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1: 2018-02-18: On My Bucket List: Implement an elaborate system to conceal my extramarital affairs with porn stars and Playboy playmates. (Related: Get married and get rich so I can have them.)
2: 2017-12-01: Poor Jared. He should never have married Ivanka or given up his gig with Subway.
3: 2017-11-29: On My Bucket List: Marry a British prince.
4: 2017-07-15: On My Bucket List: Marry a Slovenian beauty queen.
5: 2017-05-09: Marriage is like announcing, "I'm going to bike around the world." Once you publicly declare it, any change in plans seems like a defeat.
6: 2017-04-16: Little dog takes the big bed. Big dog doesn't want conflict so takes the little bed. Neither bed fits, but that's how marriage works.
7: 2016-11-24: Marriage is when you have to pretend to feel it even when you don't feel it.
8: 2016-08-07: RT @TIME: "Why I’ll never get married again"
9: 2015-07-01: @BadDalaiLama And the ladies would say, "I'll never marry you as long as I live!" And I'd say, "As you wish, my dear."
10: 2015-07-01: If I had a black hat and a curlycue mustache, I'd tie young ladies to the railroad tracks and say, "Are you sure you won't marry me?"
11: 2015-05-24: My book isn't "Anti-Marriage". I'm not saying marriage shouldn't exist, only that it may not be your own best choice.
12: 2015-02-20: RT @Peripatetia: Amazon reviews of my 2013 book, "The Case Against Marriage"…
13: 2015-02-02: RT @Peripatetia: The lampshade hats are suspicious @ Marrakech (yesterday)
14: 2014-12-14: No one afflicted with the temporary insanity of love should be allowed to make permanent decisions like who to marry.
15: 2014-11-30: Edgar Allan Poe, at age 27, married his 13-year-old cousin. So, yeah, a little creepy. @Peripatetia
16: 2014-11-04: Marriage can give you a front row view of insanity no one else sees.
17: 2014-10-22: The secret to a long marriage: living in the same place doing the same things over and over.
18: 2014-08-28: Marriage means being responsible not just for your own mistakes but someone else's too.
19: 2014-08-11: You're self-absorbed. I'm self-absorbed. Let's get married and share our narcissism with each other.
20: 2014-08-11: RT @TheTweetOfGod: Texas Republicans are arguing that marriage equality could lead to incest. You know what DEFINITELY leads to incest? Cre…
21: 2014-08-09: RT @joshmarte83: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama "The Case Against Marriage" - Glenn Campbell summarizes…
22: 2014-07-26: The worst thing about marriage is the moral compromises—the things you're forced to do to keep the peace that you would never do otherwise.
23: 2014-06-26: RT @DSLikesIt: Marriage: it only makes sense from the outside.
24: 2014-06-26: Same-sex marriage must be stopped! Heterosexual marriage too. Let's put an end to this barbaric medieval custom.
25: 2014-06-24: If you're desperately trying any sort of counseling to try to save your marriage, it's already too late. You're just delaying the fix.
26: 2014-06-13: An atheist who gets married isn't really an atheist.
27: 2014-06-01: "Why not a partnership charter?" - A comment on The Case Against Marriage:
28: 2014-05-28: Mystery of the week: What woman would marry the world’s fattest man? See: @MailOnline
29: 2014-05-20: Marriage or mutually enabled dysfunction?
30: 2014-05-14: RT @TheAdly: Wouldn't marriage be a lot more tolerable if the couple lived in separate houses? Do sleepovers, but still have privacy & miss…
31: 2014-05-14: I believe anyone should be able to marry anyone they want. I call it Misery Equality.
32: 2014-04-28: RT @Psych2morrowmag: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divo…
33: 2014-03-20: You are getting older. Time to get serious. When are you going to settle down, get married, have children and fall deeply into debt?
34: 2014-03-14: Human Politics 101: When someone gets married or has a baby, you're supposed to say "Congratulations!" not "Are you insane?"
35: 2014-03-08: The first sub-5-star review of my book, The Case Against Marriage
36: 2014-03-01: “I believe in the God-given right to the pursuit of unhappiness. That is why I support gay marriage.” Via @GeorgeTakei
37: 2014-02-11: RT @StanleySiegel: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divorc…
38: 2014-01-23: RT @NIETZSCHESOURCE: Marriage is worth as much as those it joins together: no priest or authority can make anything else out of it TWP 317 …
39: 2014-01-23: When I was a child, the end of my street seemed so far. Every year my world got bigger until I got married and it started shrinking again.
40: 2014-01-20: Another 5-Star review of my book "The Case Against Marriage"
41: 2013-12-31: When a jerk marries a jerk, you get a double-jerk, secure and self-reinforced in their jerkitude.
42: 2013-12-16: RT @StanleySiegel: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divorc…
43: 2013-12-08: RT @BenjaminDMiller: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divo…
44: 2013-12-03: Gay marriage is a step forward for human rights and a step backward into the Middle Ages for the damn fools getting married.
