably wasn't good for you even without the abuse.
74: 2012-10-27: If you need expensive jewelry to express your love, it may be a sign your relationship has already failed.
75: 2012-09-17: The greatest danger of a long-term relationship is enabling each other's dysfunctions and suppressing the growth of both.
76: 2012-09-17: It's a bad sign for your relationship if you're watching your words and editing your thoughts to not trigger an explosion.
77: 2012-08-17: In the 21st Century, sex will be replaced by visual and mechanical simulations, sparing the user the cost and messiness of a relationship.
78: 2012-07-19: Added new photos to: Best Relationship Photos Best Animal Photos Sample:
79: 2012-07-16: The whole tone of the relationship changes when one party desperately wants something.
80: 2012-07-15: @Andreaof9 Actually, it was Superman who never learned. He got himself sucked into a high-dependency relationship.
81: 2012-07-06: The only difference between the Stockholm Syndrome and ordinary love is how the relationship starts.
82: 2012-07-02: Given the fig's relationship with the wasp that pollinates it, you're really eating Fig And Wasp Newtons. #ewwwww!
83: 2012-07-02: Sexual attraction can start a relationship but it cannot sustain it.
84: 2012-06-15: My best relationship photos from around the world (including some stunners!)
85: 2012-06-10: RT @Kyoks1: @BadDalaiLama why marry in the first place. It doesn't ensure a good relationship long term and makes the breakup more painf ...
86: 2012-06-06: Sex can start a relationship but it can't sustain it.
87: 2012-06-06: If a relationship is faltering, don't fool yourself into thinking you need "more commitment" and fewer options for escape.
88: 2012-06-01: A long-term relationship means making compromises on the things that aren't important and holding firm on the things that are.
89: 2012-05-30: RT @KilroyCafe: The dark side of love is attachment that lasts long after the relationship has lost its function.
90: 2012-05-29: Delusions of Youth #5a: Love can heal any addiction or personality problem and can overcome any structural defect in a relationship.
91: 2012-05-27: @OneFaithLove Define "ego based relationship". (You may be onto something!)
92: 2012-05-26: It takes a committed relationship with a caring partner to make you realize how boring and irrelevant sex can be.
93: 2012-05-25: There's a sexual relationship and then there's solving problems.
94: 2012-05-22: Making babies is the standard turnkey solution for couples who can't think of anything else to use their relationship for.
95: 2012-05-15: RT @falafail: Relationships go sour when you start feeling like the only reason you're even talking to the other person is out of obliga ...
96: 2012-05-15: Addicts are always losing things—money, ID, jobs, relationships. You feel sorry for them only at first.
97: 2012-05-12: Social Work 101: What seems like a dysfunctional relationship to you may be, for these people, the best option realistically possible.
98: 2012-05-09: Marriage, under the law, has nothing to do with love. It is an economic incorporation that most relationships are much healthier without.
99: 2012-05-09: Gays and heteros fall into the same trap: If the relationship doesn't feel quite right, marriage must be the missing piece.
100: 2012-05-09: The dueling agendas of gay rights are "Government must stay out of our bedroom," and "Government must sanction our relationship."
101: 2012-05-09: The gay marriage fight is based on the assumption that a private relationship isn't legitimate until it is acknowledged by the government.
102: 2012-05-05: RT @KelleyLPhoto: @BadDalaiLama I've heard it said:"The one common denominator of all your dysfunctional relationships, is you." http:// ...
103: 2012-05-05: If one finds oneself bouncing from one bad relationship to another, it is easy to to blame the opposite gender, but what if it isn't them?
104: 2012-04-16: A relationship is an exchange of information only until you know each other. After that, you argue, and you either do it well or poorly.
105: 2012-04-09: Loyalty isn't all that admirable if it makes you hold on to a dysfunctional relationship.
