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1: 2014-10-22: RT @nypost: "10 reasons I'm a better person because my parents are divorced" by @lizabeth_kiefer via @TeenVogue
2: 2014-07-24: On a scale of 1 to 10, a 7 is just a 7, unless you're in love with it, in which case it's nearly a 10. Upon divorce, it hardly rates a 4.
3: 2014-02-01: Places with the highest concentration of conservative Christians also have the highest divorce rates. ==> @hysell
4: 2013-07-23: Nevada: my home for 15 years but now a place I only want to pass through quickly. An amicable but total divorce.
5: 2013-03-28: The same-sex couple fought for years for the right to marry, won it, then divorced soon after. Apparently marriage wasn't the problem.
6: 2013-02-06: The absence of divorce does not prove the success of a marriage, only the refusal to change.
7: 2013-01-13: The only thing sadder than divorce is a failed marriage that does not end. @BadDalaiLama
8: 2013-01-13: Divorce proves that nothing is free in life, even if love seems to offer it.
9: 2012-11-12: Schadenfreude: a little feeling some of us heterosexuals get watching gay marriage turn into gay divorce just as nasty as ours was.
10: 2012-09-24: In my opinion, the North should have let the South go. If someone wants a divorce you can't force them to stay. #butwholistenstome
11: 2012-07-06: RT @MailOnline: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce: Scientologists urge followers to take action against negative reports ...
12: 2012-05-25: @BustinJurkz My horrific divorce changed everything for me. Like a great forest fire. I was wiped clean and reborn.
13: 2012-05-21: Zuck just got married, right? If $FB price falls (lowering his net worth) and he gets divorced, will SHE owe HIM alimony? #divorcelaw
14: 2012-05-09: You probably won't grasp the legal definition of marriage until you get divorced. Then you may discover that it's something quite scary.
15: 2012-05-09: They fought for years for the right to marry, finally won it and divorced shortly thereafter—because marriage wasn't the problem after all.
16: 2012-03-06: Family Court in Las Vegas consists of divorce, child welfare and juvenile delinquency - all the traumas of life under one roof!
17: 2012-03-06: I flirted with Vegas for 10 years. Married her for 15. Now completely and utterly divorced. She hardly even crosses my mind.
18: 2012-02-25: Idiots in love need their ass kicked NOW, so as to avoid a painful divorce later.
19: 2012-01-28: RT @MailOnline: Tony Alleyne: Trekkie loses his painstakingly recreated Star Trek flat to ex-wife in divorce
20: 2012-01-07: When you get divorced, your friends say either "Congrats!" or "So sad to hear that!" It all depends on their own investments.
21: 2012-01-01: Based on this FB birthday greeting, I would totally get divorced with this law firm!
22: 2011-12-29: Unclear if this is a billboard for a medical center... or a divorce attorney!
23: 2011-12-13: "Flipping" drove housing bubble in Nevada <== These speculators saved my ass in Las Vegas! #divorcedattherighttime
24: 2011-12-09: RT @nofence420: @BadDalaiLama the one page flyer was awesome!! My fav part "Research shows marriage is the leading cause if divorce" Hah ...
25: 2011-12-08: Where do you file for cyber divorce? And under what jurisdiction—Twitter or Facebook? Who gets the Twitpics?
26: 2011-11-29: RT @noemiruth The bigger the wedding the more expensive the divorce.
27: 2011-11-11: Any art divorced from human purpose eventually turns to tedium.
28: 2011-10-28: Under the law, marriage and divorce are not about love but about the forming and dissolution of a financial corporation.
29: 2011-10-28: The legal process of divorce is the separation of finances that were merged during marriage.
30: 2011-10-28: You have to get divorced to grasp what marriage really is: a financial contract where two individuals are replaced by a corporation.
31: 2011-10-28: My divorce tweet from yesterday hit its mark: 17 favs, 10+ retweets. Let's push it to the top of the charts!
32: 2011-10-27: The wisdom of a family court judge I once knew: "The only good divorce is a fast divorce."