45: 2013-12-03: Laws are changing so rapidly that I have lost track of the score. In what states can I gay marry my pot supplier?
46: 2013-12-02: After you are married, the only thing you're allowed to say is, "I wouldn't want it any other way, dear."
47: 2013-11-24: RT @StanleySiegel: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divorc…
48: 2013-11-16: RT @BenjaminDMiller: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divo…
49: 2013-10-22: Poor girl. With breath like that she'll never be married.
50: 2013-10-22: She is edging toward 30 and is not even married.
51: 2013-10-18: An embarrassing, cringeworthy marriage proposal. Is there any other kind?
52: 2013-09-30: How can the marriage possibly go wrong if the wedding ceremony was perfect?
53: 2013-09-25: RT @Psych2morrowmag: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divo…
54: 2013-09-20: Promo selfie for The Case Against Marriage
55: 2013-09-15: The Case Against Marriage - some prototype promo text for the back cover of print edition.
56: 2013-09-12: RT @Psych2morrowmag: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divo…
57: 2013-08-27: "The Case Against Marriage is fantastic! Just read it again for the 20th time. So much wisdom!"—Me, about my own book
58: 2013-08-26: RT @nguyenivy: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama "The Case Against Marriage" - Glenn Campbell summarizes h…
59: 2013-08-15: "Who Will Take Care of Me?" — In my latest video, I address a common argument in favor of marriage. cc: @katebolick
60: 2013-08-12: The Case Against Marriage - two new FIVE STAR reviews posted on Amazon.
61: 2013-08-02: "The Case Against Marriage" now available on iTunes! (See the iBooks app on your iPhone/iPad.)
62: 2013-07-31: Democracy is a noble theory marred only by the fact that voters are idiots.
63: 2013-07-30: Marriage is a shared delusional system where you adopt, defend and enable the dysfunction of your partner.
64: 2013-07-26: My book "The Case Against Marriage" has just become available on B&N Nook (ebook)
65: 2013-07-18: No need to visit Turkey! Turkish speakers can now order the translation of The Case Against Marriage on Amazon:
66: 2013-07-15: The Case Against Marriage is now available as an eBook on Smashwords (the first step to getting it on iTunes).
67: 2013-07-13: Thanks to Amazon's mindless bots, here is the review consensus on The Case Against Marriage.
68: 2013-07-13: My first philosophy book, The Case Against Marriage, is now available in an English-language paperback via Amazon.
69: 2013-06-30: "The Case Against Marriage is hands down the best book on relationships I've ever read."
70: 2013-06-29: @laurenahayes @andykleinman @biobot "MARRY THIS DUDE." <== I do have a position on that:
71: 2013-06-28: My most popular book: "The Case Against Marriage" with free chapter samples:
72: 2013-06-27: @glennbeck @catoposey This quote added to the Celebrity Quotes section of our Case Against Marriage website:
73: 2013-06-27: RT @glennbeck: Govt has NO business in Marriage. None. No special tax breaks for anyone. Get married in church, by a mechanic, doesn't mat…
74: 2013-06-04: I believe that a woman should take a man's last name when they get married because… Actually, I have no idea why you would do that.
75: 2013-05-27: RT @kendincebilen: @BadDalaiLama Thank you very much. Thanks again and again. As you said, this book is a manifesto! "The Case Against Marr
76: 2013-05-27: RT @kendincebilen: @BadDalaiLama It's you, author of "The Case Against Marriage"! Thanks for your great book. I read in one breath! I love …
77: 2013-05-27: Anti-gay marriage protesters make a powerful statement.., in favor of whatever they are rallying against!
78: 2013-05-22: If I were to propose marriage, I would do it in the most extravagant and public way possible, because women like being cornered like that.
79: 2013-05-14: New cover art for our Facebook timeline for "The Case Against Marriage"
80: 2013-05-14: Many will argue for or against gay marriage. Few will question marriage itself.
81: 2013-05-13: RT @Psych2morrowmag: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divo…
82: 2013-05-13: My new video introduction to "The Case Against Marriage" - What is marriage anyway?
83: 2013-05-09: Once the engagement ring is on the finger, the marriage train has left the station and no logic can stop it.
84: 2013-05-07: RT @Psych2morrowmag: The Case Against Marriage:
85: 2013-05-07: @rockerayanne Not me! I'm not marriageable material!
86: 2013-05-07: "Stop fighting it, dear. Settle down. He's a very nice man. Perfectly marriageable material." — your already married friends
87: 2013-05-07: Introduction to my book "The Case Against Marriage" reprinted by Psychology Tomorrow Magazine:
88: 2013-05-06: RT @Psych2morrowmag: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divo…
89: 2013-05-03: Glenn Campbell "Cultural Mafia" interview regarding The Case Against Marriage
90: 2013-05-02: I support gay cartoon marriage.
91: 2013-04-26: We've got the whole world arguing about whether marriage should be available to everyone. Hardly anyone is questioning what marriage is.
92: 2013-04-25: @EllenMcCarthy You may be interested in my new book, "The Case Against Marriage" - Saves on wedding costs!