106: 2012-04-04: RT @umeshranglani: Eternal vigilance is the price of a relationship - @BadDalaiLama tweet
107: 2012-04-04: It's not much of a relationship if you constantly live in fear of saying the wrong thing.
108: 2012-04-04: Eternal vigilance is the price of relationship.
109: 2012-04-04: A relationship is a more intimate form of war.
110: 2012-04-04: The main danger of marriage—or any reliable human relationship—is that it gives people a crutch to avoid dealing with their own problems.
111: 2012-04-04: In any relationship, how you argue is more important than what you argue about.
112: 2012-04-04: For a relationship to be sustainable, people must not just be compatible; they must have a common mission.
113: 2012-03-31: No relationship can be sustained without a common mission.
114: 2012-03-30: Sex is Nature's trick to lure you into a relationship, but if you can't sustain it, Nature can't help you.
115: 2012-03-22: No relationship can rise above the circumstances of its beginning.
116: 2012-03-13: It is unreasonable to expect love to sustain itself on its own merits. For a relationship to last, there must be a common mission.
117: 2012-03-09: RT @TIME: Listen up, men: What women really want in a relationship | (via @TIMEHealthland)
118: 2012-03-08: On My Bucket List: Become a Relationship Coach and Personal Life Coach because I've reached perfection myself and want to help you.
119: 2012-03-05: Most romantic relationships seem to devolve into parental ones, with one partner regressing into needy childhood as the other enables them.
120: 2012-02-28: First relationships are mainly for training purposes, to help you discover what's really important.
121: 2012-02-23: Couples arguing with each other is often the only thing giving the relationship substance. The subject is irrelevant.
122: 2012-02-18: RT @brainpicker: Elizabeth Gilbert on what philosopher Schopenhauer's "porcupine dilemma" reveals about human relationships ...
123: 2012-02-17: My all-time best relationship photos:
124: 2012-02-01: "Value investing" is common sense in any field, from stocks to relationships. Amazing how few people get it. Most are emotional investors.
125: 2012-01-29: Every meaningful relationship is a form of psychotherapy where both parties come out of it different than when they went in.
126: 2012-01-25: .@PritsWire Love can move you to help yourself or move you to drug-like fatalism. Depends on the structure of the relationship.
127: 2012-01-16: If a relationship fails, it is YOUR responsibility. You chose it. You can't blame the other person for being who they were all along.
128: 2012-01-15: Excessive neediness is a block to relationships but so is the claim of complete happiness and self-sufficiency.
129: 2012-01-14: Love songs come in two varieties: "You rescued me," and "You treated me like shit." They are the two natural ends of the same relationship.
130: 2012-01-14: WARNING: Many a relationship has crashed when the message that went into the cyberspace pipeline came out differently at the other end.
131: 2012-01-14: The guts of any relationship is not agreement but disagreement. No point discussing our sameness. We'll always focus on our differences.
132: 2012-01-13: What people say and how they really feel are two different things. Part of an intimate relationship is being able to read both.
133: 2012-01-13: Every relationship is an investment. There can be no reward without some commitment of capital.
134: 2012-01-13: Some relationships are black holes: You dump energy in but get little out.
135: 2012-01-13: A successful relationship isn't merging. It is sharing of independent viewpoints.
136: 2012-01-10: RT @Olivia_Sarai: RT @BadDalaiLama: No amount of love can repair the inherent structural defects of a relationship // brilliant! usual
137: 2012-01-10: Given the choice between loneliness and losing your identity in a relationship, loneliness gives you a lot more options.
138: 2012-01-10: Unstable relationships cycle violently between drawing together and pulling apart.
139: 2012-01-10: "Engulfment" is the loss of ones freedom and identity within a relationship. It can be as painful as loneliness.
140: 2012-01-10: Every relationship is a balance between sharing and the need to preserve ones own identity.
141: 2012-01-10: Successful relationships don't just happen. They are designed and constructed.
142: 2012-01-10: Whether a relationship lasts depends more on its underlying design than the feelings of the moment.
