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1: 2011-06-20: Swimming with the fishes. Eilat, Israel.
2: 2011-06-19: Danger of Death' But isn't there always? (Eilat, Israel)
3: 2011-06-19: 3am smoking break on the night bus from Tel Aviv to Eilat.
4: 2011-06-18: In my last gasp of free wifi—aboard the bus to Eilat.
5: 2011-06-18: Boarding my bus from Tel Aviv to Eilat.
6: 2011-06-18: From where I sit. Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, waiting for a midnight bus to Eilat.
7: 2011-06-18: I'm on the Tel Aviv flight. Biggest adventure yet! Probably no tweets til Eilat in 20 hours.
8: 2011-06-17: Eilat is the Israeli Riviera, a tiny beach on the Red Sea sandwiched between Egypt and Jordan. My video from April:
9: 2011-06-17: I would splurge on a hostel in Eilat, probably this one: - A functional one I stayed at before. $20/nt (but 2 night min)
10: 2011-06-17: Correction: Tel Aviv to Eilat: 75 Israeli Shekels. Taba to Cairo: 70 Egyptian Pounds. Grand total, including transfers: less than $50!
11: 2011-06-17: I've already researched the route: Tel Aviv south to Eilat by bus (5+ hours). Cross the Egypt border at Taba, then bus to Cairo (6 hours).
12: 2011-05-05: Video Postcard: On a bus in Israel Encounter with a fellow passenger on a bus from Eilat to Tel Aviv. April 21.
13: 2011-04-21: Video Postcard: Eilat, Israel. The most densely packed beach I have ever visited! 1-minute iPhone video.
14: 2011-04-21: A fetching young lass at the Corinne Hostel, Eilat, Israel. (this morning)
15: 2011-04-20: Eilat—the Israeli Vegas! Within mortar range of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. (@ Corinne Hostel)
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