93: 2013-04-21: "A truthful and realistic look at marriage." Another five-star review of our book on Amazon
94: 2013-04-20: "Brilliant and eye-opening... the most clear, rational and engaging exposé of marriage I've ever read." Full review:
95: 2013-04-19: When someone gets fixated on marriage or childbirth as the answer to their problems, there's little you can say to change them.
96: 2013-04-18: "The Case Against Marriage" — price increase will take effect within the next 12 hours. $3.95 now. $5.00 tomorrow.
97: 2013-04-16: Our new Facebook page for "The Case Against Marriage"
98: 2013-04-13: (a) No gay marriage!
99: 2013-04-11: Audio: Preface of "The Case Against Marriage" read by the author. New, cleaner 2-minute recording.
100: 2013-04-09: "Not just a critique of marriage but one of the best books ever on romantic relationships." —Me, on my own book.
101: 2013-04-08: My new book, "The Case Against Marriage" is now available on Amazon Kindle
102: 2013-04-08: Just hit "Save and Publish" on the KIndle Books edition of "The Case Against Marriage".
103: 2013-03-28: The same-sex couple fought for years for the right to marry, won it, then divorced soon after. Apparently marriage wasn't the problem.
104: 2013-03-28: Marriage is the end of personal growth outside the narrow range predefined by the relationship.
105: 2013-03-28: In marriage, the room is full of elephants you can't discuss.
106: 2013-03-11: "The Case Against Marriage" - proposed blurb for the back cover What do your think?
107: 2013-02-20: RT @TheBosha: How about you get married so you'll leave the rest of us alone for 7-13 years?
108: 2013-02-16: "100 Tweets on Marriage" - a skeptical collection prepared today for my forthcoming book -
109: 2013-02-14: On cognitive dissonance ==> Why married people are smug and singles so carefree via @TIME
110: 2013-02-08: My first shot at voice acting, reading the preface of my new book, The Case Against Marriage
111: 2013-02-06: The absence of divorce does not prove the success of a marriage, only the refusal to change.
112: 2013-01-30: TEST READERS WANTED. If you want to read The Case Against Marriage before publication, I am looking for guinea pigs.
113: 2013-01-30: My interview just published in a liberal Istanbul newspaper. "Marriage is like being chained to your loved one."
114: 2013-01-29: RT @latimes: Opinion: Proposition 8 defense: Marriage exists for -- what?
115: 2013-01-28: Generation who refuse to grow up: No mortgage, marriage or children! via @EkDoTween Her comments:
116: 2013-01-24: "The Meaning of Life" - 1-page sample from the final chapter of The Case Against Marriage. Putting 'er to bed!
117: 2013-01-23: "Social Pressure" - a 1-page sample from our forthcoming book, The Case Against Marriage
118: 2013-01-22: Puerto Rico wants to marry the US, becoming the 51st state. I want to tell them, "Please, PLEASE think this through." Remember Greece.
119: 2013-01-21: "The Credit Card of Life" - a new 1-page sample from our forthcoming book, The Case Against Marriage
120: 2013-01-15: "Once upon a time, Europe got married" - another 1-page sample from The Case Against Marriage
121: 2013-01-13: "Love is not Charity" - a one page sample from the manuscript of my forthcoming book, A Case Against Marriage
122: 2013-01-13: The only thing sadder than divorce is a failed marriage that does not end. @BadDalaiLama
123: 2013-01-13: Some of today's tweets are brought to you by "The Case Against Marriage" - now in final assembly in English.
124: 2013-01-09: On My Bucket List: Read about the disintegration of my own marriage at the supermarket checkout.
125: 2013-01-07: Evliliğe Karşı by Glenn Campbell — Our new book, "Against Marriage" currently available only in Turkish. (Learn Turkish now!) See @Geoaktif
126: 2013-01-04: I am hard at work on the English manuscript for "A Case Against Marriage". Until then, you'll have to learn Turkish.
127: 2013-01-03: Marriage, children and pets are a public announcement that you are no longer planning any big changes. For better or worse, you've arrived!
128: 2013-01-01: Lobsters in a pot or spouses in a marriage won't put up fight if you raise the temperature very slowly.
129: 2012-12-22: .@Andreaof9 You can believe in love without necessarily believing in the legal institution of marriage.
130: 2012-12-22: "Glenn Campbell on Marriage"" - New interview regarding my book released this week in Turkey.
131: 2012-12-22: @siskonen @mariarfin "The Case Against Marriage"
132: 2012-12-19: If someone asks you to marry them with some grand gesture like a billboard, get the hell out! Run!
133: 2012-12-12: If one fat person marries another, they'll both get REALLY fat. Same with any other mutual defect.
134: 2012-12-04: The cat-human deal: We shelter them; they catch mice. The reality: We feed them; mice do what they want. Where did this marriage go wrong?
135: 2012-11-12: Schadenfreude: a little feeling some of us heterosexuals get watching gay marriage turn into gay divorce just as nasty as ours was.
