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1: 2017-11-17: RT @Peripatetia: 🌍 Countries with the highest security risk for tourists are in red. I have been to Kenya, Egypt and Venezuela but will not…
2: 2014-08-31: The BRICS should expand into BROWs — Backsliding Regimes Of the World. Then Turkey and Egypt could join.
3: 2013-12-08: There comes a point where adventurous travel becomes foolhardy. I crossed that boundary when I stepped into Egypt.
4: 2013-10-12: Egyptian 24, Hanover, Maryland (June 3)
5: 2013-08-19: RT @TIME: OPINION: Why Egypt no longer matters | (via @TIMEWorld)
6: 2013-05-07: Middle East travel advice: Israel is safe and cheap. Go! Egypt is very cheap but not safe. No law and order in Egypt. Do not go!
7: 2013-04-16: View from the top of an Egyptian pyramid and my own notes on visiting: — My 2011 album:
8: 2013-03-12: Israel, Palestine, Egypt - new index of my albums from four visits in 2009-10:
9: 2013-01-04: The Pyramids of Egypt, 2011
10: 2012-02-24: Pro Traveler Tip: Any T-shirt can be turned into an "Egyptian" hat that protects the ears and neck from sun. Photo:
11: 2012-01-01: 2011 Photo Highlights: Giza Pyramids, Egypt (June)
12: 2012-01-01: 2011 Photo Highlights: Cairo, Egypt (June)
13: 2012-01-01: 2011 Photo Highlights: Sinai Desert, Egypt (June)
14: 2011-10-15: It is silly to protest in the streets if you don't have a coherent goal. The Egyptians and Libyans had a goal. Economic protestors don't.
15: 2011-07-07: The shoes that took me to Egypt and back BUSTED after < 30 days. Should I take them back to Walmart and get my $14 back?
16: 2011-06-25: An American Pyramid. Right now! Toto, I don't think we're in Egypt anymore!
17: 2011-06-25: I've never visited a place with more scams and hustles than Egypt. I got cheated every day, but it was still worth it.
18: 2011-06-25: Trip conclusion: I was comfortable in Egypt, but it took me years to work up to it. It is not the place for an inexperienced traveler.
19: 2011-06-23: One advantage of visiting Egypt is you're bound to lose weight. Kindly bacteria will visit your digestive system and liquify the contents.
20: 2011-06-22: I updated the Taba, Egypt, page on WikiTravel to reflect my experience there:
21: 2011-06-21: Forget "Walk Like an Egyptian". If you can "Bargain Like an Egyptian" you have a real skill.
22: 2011-06-21: As a tourist in Egypt you're hassled and hustled at every turn, especially at the Pyramids. It takes a lot of energy to push it away.
23: 2011-06-21: My money shot from the Pyramids of Egypt. (You can do amazing things with green screen!)
24: 2011-06-21: Egyptian commerce is filled with innocent mistakes, like a merchant "forgetting" to give your change back when you buy something.
25: 2011-06-20: Interviewing a local resident of the Sinai Desert. (in Taba, Egypt, yesterday) FB photo:
26: 2011-06-19: At the meeting point of four countries: Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.
27: 2011-06-18: The expedition theme song: "Walk Like an Egyptian" by The Bangles.
28: 2011-06-17: Eilat is the Israeli Riviera, a tiny beach on the Red Sea sandwiched between Egypt and Jordan. My video from April:
29: 2011-06-17: Correction: Tel Aviv to Eilat: 75 Israeli Shekels. Taba to Cairo: 70 Egyptian Pounds. Grand total, including transfers: less than $50!
30: 2011-06-17: I intended to use the Taba crossing in January, which is why I have the visa, but a revolution got in the way. Now Egypt *seems* stable.
31: 2011-06-17: I've already researched the route: Tel Aviv south to Eilat by bus (5+ hours). Cross the Egypt border at Taba, then bus to Cairo (6 hours).
32: 2011-06-17: My Egyptian visa, issued during The Troubles, is still valid:
33: 2011-04-20: Eilat—the Israeli Vegas! Within mortar range of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. (@ Corinne Hostel)
34: 2011-04-09: Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon from golden tablets written in "Reformed Egyptian". I believe this completely.
35: 2011-02-19: The "Duhs!" of history: Chinese had gunpowder but no guns. Egyptians didn't get the wheel. Greeks missed the arch. What are we overlooking?
36: 2011-02-08: Here's a short Lonely Planet video from the Egypt I didn't get to see:
37: 2011-02-07: I bet YOU don't have an Egyptian Tourist Visa! Here's mine, just arrived. Note the issue date.
38: 2011-02-05: If this were the Bush Administration, we'd be sending American troops to Egypt to guarantee democracy. What kind of wusses have we become?
39: 2011-01-29: So far, I have only invested $15 in the Egyptian visa. I can accept the loss if there is real risk involved.
40: 2011-01-29: I won't go to Egypt if the State Dept. advises against it. - Palestine is one thing. An active civil war is another.
41: 2011-01-28: Egyptian censorship is wimpy, half-ass censorship, easy to work around. It takes the Chinese to do it right, backed up by capitalism.
42: 2011-01-28: In Egypt, they can't Twitter, they can't Facebook... OH, THE HUMANITY!!!
43: 2011-01-20: His Holiness consults with the Egyptian delegation.
44: 2011-01-18: What the Egyptians demand, the Egyptians get.
45: 2011-01-06: Sodom & Gomorrah, Jericho, the Great Flood, the Plagues of Egypt... Those were the good old days when God was vengeful and kept score.
46: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-30: The ancient Egyptians believed the seat of the soul was the heart. Modern culture places it between the legs.
47: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-20: An Egyptian guy on the dock is selling genuine Prada, Ray-Ban and Rollex merchandise for a steal! Don't know how he does it.
48: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-31: What happened to the gold tablets written in Reformed Egyptian after Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon from them? God took em back!
49: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-23: Best desert sun hat: any t-shirt put on upside down. With neck opening, cover ears but not eyes. Drape shirt on neck. Looks Egyptian!
50: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-23: The patented Egyptian T-Shirt Sun Hat modeled by yours truly.
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