143: 2012-01-10: Passion alone cannot fuel a long-term relationship.
144: 2012-01-10: A relationship based on lies, even well-meaning ones, will not last and is prone to blow up violently.
145: 2012-01-10: No amount of love can repair the inherent structural defects of a relationship.
146: 2012-01-10: There are many kinds of relationships, but all have the same core: a common language based on shared past experiences.
147: 2012-01-08: People will make any deal with the devil to try to save a dying relationship. Trouble is when it doesn't work you got the devil to pay.
148: 2011-12-27: If all you share with your loved one is products you consume together, your relationship is in big trouble.
149: 2011-12-12: If a relationship needs alcohol to lubricate, then it's not a real relationship but a pretend one.
150: 2011-12-09: The quality of a relationship usually depends on the "quality time" you spend on it.
151: 2011-12-07: Relationships based on hedonism don't last long.
152: 2011-12-07: "I love you, you love me..." — Sorry, Barney, but that alone won't sustain a relationship.
153: 2011-12-07: Discretion is the cornerstone of human relationships.
154: 2011-12-04: A relationship cannot truly grow unless there is the realistic option to withdraw and renegotiate.
155: 2011-11-29: Humor is important, but relationships are healthiest when you can directly say what you want without coding it in a joke.
156: 2011-11-25: Given the choice between being lonely and losing yourself in a relationship, lonely gives you far more options.
157: 2011-11-25: Most romantic relationships eventually devolve into parental ones: one partner becoming increasingly childish while the other enables them.
158: 2011-11-24: Love cannot last without content. You can't just "have a relationship". You have to have a common mission.
159: 2011-11-23: Jealousy is a bad sign. It is a hint that the relationship can't sustain itself on its own merits.
160: 2011-11-19: My best relationship photos from the past five years.
161: 2011-11-11: It doesn't say much for your relationship if you think you need marriage to lock you in and make it harder to escape.
162: 2011-11-11: Has anyone scientifically studied the relationship of body fat ratio to ambient country music? Correlation or causation?
163: 2011-11-02: My all-time best relationship photos from around the world.
164: 2011-10-28: The key to a successful romantic relationship is well-defined boundaries. Marriage removes this boundaries in the financial realm.
165: 2011-10-28: Couples already living together wouldn't get married if they didn't think it will somehow improve their relationship. It doesn't.
166: 2011-10-15: Early public opinion polls bear little relation to who actually wins. via @TelegraphNews
167: 2011-10-08: Most romantic relationships, once they are over, are remembered as mental afflictions.
168: 2011-10-06: The dark side of intimate relationships is the reciprocal enabling of each other's dysfunction.
169: 2011-10-01: The secret married people don't want you to know: Marriage makes the relationship harder.
170: 2011-09-27: The risk of a comfortable romantic relationship is that one party takes responsibility for it while the other reverts to childhood.
171: 2011-09-27: So often we say, "There's a cute couple," only to find out later just how dysfunctional their relationship was.
172: 2011-09-26: The scary thing about intimate relationships is how one party accepts and adopts the dysfunctions of the other.
173: 2011-09-20: Lying is different from declining to reveal everything you know. One is dishonest while the other is essential to healthy social relations.
174: 2011-09-17: Pets provide the emotional sensations of a human relationship with very little risk or content.
175: 2011-09-05: The first skill of human relations is testing and evaluating personalities, determining what an individual can do what what they can't.
176: 2011-08-01: "Parasocial attachment" is an imagined relationship with someone who doesn't know you exist. via @quippdPsych
177: 2011-07-07: RT @sbellelauren: i wish there was an app to alert me when only 20% battery life was left in my relationship i would probs still just hi ...
178: 2011-07-04: "You bring meaning to my life," is a good start for a relationship destined to fail.
179: 2011-07-02: Marriage is a relationship of love and understanding where one partner enables the dysfunction of another.