136: 2012-11-12: Marriage: quaint, archaic, unnecessary. But if you buy into that shit, expect to play by the rules or pay the price if you don't.
137: 2012-11-12: Attention married people: Anyone who would have an affair with a married person is someone you don't want to have an affair with.
138: 2012-11-12: On My Bucket List: Come clean to the American people about my extramarital affair. (Related: Get married so I can have one.)
139: 2012-11-10: Marriage is like two stars in orbit around each other, sometimes as equal partners but more often a black hole sucking the other one dry.
140: 2012-11-06: "The Case Against Marriage" - New YouTube version of my 2-hour 2009 lecture at Daytona State College (audio only)
141: 2012-07-16: Marriage can give you a front-row seat to insanity no one else can see.
142: 2012-07-08: It is remarkable how love can turn lead into gold—and back to lead again shortly after marriage.
143: 2012-07-03: On My Bucket List: Join the Church of Scientology and gay-marry Tom Cruise.
144: 2012-06-29: RT @KilroyCafe: Marriage is like giving guns to teenagers. Who among us, in the heat of passion, can comprehend the implications of "Til ...
145: 2012-06-10: @Kyoks1 I was trying to be diplomatic. Assuming one believes in marriage, how should one go about it.
146: 2012-06-10: RT @Kyoks1: @BadDalaiLama why marry in the first place. It doesn't ensure a good relationship long term and makes the breakup more painf ...
147: 2012-06-08: The premise of many a Hitchcockian thriller—and countless real-life ones—is how your partner changes after you are married.
148: 2012-06-08: If someone asks to marry you with some grand gesture like a billboard, by all means, get the hell out! Run!
149: 2012-06-08: Why would you ask someone to marry you? Shouldn't it be a decision you arrive at mutually after long negotiation?
150: 2012-06-01: Religion is as much in our genes as sex, pair bonding and our love of rich food (turning us into fat, married, oversexed churchgoers).
151: 2012-05-29: Delusions of Youth #9: "Things will get better after we are married."
152: 2012-05-29: Delusions of Youth #9: "Things get better after we are married."
153: 2012-05-21: Zuck just got married, right? If $FB price falls (lowering his net worth) and he gets divorced, will SHE owe HIM alimony? #divorcelaw
154: 2012-05-17: The calamities of nations are little different that those of individuals: a bad marriage, too much debt, good intentions gone awry, hubris.
155: 2012-05-14: If you think gay marriage, pro or con, is worth even two minutes of your attention, the terrorists have won.
156: 2012-05-14: RT @Smethanie: I'd rather stare in the mirror and wonder why I'm single than stare at some dude and wonder why I'm married.
157: 2012-05-09: An earlier Twitter rant on marriage (10/28/11) - All our archived tweets mentioning marriage
158: 2012-05-09: "BAN GAY MARRIAGE (heterosexual marriage, too!)" - My case against marriage in a single page (2008).
159: 2012-05-09: His Badliness lecturing against marriage at Daytona College in 2008 (audio files)
160: 2012-05-09: "The Case Against Marriage" - my 7-chapter unfinished book from 2007
161: 2012-05-09: You probably won't grasp the legal definition of marriage until you get divorced. Then you may discover that it's something quite scary.
162: 2012-05-09: Marriage, under the law, has nothing to do with love. It is an economic incorporation that most relationships are much healthier without.
163: 2012-05-09: Most of the legal benefits conferred by marriage can be obtained by other means. Those that can't are usually dubious anyway.
164: 2012-05-09: Marriage is a RELIGIOUS institution that government ought to stay clear of. The issue isn't gay rights but separation of church and state.
165: 2012-05-09: Gays and heteros fall into the same trap: If the relationship doesn't feel quite right, marriage must be the missing piece.
166: 2012-05-09: They fought for years for the right to marry, finally won it and divorced shortly thereafter—because marriage wasn't the problem after all.
167: 2012-05-09: The gay marriage fight is based on the assumption that a private relationship isn't legitimate until it is acknowledged by the government.
168: 2012-05-09: Gays battling for the right to marry is like men fighting for the right to wear corsets.
169: 2012-05-07: It's downright creepy how so many married couples look genetically alike. There must be a certain comfort level most people go for.
170: 2012-05-07: If you're married and you give your love an expensive gift, legally it's coming out of a common pot and they're paying half. #somegift
171: 2012-04-08: "A man doesn't know what happiness is until he gets married, and then it's too late."
172: 2012-04-04: The main danger of marriage—or any reliable human relationship—is that it gives people a crutch to avoid dealing with their own problems.
173: 2012-04-03: "Everything was going well for them... and BAM! they got married."
174: 2012-03-30: It's amazing how love can turn lead into gold—and turn it back to lead again shortly after marriage.
175: 2012-03-29: A beautiful mermaid—after marriage. (@ Manatee Observation & Education Center) [pic]:
176: 2012-03-15: Attention married people hitting on unmarried ones: Being a hypocrite is a major turn off.