33: 2011-10-27: The only thing sadder than divorce is a failed marriage that does not end.
34: 2011-10-26: Divorce is amputation, pure and simple, and it is going to hurt.
35: 2011-10-26: "The Problems of Attachment" - one of my old Family Court essays on the philosophy of divorce.
36: 2011-10-19: Just passed a billboard saying, "Don't Live With Nagging Pain." Not sure if it was for a medical center or a divorce attorney.
37: 2011-06-26: Gay marriage will inevitably lead to an epidemic of gay divorce and the mass realization: "I can't believe I fell for that!"
38: 2011-06-23: RT @TheBosha: I support Marriage Equality for gays but as a divorced heterosexual man I can tell you there's no such thing.
39: 2011-03-10: Every celebrity wedding is a goldmine for the tabloids, not just for the event itself but for the celebrity divorce that inevitably follows.
40: 2011-03-10: Divorce is so nasty because although everything about the relationship has collapsed, primitive attachment may still be present.
41: 2011-03-10: You know that scene in 2001 where Dave is trying to disconnect Hal's higher functions while preserving life support? Divorce with children.
42: 2011-03-06: RT @ExpertNovice: I don't want to see your wedding photos until you've got your divorce photos to complete the story. I hate cliffhangers.
43: 2011-01-18: Divorce is the psychological equivalent of having a limb amputated, except that you'll eventually grow it back.
44: 2011-01-18: If painful surgery must be performed, it is better to do it quickly than slowly. #divorce
45: 2011-01-18: Once you know your marriage isn't working, get a divorce—fast! It serves no one to drag things out for years on false hopes.
46: 2011-01-03: Parenthood is like marriage but with no possibility of divorce. For better or worse, you're in it for the long haul.
47: 2010-11-21: Divorces are so nasty because the primitive neurological bond remains. Bonded people are still drawn together, if not by love then by hate.
48: 2010-11-21: The acrimony of the divorce is proportional to the passion of the courtship.
49: 2010-10-24: Research shows that most divorces are caused by marriage. Essay:
50: 2010-10-13: The absence of divorce does not imply a marriage is a success. There is a high threshold of dysfunction before one is willing to change.
51: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-13: Every celebrity wedding is manna for the tabloids, not just for the event itself but for the celebrity divorce that inevitably follows.
52: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-16: RT @avphibes: More celebrity divorces? If rich, privileged, beautiful narcissists can't make it work, what hope is there for the rest of us?
53: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-14: The absence of divorce does not imply a marriage is a success. Because the cost of change is so high, mediocre marriages will limp along.
54: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-02: Research shows that most divorces are caused by marriage. (repost of Kilroy Cafe #2: Ban Gay Marriage!)
55: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-20: Life works in cycles: boom & bust, love & divorce. People are caught off guard when they haven't lived long enough yet to see a full cycle.
56: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-04: eHarmony claims to be responsible for 2% of all marriages. That's nothing! eMail is responsible for far more divorces!
57: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-29: Her mother-in-law was supportive through the whole divorce. "He's a jerk," she said.
58: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-22: The most pervasive form of censorship is that of a married person defending their spouse. The facade collapses just prior to divorce.
59: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-03: The absence of divorce does not imply a marriage is a success. The cost of change is so high that most people will accept mediocrity.
60: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-13: Divorce is an accumulation of unpaid bills all come due at the same time.
61: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-23: After divorce it's easy to accept the flaws in your ex. When married, though, you suppress this knowledge and make excuses for it.
62: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-22: "The only good divorce is a fast divorce." - Judge Gerald Hardcastle. I agree. You MUST get everything resolved as quickly as possible.
63: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-22: I erred in my own divorce by not resolving it quickly, by giving too many second chances and by letting my ex continue to depend on me.
64: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-09: Star Trek updated for the Y2Ks: Kirk and Spock gay-marry. They get divorced five years later and never speak to each other again.
65: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-29: Fun with Catholics: Mel Gibson is getting a divorce. Salon (4/26)
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