180: 2011-06-17: Gay couples who cannot marry must take their relationship in small discretionary steps in a process resembling reason.
181: 2011-05-12: In the long term, most romantic relationships seem to end up the same: a long-suffered "parent" and a high-maintenance "child".
182: 2011-05-03: Jealousy speaks of both the weakness of the relationship and the low self-esteem of the jealous.
183: 2011-05-01: Loss of libido is a crisis only if you are already committed to a relationship that depends on it.
184: 2011-04-26: People in stable relationships may be happier, but their creative initiative also drops. They're less likely to take chances or push limits.
185: 2011-04-14: In a low-bandwidth relationship, you are forever trapped in an cycle of retractions, corrections, misinterpretations and apologies. {ibid}
186: 2011-04-14: Our new philosophy essay: "Bandwidth in Personal Relationships"
187: 2011-04-05: A "bridge" is a job or relationship that helps you transition between two phases in your life—even if it doesn't work in itself.
188: 2011-04-02: Adult-oriented advertising notwithstanding, no sex toy or lubricant is going to "bring romance back to your relationship".
189: 2011-03-30: The sunk cost fallacy applies to relationships. People value them according to "all that we've been through" rather than how they work.
190: 2011-03-25: People tend to value their possessions and relationships according to how much they paid for then, not how much they're really worth.
191: 2011-03-20: Every relationship has its resource limitations, which aren't usually apparent at the beginning. Love can grow only so far.
192: 2011-03-20: People in love see "trends" in their relationship and assume they will always continue. They fail to see how trends can change.
193: 2011-03-20: In many a romantic bubble, people mistake rapid change in the relationship for underlying value.
194: 2011-03-20: The speed that a relationship is changes bears no relation to the underlying value of the relationship.
195: 2011-03-20: The "momentum" of a relationship is how fast it is changing. If you're "falling in love", the momentum is very high.
196: 2011-03-13: So sad to watch a friend get sucked into a relationship you know isn't good for them. It's madness and addiction you can do little about.
197: 2011-03-12: When relationships go bad, it is not because someone changed. Instead, defects we chose to ignore during courtship come back to haunt us.
198: 2011-03-10: Men blame women for the failure of love and vice-versa, but, honestly, in what other relationship do you have such unrealistic expectations?
199: 2011-03-10: The test of a romantic relationship: If you take away sexual attraction and attachment, would you have anything in common?
200: 2011-03-10: Divorce is so nasty because although everything about the relationship has collapsed, primitive attachment may still be present.
201: 2011-03-09: Every relationship should begin with a period of character evaluation.
202: 2011-03-08: His Holiness has been honorably quoted in this article on Toxic Relationships by @bellasarian -
203: 2011-03-08: A failing relationship, after an exciting vacation, is still a failing relationship. Travel can't cure them blues!
204: 2011-03-06: In every relationship, you have to fight for what you want, especially from those you love.
205: 2011-02-10: It's fun to read relationships when you don't know a word of the language. Body language and tone of voice tell you everything.
206: 2011-02-04: The sole reason to maintain a romantic relationship is because it gives you good value for your investment.
207: 2011-01-22: "We are compelled toward relationships because our very existence is the result of one." MRT @TheBosha
208: 2011-01-14: Every relationship needs a dose of Machiavellian strategy to survive. Sometimes you must outwit your opponent to best serve him.
209: 2011-01-14: @lolahayes In the World of Tomorrow, "relationships" will be replaced by social media transaction units, incentivized by partner ratings.
210: 2011-01-13: Every kind of relationship, even an adversarial one, is a learning opportunity. You see the strategies of another and borrow what is useful.
211: 2011-01-13: Failed romantic relationships are the finest educational laboratory you'll ever find—learning both about others and yourself.
212: 2011-01-07: Just because a TV show is called a "documentary" doesn't mean it bears any relation to reality. More like "truth-based fiction" for ratings.