177: 2012-03-15: You've heard of sexism, racism and ageism. What's the "ism" for discriminating against single people and pressuring them to get married?
178: 2012-03-06: I flirted with Vegas for 10 years. Married her for 15. Now completely and utterly divorced. She hardly even crosses my mind.
179: 2012-02-10: Ice is water that got married. Those free-flowing days are over!
180: 2012-02-03: RT @cerebralbeef: Getting married and having kids is probably the greatest thing in the whole world to avoid doing.
181: 2012-01-31: One wonders how many marriages consist almost entirely of the joint project of home renovation.
182: 2012-01-25: Even a "successful" marriage runs the risk of freezing your life in place and bringing an end to creative growth.
183: 2012-01-21: Marriage liability: Any financial hardship that befalls you also befalls your spouse. If you don't marry, you can share assets without risk.
184: 2012-01-15: The hardest thing about marriage is violating your own principles to placate your spouse.
185: 2012-01-07: If you are fiancée Number 6 of Henry the Eighth, you got to have modest expectations for the marriage.
186: 2012-01-04: Facebook and Twitter don't cause marriages to fail, but they provide ammunition when they do.
187: 2012-01-04: A bad marriage is the ultimate police state, with Big Brother watching your every move for signs of disloyalty.
188: 2012-01-04: RT @Sheamus: Married? Want To Keep Things That Way? Stay Off Of Facebook (And Use Twitter Instead)
189: 2011-12-21: RT @domesticH: if you like being hovered over and second guessed while performing simple tasks, marriage is totally for you.
190: 2011-12-09: A Facebook friend writes about my "Case Against Marriage" book: "I disagree regarding the work's redundancy...
191: 2011-12-09: Our one-page crusade against marriage (gay or otherwise).
192: 2011-12-09: RT @nofence420: @BadDalaiLama the one page flyer was awesome!! My fav part "Research shows marriage is the leading cause if divorce" Hah ...
193: 2011-12-09: A short history of my "Case Against Marriage" book, just added to my Philosophy page.
194: 2011-12-09: "You're probably not going to listen to me, but I'm going to give it a shot anyway." Case Against Marriage:
195: 2011-12-09: Back in 2007, we started writing a book, "The Case Against Marriage". Got to 30 chapters!
196: 2011-12-06: When you marry someone, you are not just marrying their assets but their liabilities. You become responsible for their bad decisions.
197: 2011-12-06: Euro crisis in a nutshell: Europe got married. One spouse went on a credit card binge. Now the bills are coming due.
198: 2011-12-05: Hang out with dumb people and you'll be drawn down to their level. Even worse if you marry them.
199: 2011-12-01: Life is easy: Find a mate, get married, buy a house, have children, go into debt, work hard, retire. Voila, life over!
200: 2011-11-30: @MinnieGupta But how did they pull off marriage in 11 days?
201: 2011-11-29: @MinnieGupta Serious? Arranged marriage?
202: 2011-11-29: The bigger the wedding the better the marriage — True or False?
203: 2011-11-11: Marriage is the joining of two hearts—and two pocketbooks. So when you give your spouse a gift, aren't you stealing from them to pay for it?
204: 2011-11-11: It doesn't say much for your relationship if you think you need marriage to lock you in and make it harder to escape.
205: 2011-11-08: RT @Kyle_Lippert: Reasons to get married:
206: 2011-11-03: If you grew up in a paper mill town, the smell of wet paper would remind you of home and you'd probably marry someone who smelled like that.
207: 2011-11-01: KARDASHIAN MARRIAGE ENDS AFTER ONLY 72 DAYS!!!.... In other news: Greek referendum triggers worldwide financial collapse.
208: 2011-10-31: One of the burdens of marriage is the mountain of junk the couple collects around them. (Photo from Junk Museum in FL)
209: 2011-10-29: Our recent tweet essays: Walmarts I Have Known Marriage Songwriting
210: 2011-10-28: The key to a successful romantic relationship is well-defined boundaries. Marriage removes this boundaries in the financial realm.
211: 2011-10-28: The main effect of marriage is to tie people together by shared financial obligations. This is different than being tied together by love.
212: 2011-10-28: Couples already living together wouldn't get married if they didn't think it will somehow improve their relationship. It doesn't.
213: 2011-10-28: Virtually every advantage of marriage is available a la carte to anyone with a little creativity.
214: 2011-10-28: In Medieval times, marriage was a necessity. You couldn't have sex, live together or have children without it. Today it is a vanity.
215: 2011-10-28: Marriage is Communism on a smaller scale—"From each according to ability, to each according to need."—and it fails for the same reasons.
216: 2011-10-28: To be against marriage doesn't mean you are against love. It only means you don't want money to come between you.
217: 2011-10-28: Under the law, marriage has no relevance to the raising of children. Parental rights and responsibilities are the same regardless.
218: 2011-10-28: Under the law, marriage and divorce are not about love but about the forming and dissolution of a financial corporation.
219: 2011-10-28: The legal process of divorce is the separation of finances that were merged during marriage.
220: 2011-10-28: You have to get divorced to grasp what marriage really is: a financial contract where two individuals are replaced by a corporation.
221: 2011-10-27: The only thing sadder than divorce is a failed marriage that does not end.
222: 2011-10-26: "Charles & Diana's Wedding Disaster" - my 1-page newsletter from 2008 analyzing their disastrous royal marriage.
223: 2011-10-17: RT @GuardianTravel: Behind Las Vegas glitz and glamour lies a dark city marred by poverty <== My old town.
224: 2011-10-17: Heterosexual or homosexual, most marriages seem to end up like this: one dysfunctional "child" and one enabling "parent".
225: 2011-10-05: Marriage and home improvement recursively justify each other.
226: 2011-10-03: The key to a successful marriage is agree with your spouse. Doesn't matter if they're right or wrong. You learn this quickly.
227: 2011-10-01: The secret married people don't want you to know: Marriage makes the relationship harder.
228: 2011-09-27: RT @BarbiePeloNegro: “@BadDalaiLama: Our 2008 parody on marriage (gay or otherwise):” / Clap, clap, clap.
229: 2011-09-27: Our 2008 parody on marriage (gay or otherwise):
230: 2011-09-27: Marriage is a form of Communism fraught with exactly the same risks.
231: 2011-09-22: The real drain on society is married people. Singles are more productive.
232: 2011-09-15: RT @ExpertPrimate: I think a person should be able to marry whatever person or thing they love more than anything. It would cure them of ...
233: 2011-07-24: BDL Psychic Prediction: A celebrity marriage will disintegrate into a bitter custody battle. #duh
234: 2011-07-14: RT @CrankyPappy: Having a baby is like throwing a hand-grenade into a marriage. N. Ephron
235: 2011-07-08: Race is no longer a barrier to human breeding, but intelligence still is. We are still conscious of "marrying below ones station" in skills.
236: 2011-07-02: Marriage is a relationship of love and understanding where one partner enables the dysfunction of another.
237: 2011-07-02: Marriage equality is nice in theory, but most marriages seem to end up with one becoming the parent and the other a child.
238: 2011-06-26: Gay marriage will inevitably lead to an epidemic of gay divorce and the mass realization: "I can't believe I fell for that!"
239: 2011-06-25: Many a marriage is kept marginally afloat by the hurculean efforts of one party who mistakenly takes the wedding vows literally.
240: 2011-06-25: RT @sbellelauren: as an AEA member & musical theatre actress i change my mind about gay marriage there is no way i can afford all these ...
241: 2011-06-23: RT @TheBosha: I support Marriage Equality for gays but as a divorced heterosexual man I can tell you there's no such thing.
242: 2011-06-17: Gay couples who cannot marry must take their relationship in small discretionary steps in a process resembling reason.
243: 2011-06-17: Starting a new political movement: "Protect Gays From Marriage!" Don't fight for a right that makes no rational sense to begin with.
244: 2011-05-17: Maybe marriage wasn't the thing? We were amused by the Wikipedia entry on actress Sarah Polley. (See "Personal Life")
245: 2011-05-17: MRT @sbellelauren Whenever i think about getting married, I just read the tweets of those who already are. All better!
246: 2011-05-16: RT @sbellelauren: whenever i think about getting married, i just read through all your tweets. all better!
247: 2011-05-12: The unmarried look longingly over the fence at those who are married. The married look longingly back.
248: 2011-05-04: A marriage is no smarter than the stupider partner.
249: 2011-04-11: If one bipolar marries another, do they cancel each other out?
250: 2011-04-02: The worst part of prison (or marriage) is being trapped with a cellmate you no longer have anything in common with.
251: 2011-04-02: On My Bucket List: Become heir to the British throne, pressured to choose a wife and make the marriage work under continuous media coverage.
252: 2011-03-30: The most common escape from the sunk cost fallacy is catastrophe. The business fails or marriage collapses, and control is taken from you.
253: 2011-03-30: "I married the most wonderful man in the world!"—of course! You invested everything in him, so you have to believe he's the best.
254: 2011-03-27: The difference between animals and plants is animals can move and adapt to change. In the case of married people, it's a fine distinction.
255: 2011-03-22: Young newlyweds leaving Kauai are all lovey-dovey. I hate to tell them that, statistically, their marriage is doomed, but someone has to!
256: 2011-03-05: Trying to capture love with marriage is like displaying a wild animal on your wall. As soon as you've nailed it down, you've killed it. {..}
257: 2011-03-04: Marriages to jerks are usually short-lived. When they do persist, it is because a masochistic spouse thinks she can change him.
258: 2011-02-04: Marriage is the joining of two hearts—and two pocketbooks. So when you give your love a gift, aren't you stealing from them to pay for it?
259: 2011-01-26: Marriage is the end of macroscopic creativity. Now you're an institution, a rooted plant. Get used to TV cuz you'll be watching a lot of it!