213: 2011-01-02: When your relationship hits a dead end and you have nothing more to talk about, there's always a solution: Have a baby!
214: 2011-01-01: If a relationship fails, it is YOUR responsibility. You chose it. You can't blame the other person for being who they were all along.
215: 2010-12-24: Relationships are damaging when they disrupt the individual's direct negotiation with outside reality.
216: 2010-12-22: It is plain enough to us when a friend gets drawn into an unproductive relationship. If only we had that same insight for ourselves!
217: 2010-12-17: Romance is not charity. You do it to enhance your own growth. If a relationship isn't doing that for you, you shouldn't be in it.
218: 2010-12-10: "Don't ask, don't tell." — Isn't that an element in every relationship?
219: 2010-12-06: Discretion is the cornerstone of human relationships.
220: 2010-12-04: A relationship cannot truly grow unless there is the realistic option to withdraw and renegotiate.
221: 2010-11-25: Most romantic relationships eventually devolve into parental ones. One partner becomes increasingly childish as the other enables them.
222: 2010-11-24: Given the choice between being lonely and losing yourself in a relationship, lonely gives you far more options.
223: 2010-11-24: Jealousy is a bad sign. It is a hint that the relationship can't sustain itself on its own merits.
224: 2010-11-22: The downside of relationships is loss of control over ones own life.
225: 2010-11-21: If you are walking on eggshells, carefully watching your words so as to not set your partner off, then your relationship is doomed.
226: 2010-10-19: A relationship is a shared history. It means that when you talk to someone you already have a language in common.
227: 2010-10-18: Sex is a trick of nature to get you to mate. The lust soon fades, but you're still stuck with the relationship.
228: 2010-10-17: There are no relationships without dysfunction.
229: 2010-10-11: Romance is no place for charity. The relationship has to pay it's own way!
230: 2010-10-04: Having a baby is what couples do when their relationship runs out of steam and they can't think of anything else.
231: 2010-10-02: In any relationship, there are times you draw close and times you pull away. You damage the former if you try to prevent the latter.
232: 2010-09-26: Your relationship is doomed if your partner worships you but doesn't understand you. Sooner or later, worship will turn to paranoia.
233: 2010-09-25: A romantic relationship should not be confused with a parental one.
234: 2010-09-24: A relationship isn't necessarily a cure for loneliness. Sometimes it's just another kind—a form of loneliness with much less control.
235: 2010-09-18: The main goal of human relations is not to convince people you are right but to get the behavior you want from them.
236: 2010-09-16: There are no unconditional relationships. You have to fight for what you want, even from those you love.
237: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-31: If brain size bears no relation to intelligence, then why did evolution favor man with a bigger brain than his predecessors?
238: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-14: Most romantic relationships devolve into parental ones as one party becomes increasing childish while the other enables them.
239: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-18: RT @BadDalaiLama: The main goal of human relations is not to convince people you are right but to get the behavior you want from them.
240: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-16: RT @BadDalaiLama: There are no unconditional relationships. You have to fight for what you want, even from those you love.
241: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-09: Public relations can, for a while, convince people that gravity isn't there, but gravity will win in the end.
242: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-28: @NevieGirl83 Shall we take wagers on the time left in this relationship?
243: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-12: Sex is a trick by Mother Nature to get us to mate. It has no meaning in itself and cannot sustain a relationship.
244: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-02: The dark side of love is attachment that lasts long after the relationship has lost its function.
245: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-27: "You get what you pay for" is false! The quality of a solution has little relation to its price, more the thought you put into it.
246: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-22: "After all that we've been through" is one of the worst justifications for continuing a relationship.
247: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-20: My best relationship photos: (Facebook album)
248: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-10: A failing relationship, after an exciting vacation, is still a failing relationship. Travel can't cure them blues.
249: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-29: A relationship isn't necessarily a cure for loneliness. Sometimes it's just another kind — a form of loneliness with much less control.
250: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-10: A romantic relationship should not be confused with a parental one. It should continue only as long as it is mutually beneficial.
251: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-09: Pruning is the tightening of a network by eliminating unused pathways. Applies to nerve cells, relationships, possessions and obligations.
252: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-28: Boring but true: The romantic relationship most likely to last is when both partners resemble each other in everything but gender.
253: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-28: Your relationship is doomed if your partner worships you but doesn't understand you. Sooner or later, worship will change to paranoia.
254: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-16: Romance turns violent when the relationship is failing but the physiological bond is still there. It's a desperate attempt to regain love.
255: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-03: A "relationship" is simply sustained communication. It is active only when you both have things to say to each other.
256: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-31: In any relationship, there are times you draw close and times you pull away. You damage the former if you try to prevent the latter.
257: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-31: A "relationship" is a shared history. It means that when you interact with someone, you already speak some of their unique language.
258: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-28: All social relations are a balance between loneliness and "engulfment", or the loss of control over ones own life.
259: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-26: Libido comes and goes throughout ones life. Losing it is no big deal, unless you are committed to a relationship based on it.
260: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-12: Most online relationships were never meant to be non-virtual. Reality adds a new level of complication and not necessarily any benefit.
261: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-11: The difference between friending someone and being friended is that the one who friends you has a stake in the relationship.
262: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-21: Some people are heat sinks: You pour energy into them and get nothing in return. This is a bad place for a relationship!
263: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-18: The main reason couples have children is because their relationship has hit a dead end and isn't sustainable otherwise.
264: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-09: Those without a romantic relationship long for one. Those with a relationship, after the honeymoon, dream silently of being free.
265: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-30: Romance is no place for charity. The relationship has to pay it's own way!
266: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-20: Childbirth is what couples do when their own relationship has hit a dead end.
267: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-13: There are no relationships without dysfunction.
268: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-01: "The capacity of women across cultures to dissolve relationships that aren’t working has been much underestimated.” NYT:
269: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-16: When your relationship hits a dead end and you have nothing more in common, there's always a solution: Have a baby!
270: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-13: What men want, I conclude from internet porn, is straight sex. No foreplay, no relationship, just pure insemination of anything pretty.
271: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-13: Each individual has the right and responsibility to regulate his own economy -- meaning his relations with the outside world.
272: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-13: Relationships are damaging when they disrupt an individual's direct negotiation with outside reality.
273: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-13: So what do you think: Do Bill and Hillary have a functional relationship or a dysfunctional one? I say, "Whatever works for them."
274: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-27: "holographic relationship" - a relationship that exists solely for itself, without any expectation of outside acknowledgment or reward.
275: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-16: The main goal of human relations is not to convince people you are right but simply to get the behavior you want from them.
276: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-14: The best relationships start with "I really like your work." If you can say it in both directions, you might be onto something.
277: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-13: In a relationship, one party doesn't become more helpless and dependent without the other in some way enabling it.
278: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-08: What happens to most people after marriage? They gain weight! Symbolic of the changes in the relationship, there's no incentive to be thin.
279: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-30: There are no perfect relationships. All of them require leverage and negotiation. You have to to fight for what you want.
280: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-30: Gays who can't marry should feel lucky: They cannot bow to tradition but must pursue more enlightened forms of relationship.
281: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-29: A relationship cannot truly grow unless there is the realistic option to withdraw and renegotiate.
282: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-23: There is a certain satisfaction in watching gays make all the same relationship mistakes as heteros. Nothing really changes.
283: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-22: Human relations are a constant struggle between loneliness on one side and engulfment on the other.
284: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-22: Lonely people seeking a relationship often fail to see the other side: how quickly you can get swallowed up in another and lose control.
285: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-22: Successful relationships require a balance between loneliness and engulfment, which is a hard spot to find.
286: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-16: What you think our relationship is and what I think it is are usually two different things.
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