260: 2011-01-22: Walking down the aisle, taking the marriage vows, the bride is thinking: "What does everyone think of me? Am I doing this right?"
261: 2011-01-18: Once you know your marriage isn't working, get a divorce—fast! It serves no one to drag things out for years on false hopes.
262: 2011-01-17: Marriage is the most effective Redpill you can take. In a few weeks you'll start seeing your partner for who they really are.
263: 2011-01-07: A "commitment spree" is like a crime spree but with escalating commitments, each justifying the last. E.g. love > marriage > mortgage > baby
264: 2011-01-03: Parenthood is like marriage but with no possibility of divorce. For better or worse, you're in it for the long haul.
265: 2011-01-02: Survival in marriage means carefully watching your words and not rocking the boat.
266: 2010-12-20: Trying to capture love with marriage is like displaying a wild animal on your wall. As soon as you have nailed it down, you've killed it.
267: 2010-12-18: So Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary, who was married to Joseph. Does that mean married people didn't have sex back then?
268: 2010-12-15: To be happily married, it helps to be deluded. Time:
269: 2010-12-05: Essay: His Holiness speaks out against gay marriage. (heterosexual marriage, too!)
270: 2010-12-04: Hang out with dumb people and you'll be drawn down to their level. Even worse if you marry them.
271: 2010-11-30: Life is easy: Find a mate, get married, buy a house, have children, work hard, retire. Voilà, life over!
272: 2010-11-25: Single people dream of love. Married people dream of being free.
273: 2010-11-22: You'll never really know who you married until the honeymoon is over.
274: 2010-11-16: Marriage is most destructive when you have to mute your own growth to match that of your jealous and less competent partner.
275: 2010-11-08: The American Dream: marriage, children, house, pets and a secure job to pay for it all—i.e. total imprisonment.
276: 2010-10-27: "Two can live cheaply as one" is a fallacy. When you marry, costs increase due to bureaucratic inefficiency.
277: 2010-10-24: Research shows that most divorces are caused by marriage. Essay:
278: 2010-10-13: The absence of divorce does not imply a marriage is a success. There is a high threshold of dysfunction before one is willing to change.
279: 2010-10-06: Trying to capture love with marriage is like displaying a wild animal on your wall. As soon as you have nailed it down, you've killed it.
280: 2010-10-02: Love can't be proven if it is enforced by marriage.
281: 2010-09-30: When people say on their wedding day, "I'll never be lonely again," they don't understand: You can be married and still be lonely.
282: KilroyCafe: 2011-01-04: What? Who? WHO!!!!! Who's on first? (Dr. Who marrying his own daughter.)
283: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-27: The crisis on the euro zone shows the downside of marriage—uniting not just strengths but weaknesses. Many will regret this union!
284: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-14: Walking down the aisle, taking the marriage vows, the bride is thinking: "What does everyone think of me? Am I doing this right?"
285: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-11: So what is the Catholic Church going to do: continue to recruit the most repressed members of society or allow priests to marry?
286: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-10: Way to go, gays! Thanks to your activism, you can get trapped in lifeless marriages and fight in senseless wars just like the rest of us.
287: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-07: Marriage is like giving guns to teenagers. Who among us, in the heat of passion, can comprehend the implications of "Til Death Do You Part"?
288: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-31: An addiction that has divided families and broken up marriages. Recycling. Just say no.
289: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-26: Marriage is a religious institution, performed by priests of whatever faith you believe in. Why should government be involved at all?
290: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-26: Shakers and Mormons arose in the same era. Shakers believed in celibacy, Mormons in plural marriage. Shakers died out... I rest my case.
291: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-16: The implicit message of marriage is, "I don't trust you." If your love was so secure, why would it need this public declaration?
292: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-14: Lost in the debate about same-sex marriage is whether marriage is wise at all. Yes, people will bond, but why must government be involved?
293: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-14: Married couples are conjoined in two major areas — real estate and child rearing — both of which are easily conducted without marriage.
294: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-14: Marriage means loss of personal control and negotiating power. Suddenly, love isn't a choice but an obligation.
295: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-14: Established citizens, with homes, marriages, families and careers, live in fragile emotional worlds you must tiptoe around in when visiting.
296: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-12: Trying to capture love with marriage is like displaying a wild animal on your wall. As soon as you have nailed it down, you've killed it.
297: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-11: Dateline: Burlington, Vermont, May 10, 2010. A photographic representation of "Marriage"
298: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-05: The most destructive effect of marriage is the necessity to mute your own growth to match that of your jealous and less talented partner.
299: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-02: Forget Mars and Venus. You just married a jerk.
300: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-25: June may be charming, but as soon as you marry her you'll have the whole rest of the year to contend with.
301: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-14: Marriage, instead of combining the strengths of two people, usually combines their weaknesses, enabling both sets to continue.
302: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-14: The absence of divorce does not imply a marriage is a success. Because the cost of change is so high, mediocre marriages will limp along.
303: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-14: If you have no plan, use the standard one: get married, buy a house, have kids, fall into debt, work hard and — Poof! — your life is over!
304: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-02: Research shows that most divorces are caused by marriage. (repost of Kilroy Cafe #2: Ban Gay Marriage!)
305: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-01: In marriage, as in other forms of communism, the fundamental risk is that one party will start taking more than he gives.
306: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-28: You never want to marry someone who worships you as a god, because your powers of rescue will never match their expectations of it.
307: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-21: What actor just had liposuction? Whose celebrity marriage is on the rocks? Who is dating whom? Honestly, it's none of our business!
308: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-16: Your first marriage expresses your idealism to others. Your second is grounded in reality and is just for you.
309: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-15: When people say on their wedding day, "I'll never be lonely again," they don't get it: You can be married and still be lonely.
310: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-13: Marriage involves the acceptance of creeping change, usually leading to conditions you never would have agreed to in the beginning.
311: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-10: The major neutralizers of freedom are marriage, children, debt, real estate, possessions, pets and promises.
312: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-04: eHarmony claims to be responsible for 2% of all marriages. That's nothing! eMail is responsible for far more divorces!
313: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-04: Love can't be proven if it is enforced by marriage.
314: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-29: Roommate situations are like mini-marriages. You learn how people respond to shared responsibility, not always in ways that make sense.
315: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-26: "Marriage is romantic story in which the hero dies in the first chapter!" @Abhiness
316: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-17: Marriage, by definition, encourages dependence and sabotages independence. It renders both parties less capable of dealing with the world.
317: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-12: My 2008 photo album of Daytona Beach and St. Augustine: - Including me dissing marriage at Daytona State College.
318: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-22: The most pervasive form of censorship is that of a married person defending their spouse. The facade collapses just prior to divorce.
319: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-25: After someone announces a big decision - marriage, baby, etc - you can only offer congratulations. The wisdom of the choice is moot.
320: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-03: The absence of divorce does not imply a marriage is a success. The cost of change is so high that most people will accept mediocrity.
321: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-29: Observation of married couples suggests their main activity is home acquisition, maintenance, improvement and decoration. That must be love!
322: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-10: My dental hygienist: "When I was single I had plenty of money, but now I'm married, two incomes, but no money. What happened?"
323: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-10: "Two can live cheaply as one" is a fallacy. When you marry, costs tend to increase due to bureaucratic inefficiency.
324: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-30: A bad marriage can limp along for years, as long as there are resources to support it. The crisis happens when the resources run out.
325: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-24: According to supermarket tabloids, Sarah Palin's marriage is on the rocks. Who's a thunk it?!
326: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-16: For most people, survival in marriage means carefully watching your words and not rocking the boat.
327: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-12: So Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary, but Mary was married to Joseph. Does that mean married people didn't have sex back then?
328: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-08: The principle risk of marriage, in the long term, is that it allows one party to avoid taking responsibility for themselves.
329: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-29: NY Times: "The Resilience of Modern Marriage" - A tribute to the strength (or insanity) of human pair bonding.
330: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-13: In most marriages, one is the "parent" and the other the "child". These roles are self-reinforcing and exaggerate over time.
331: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: Statistically, married people and pet owners live longer. Also: people in prison live longer, due to lowered risks. Analysis?
332: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: There are two ways to look at couples who have been married for decades: 1) How sweet! 2) What a tragic loss of potential!
333: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-08: What happens to most people after marriage? They gain weight! Symbolic of the changes in the relationship, there's no incentive to be thin.
334: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-03: Marriage was living with the Thought Police. I got in trouble for what I said, what I thought and what I might say or think in the future.
335: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-30: The greatest danger of marriage is the loss of negotiating power.
336: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-30: In marriage, you inevitably become the enabler of your spouse's addictions. You lose power as soon as you say "I do."
337: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-30: Gays who can't marry should feel lucky: They cannot bow to tradition but must pursue more enlightened forms of relationship.
338: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-26: Let's not ban gay marriage but ban ALL marriage. Barbaric medieval custom. Like giving guns to teenagers.
339: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-24: Marriage, or any other "forever" commitment, assumes that you have your life all worked out in advance. It's an arrogant position.
340: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-23: If you're married to X but meet up with Y, you will look for flaws in Y to justify your investment in X. If none, you make them up!
341: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-23: After divorce it's easy to accept the flaws in your ex. When married, though, you suppress this knowledge and make excuses for it.
342: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-22: Once you know your marriage isn't gong to work, the most humane thing you can do for everyone is to cut the cord quickly.
343: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-10: My latest philosophy essay: "Dark Star Duet: A Model of Dysfunctional Marriage" (Kilroy Cafe #47)
344: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-09: Star Trek fact checking: Spock's father couldn't have married his mother because the atrocity of marriage was outlawed in the 22nd Century.
345: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-09: Star Trek updated for the Y2Ks: Kirk and Spock gay-marry. They get divorced five years later and never speak to each other again.
346: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-05: The American Dream: marriage, children, house, pets and a secure job to pay for it all -- i.e. total imprisonment.
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